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  1. Hello, I am new to this site but not roleplaying. Everywhere does roleplay slightly different so I thought I would make a thread in here to find some good roleplay partners that would be willing to help me sort of ease into this site easier! A bit of my roleplay style!

    From what I read I tend to be a mix of Adept-Advanced, posting anywhere from a paragraph to multiple paragraphs!

    The genre's I like are really pretty much anything, however Fantasy is definitely at the top for what I tend to love the most!

    Romance isn't a must however I do love to roleplay romance in my roleplays. I am mature about everything so I can really do any form of romance, whether fade to black, just some details, explicit, smut, really whatever :P

    I tend to always play male however I can and am able to play female characters as well. So I tend to primarily look for a female partner to play with, however I can play with a male partner as well.

    I would prefer if you at least post a paragraph, and I have no care for grammar or spelling. I know that I make mistakes in it, so if you make mistakes I won't care too much about it :)

    As of right now I don't really have any ideas for plots and what not to go along with, so if you have some ideas of plots hit me up. Be warned though.... My characters like to be shape shifters!

    So if you want to play ;) Just post in here, or send me a private message so we can talk more about it!
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  2. I'm interested~
  3. Do you only do MxF or would you be willing to do a MxM?

    There was an idea that someone else had mentioned, but they chose someone to RP with before I got to it, and I think tweaking it to work with shifters could be a lot of fun. The character I would like to use is Wildfire, a rather colorful canine that likes to act like an alpha even though he is far from it. He'd be best paired with an alpha personality, and if you are interested, then I'd be glad to pm you to talk about it more =3

    Wildfire - Male - Wolf (would be shape-shifter as well)​
  4. Firstly welcome to Iwaku! I hope you are enjoying it so far ^-^

    I see you have interest already, but if your still looking for a partner to rp with feel free to pm me. I am happy to help you out with finding things on Iwaku ect.
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