New to this forum, not to RP. Looking for a male RPer.

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  1. I have been RPing for a little over 10 years now and I am chasing down some good stories and characters. I really enjoy all sorts of plots and characters and I like for RPs to get as big as they can and as enthralling as they can.

    I have been currently addicted to the idea of fairy tale tropes. Things like prophecies, curses, and the like would be rampant in the story. I do have an idea for a "Beauty and the Beast-esque" RP. It has to deal with familial curses and interactions and histories between ancient families. I guess the other thing to compare it to would be a near Game of Thrones kind of historical setting. If you're interested in that, let me know.

    I also love fantasy in any era (modern, Victorian, ancient) and I am always down for supernatural stories.

    The plots I find interest in usually have darker elements to them and are quite serious. It isn't doom and gloom all the time, but things are definitely dramatic and of a more "adult" nature. Take that as you will.

    Feel free to throw anything else my way or chat with me. Feel free to respond here or via e-mail:

    I guess the only "weird" thing about me is that I prefer to RP via e-mail. I get the notifications on my phone and it allows me quick and easy response no matter where I am. I find that my usually busy schedule doesn't allow me to sit down at consistent time periods each day, and e-mail allows me to respond as frequently as I can. With that being said, I can reply almost 3-5 times a day.
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  2. I like your style and I am willing to rp with you.
  3. Hi!
    I love blowing up RP's into epic proportions myself ^^ The way I play my RP's is that I just immerse myself into the story and after a few posts, when I get a feel for the environment, I usually start spinning plot webs and setting up a story with as many twists and turns as possible ^^ After that, I try staying five steps in front of the person i am RPing with and try to pull on the story strings until i set up a massive event that makes you see everything that I have been planning XD
    and then I start over and do the entire thing all over again and I don't mind destroying some buildings or towns in the way ^^
  4. I love it. (Sorry about being late.) I love trying to do the same thing although be warned that sometimes I am on my phone so I try to answer in a hurry and my replies will not always be long.
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