New to the website :))

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  1. Hi hey hello, I'm Christin. I've been roleplaying for about 4 years on tumblr and another forum but I was brought here by another member, so I'd just thought I'd introduce myself. Pleasure to meet you all. :))

    If anyone would like to rp, hit me up. I'm open for anything.
  2. How someone rp via tumblr?

  3. Through the Dash. It's kinda complicated to explain, but I found it efficient.
  4. Greetings! *waves*
  5. Hi there! *waves back*
  6. Welcome fellow new person! I must say I've always wondered how someone RPed on tumblr.
  7. Hi, I'm new here too! I've rped for quite a while on and off. I've taken many breaks and hoping that trend ends. I need a good game! lol Anyway, nice to meet yall!
  8. Hihi Inspiral! ^o^ Welcome to the site! And to Zarrarararara tooo!
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  9. Hello all, thank-you for the welcomes!!
  10. I used to RP on tumblr a ton, but just couldn't find a good community that shared my interests, so I'm hoping I might find a better fit here.

    I do miss being able to make custom pages for my characters, though...
  11. Having custom pages really helped me with character development.