New to the Forum! <3

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  1. Hello lovelies!!!

    I'm Kuroh, or Kat, or whatever you want to call me as long as it starts with a K (I should be able to figure it out). I'm an 18 year old girl, though I tend to write men better. Not entirely sure why.

    I may be new to this site, but I am definitely not new to RPing as this is my 6th consecutive year. I used to be on all sorts of sites, but when final exams hit in grade 12, I kind of stopped and only RPed with my best friend, without whom my writing would never have improved as much as it has.

    I definitely prefer RPs with just a single partner, but I'm up for group threads as long as I love the plot and it isn't too chaotic.

    Besides all of that boring old stuff, I also;

    Am an avid reader
    I'm writing a book
    I love British TV and various anime
    Have many writing friends, including my bestie
    And tumblr more than is probably healthy

    Can't wait to join in on the fun this site seems to offer, and I'll be seeing everyone around!!!!

    See ya! <3
  2. Welcome to iwaku :)
    Now I'm going to use my awesome powers to find out something about you that probably no one in the whole world knows.
    *starts chanting weird words for half a minute*
    I SEE IT!
    You... are... a fan of K (or, K-project)
    I'm so good, no one could ever have known that :D

    Either way, have a cookie :cookie:
  3. Thanks!!!

    Oh wow! Such awe inspiring powers of discovery you have. Im impressed ;)

    And yes, I absolutely adore K!!!! Love love love it. Im so glad you magically figured that out haha.

    Ooh cookies!! Thank you for the cookie I'll enjoy it.

    :cake: Here is some cake as a thank you!!!
  4. Oooh, keekii :D Arigatou gozaimasu Kuroh-san *om nom nom*

    I were obsessed with k until I saw karneval xD Nai stole my heart <3 It's not good to cross a small adorable animal with a small adorable human boy, it's too adorable. The adorable overloads and I just want to cuddle it to death. But I can't, cause it's an anime.... ... GAAH!
  5. I adore Karneval as well!!! Though Yogi was my darling, I must admit. Im still obsessed with K, but also with Karneval and Durarara!! Nai is the absolute cutest though wow. I just want to cuddle him and Yogi forever. Dang anime... why can't they all just exist wah!!!
  6. I weren't that interested in yogi xD I thought he was awesome when fighting, but I didn't like his personality that much (though I did like the split personality).
  7. I loved his split personality, and his adorable personality haha. I pretty much loved them all, Gareki included :P
  8. Howdy Kuroh! :D We're happy to have a new excitred face with us! <3 Welcome to the communityyyy!
  9. Thanks Diana!!! I'm happy to be a part of the community! :D
  10. I'm writing a book tooooooooooooooooooo

  11. Woooooooah no kidding!
  13. MAYBE we should talk sometime about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which reminds me, I think there is something you need to do regarding my writing ;)
  15. IM SO SORRY i need to open the doc and just do it already because i keep procrastinating

  17. OK