New to the site, not to RPing

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  1. This isn't meant to be an introduction post, I've already got that up elsewhere :p

    In any case-- HI! Don't think that just because I'm energetic all of my characters are.

    I enjoy playing serious characters, just as I enjoy playing inquisitive and outgoing ones. I can fill almost any character slot you need.

    I enjoy playing certain races more than others. Here is a short list:
    Dragon/ Dragoons
    Mermaid/ merman
    Demon (Fallen Angel)
    Demon/ Fae Creatures
    Numerous Shape Shifters

    Here are a few things I simply find myself unable to RP successfully;

    I have played evil characters in the past and ultimately loved it. I have also played countless hero's and sidekicks.

    I play both male and female characters, but I prefer to make them as I go-- with only a couple of pre-made and reoccurring OCs. My Back stories are often deep yet simple. You can rest assured I don't God-Mode either. I always work in a realistic weakness, to any and all of my Characters.

    If you would like tp RP with me, please respond! I've got my muse keeping me up and I'm ready to write. ^_^
  2. Let's try to get said muse working! Im intrest in something.
  3. Sure lets do it :)
  4. Fallen Angels. I like your choices!
  5. If I'm allowed in, let me point this out: I had an idea, once upon a time in my youthful days (aka. two hours ago), that dragons were individuals. They did not conform to another, and were unique in themselves. They adapted to mimic their environments. In example, a dragon living in a volcanic environment would evolve multiple heads controlled by one mind set in the firstborn head (which could be any of the number) to be able to locate and catch more food in the harsh environment, extremely hard and fire-retardant scales, and fire breath. As a weakness, it would develop a fierce hatred for water, which would douse it's fire, and could drown the incredibly heavy beast. This set leaves much creativity to the role-player. Then there are the elves. And before you think Tolkien, I came up with something better. However, hate to waste your time if you don't like it. If you do, say so.