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  1. Okay so I am rather new to this site. However, don't let that scare you because I am not new to roleplaying. I have been roleplaying for about 3 years on and off now. So I am not a noob haha.
    I feel first I should say what I am interested in when it comes to role plays though cause I feel that most people on here are into the things I am not. I don't role play sex. Kissing is fine and even a little into the sexy stuff, but I don't go into depth with it. Mostly fade to black kind of thing. I also don't role play anything LGBT, cool with you if that is your style of playing or even life, I am just not into it. sorry.

    So, if you are still here then great :)

    I do love to role play romance, so don't let what I said above, make you think I don't.

    Romance role plays that I am into are sappy things, like boy meets girl and Nicholas sparks kind of stuff . Stuff that involves a tragedy and love blossoms out of it. Some ideas I would love to try are:

    1. Boy meets girl: A girl/boy just moved to a new town, a new school, he/she a little different, so he/she doesn't really fit into his/her school right away. His/her next door neighbor is a boy/girl that has lived in that town for many years and at one point did go to the same public school but after some tragic thing, he/she left and began to do homeschooling or Online, (whichever you prefer), the two meet on the day that the boy/girl moves in. The fact that the other does not go to public school never comes up. The public school charie, ends up getting bullied and all this terrible stuff starts to happen and the two find escape from reality in each other.

    2. Boy meets Girl: A boy who is very quite and timid, never really says anything to anyone has been in love with the same girl since 6th grade. They have been friends for years, she is the sweetest girl that he has ever met and he knows that everyone loves her. The boy and girl are in their junior year and the girl changes a lot over the summer. She embraces her popularity and starts to stray away from the boy little by little as the months go by. One day the boy arrives to school and everyone is sad and crying. He doesn't know why. They boy continues on his day like normal. When he arrives home, his mother and father are waiting for him to tell him the news. The Girl he has loved for years and years died last night. No one knows why. The boy losses his mind and is convinced that someone killed her. The boy does nothing about it at first but as the days go by and it seems like everyone has forgotten about her, he swears he sees her one day on his way home from school. Following her, he ends up at the cemetery, where she is standing. The story goes on from there about the two of them solving her murder and falling in love. (I have a few plot twist ideas for this we can discuss)

    3: Friends fall in love: This one is kinda the same thing as above, it has the same basic concept, however instead of the girl dying, the two don't grow apart but as the girl becomes more popular, they boy pushes her way as she tries to get the boy to grow with her, so senior year the two no longer talk but they miss each other. So one night the two stay late after to school to study and what not and end up catching up and that is when their love begins to really blossom.

    4: A popular boy at school is dared by his friends to take an unpopular girl at school and make her popular. They end up falling in love. Pretty basic.

    (both of these can be changed in any way)

    Some romance plots I want to try:
    1: I want to do something kind of fantasy like, there is great war starting and a group of new recruits is brought in and one of the new recruits and the general end up falling in love, or something along those lines, a "Love in the midst of tragedy" kinda thing.

    2: I want to do Disney, preferably something beauty and the beast based. I am willing to do any Disney concept though.

    3: Any high school based romance

    4: Mafia Family romance ( I have seen a few of these done and really want to try one.)

    So yeah. That is pretty much it. Pm me if you are interested in any of the above ideas or if you want to try something out with me.
  2. I'd be up for 1, 4, or the mafia thing if you want. :3
  3. I would really love to the first one if you are up for it :)
  4. Did you want to play the guy or the girl and would you want the new kid or the one already there? :3
    You can PM me if that would be easier.
  5. I'm up for #2 or anything Disney like!
  6. I don't have anyone for #2 yet and I only have one Disney thing so Pm me and let me know what you are more interested in :)
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