New to the site but not to RP :)

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  1. -Brief introduction-

    Just thought I'd drop in and announce my arrival. I am a nurse and use mostly short hand, therefore this post will be rife with grammar war crimes, please bear with me.

    I have been RPing for 10+ years and consider myself relatively good at it. I went by the OOC name Gwendy or Laylah on other sites. I am looking forward to dusting off the keyboard and getting back into it. I prefer 1X1 role plays. If you're looking for a partner who is easy going and able to post multiple times a day have a look at my RP resume and see if we have any styles in common. If so feel free to drop me a PM.

    This site looks pretty awesome, hope to find some good RP opportunities :)
  2. Welcome! I'm sure you will find many RP opportunities here!
  3. Hi @Laylah! Welcome to Iwaku. :) I'm sure you'll find something you'll like. ^^
  4. Welcome! :D
  5. Welcome to Iwaku! :)
  6. Hiii Laylah! ^o^ Welcome to the site!
  7. Such a warm welcome, thanks! Already having success with finding RP partners *yay* ^-^
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  8. Welcome to Iwaku Laylah! :)
  9. Welcome to Iwaku!