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  1. So, I'm a little new to role playing , but would love to try it. At the moment I don't have any certain plot in mind. But would be willing to do a one on one, if anyone would like to.
  2. Hi! What sort of things you interested in? That's always a good start. =)
  3. I think I would kinda like to do something based In a small town. Maybe with some supernatural elements to it. But am up for anything really.
  4. Hmm... There's all sorts of ways that could go. Is it a slice of life? A summer romance? Is this small town secretly sitting on top of the portal to the demon realm, and there's only a certain amount of time before the rift opens and the demons take over the world?
  5. A mystery/horror with some romance might be fun.
  6. A little new to role play you say? You should definitely do some role play exercises. Stretch the creativity out in your mind a bit and type it down. Pick a genre you would find yourself most interested , and create a character for it. Being able to expand on simple things is wonderful and when everyone is doing so together it just adds to the fun. Things like this help get a role play going.
    Create a character:

    Species: Human, Elf, Goblin, etc.
    Appearance (Can include all of the below details):
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Complexion: Do you have a clean complexion? Is it scarred? Is it dirty? Do you have lots of pimples? Etc.
    • Ears: Small, Pointy, Stubby, Droopy, none, etc.
    • Eyes: Eye color, shape of the eyes,
    • Nose shape: Small, large, bulb, crooked, long, etc.
    • Eyebrows: Bushy, thick, thin, none, etc. Along with color
    • Lips: Thin, cracked, plump, etc. Along with color.
    • Skin color: Red, black, white, blue, brown, etc.
    • Body frame: Chubby, Skinny, Athletic, Lean, Slender, etc.
    • Clothing:
    What is your character like? What kind of character are we talking to? Are you calm, coo, and collected? How does your character act around other characters? What does your character like the most? What does your character really dislike?

    What is your character noticeably good at? Do they have powers? Do they have special abilities that others do not have? Have they mastered a martial art? Can they wield a sword? Do they have an experience as a manager or a singer? Endless amount of things you can put here.

    Where does your character come from? Do they have past regrets? Memories they are fond of? What has made them into who they are presently? What has given them whatever skills they have now, or abilities, or powers, etc.


    You don't have to make the character profile as a list like how I posted it .This is just a simple format so you can find ways to describe your character with more than enough detail. I hope you find role playing enjoyable, it's just like writing a book except you're doing it with a friend, and it's fun mixing and collaborating ideas. Enjoy your stay and feel free to message me if you have any questions and I'll help you in the best way that I can. :)

    Also you should go ahead and make yourself an introduction thread, let us know what you look to find here and who are you and what you like.

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  7. Thank you very much for the tips.
  8. I'd love to role-play with you. Pm me if you're interested.