New to this whole thing

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Hello c': as you can already probably tell, I'm new to Iwaku, and am not sure how to start out an introduction. I wanted it to be as heartfelt as possible, so I decided to forgo the survey for the most part.

I'm Hawktopus/Katelyn, 19 years old. I go by Lyn, Hawky, whatever is easiest for people to refer to me as-I've been roleplaying for a while, 5 years by now, but I'm new to being a part of this large of a site. I did some various tumblr roleplays, I play D&D, all in all whatever I can play to develop characters and story ideas. I fell out of text based rping a year or so ago, when the groups I was a part of disbanded. I tend to shy away from roleplays that are set within a book or a videogame, and enjoy making intricate worlds and settings. I like playing in group and single-partner roleplays.

That's the basic introduction, sorry it's a tad wordy ;v;/ If there's anyone available to chat, I'm a little overwhelmed by all that is going on and would like to ask some questions. Thank you so much!
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