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  1. Just new to the site; Looking for new places to role-play.
  2. Hello Sir or Madame. You'll like it here. Plus we have better cookies than the dark side of the force.
  3. Pff, we are the dark side Gico!!!

    Welcome to the dark side Fluxo, enjoy your stay ^^
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Fluxo! I am Iliana and its great to meet you, sir! Or mam. *Stares at the unknown bunny*

    Places to role play, you say? Take a look at
    this guide! It will tell you everything you need to do and more! If you're thouroughly confused and need help, let me or one of the other Staff Members know!

    Enjoy yourself~
  5. Fluxo-capacitator on!

    Greetings! Hi! How are ya? Iliana has given you a very useful link! Use it well.

    I hope you find some awesome RPs or start your own! Remember to ask if you need something. ^^

    See you soon.
  6. Hello, Fluxo! Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm Hirohashi, it's nice to meet you. You are looking for a new place to roleplay? I hope you decide that new place will be us and stick around!

    The other Staff have already helped, so I'll be letting you have at it now.

    Have fun!
  7. Welcome, Fluxo; pleased to meet you, my name is Selenite.

    Have a cookie!

    Enjoy and see you around!
  8. Nay! *slaps away Selene's cookie!*

    It be Pirate Month! We be requirin' PIRATE COOKIES! (arrrr...)


    Aye, welcome to tha site, matey! (arrrr...)