New to Site seeks RP Partner for Epic Plots

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  1. Welcome to my office. Would you like some tea? A biscuit? Straight to business? Okay then.

    I'm looking for anybody to role play with about pretty much anything. I like fantasy and modern. I'm not all that experienced with sci-fi but I like the genre and am willing to attempt it. I can take on both male and female roles and have no preference either way. The same applies to character's sexuality. I'm fluid. I post in paragraphs, usually two but I can post longer. I try my best with spelling and grammar. I always double check my posts.

    What am I looking for in a role play partner? Well since you asked. I prefer those who write in paragraphs (large blocks of text can be difficult to read). I don't mind one liners but I would prefer not every response be so succinct. The best role players I find are those who have interesting characters with flaws and weaknesses as well as strengths.

    I'll role play almost anything (Vampires, Schools, Steampunk, Detectives, Serial Killers, etc.) but when it comes to fandoms I can only write what I know. Here's a list of a few pre-existing universes I dabble in and some of the ships I hold:

    Harry Potter (I ship Drarry, Harmony and Golden Trio mostly)
    Twilight (I'm not that much of a fan of the series but I've read the books and I love the fanfiction)
    Ouran High Host Club (I love Kaoru to pieces and ship him with everyone)
    Boondock Saints Movie (I would love to do this)
    Glee (Sam/Blaine shipper and a Faberry enthusiast)
    NCIS (Any combination of Abby/Tony/Gibbs)
    Inception (Arthur/Eames)

    If you are interested reply below (I'm too new to PM yet). Thank you darling, this has been wonderful I hope to see you again sometime.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku^^
    My name's Jessica
    I sent a friend invite to you^^
    I'll be happy to be a roleplay partner of yours
    what would you like to RP first?
    I know of many anime shows and I'll rp any of them
    Bleach, Inuyasha, Naruto, Pokemon, One Peice, Avatar the last Airbender/Legend of Korra, My Little Pony, and Db/Dbz/Dbgt are some of the anime that I've had experience in doing RPs of before but I can do RPs of any of the anime that I know of well
    I can do RPs of a couple of types of games -> The Ace Attorney games, and Kingdom Hearts
    I've also done a few modern RPs before too so we could do a modern RP as well if you want

    Out of the ones you listed

    Harry Potter -> I know of this a little seeing as how I got into this series last year. I have all the movies and I've seen the first 5 of them and the 2 movie part of the 7th. So I could Probably do an rp of Harry Potter if you wanted to.

    I know of Ouran High School Host Club very well, but I'm already doing an RP to it and I haven't really come up with that many different scenes for RPs of Ouran other than the one I'm currently RPing.

    Boondock Saints -> Is this like the show? cause i've only seen a couple of episodes of it..not sure if I know it well enough to do an RP of the series

    NCIS -> I don't know of this series that well yet..But I do know of the Person of Interest series pretty well..I know of the Law and Order series pretty well(the regular/original, criminal intent, and SVU)..I know of the Elementary series well(It's new and has only had 4 episodes so far^^ but I've seen every one of them^^the show comes on CBS at 10pm on thursdays)..and I know the Criminal mind's series pretty well too.
  3. I would love tea, Thanks. Two sugars would do fine.

    As per your request, I would be more than happy to put my foot in and build my own list of rp partners as well.

    Who is this cool dude? Well, put simply I am a newbie to the site, but in no way new to the RP scene. I generally avoid forums, but a friend has convinced me to join Iwaku and I'm willing to give this site a try.

    The Name's Quan but my friends call me Oni and I'm a freelance digital artist with a love for involved story lines and a nice blend of action and adventure on the side. Majority of my characters are female but I am able to play either gender without problem. Romance is nice to help character development, but not entirely necessary if you're don't feel like it. Epic battles are my specialty, so don't be surprised if some of my characters are a little..."showy"

    That being said, I'm open for anything rp-wise so long as we can both agree on a mutual setting and lay ground rules if you have any. I personally only frown upon god moders and one-liners.
  4. I'd like some tea and maybe a biscuit? Not sugar or milk in the tea though, thanks~

    Anyway, that aside, going to business here...I am also interested in the possibility of RPing with you. I'm fine playing male or female depending on the plot, and I can do most gender pairings, though my preferences tend to be female/female and male/female. However, I can do male/male as well. I don't have a particular plot in mind, but I think we can figure something out. For fan-based, I don't play canon characters- only originals. So since your pairings noted seem to need canons, I'll have to stick with original plots with you. You noted an interest in Sci-Fi even though you haven't done it before...and I'm fine if you haven't if you're interested in it. If not, we can do something else. Fantasy and realism are always fine as well. So I'm sure we can find something fun, no?