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  1. Hello fellow rpers,

    As it states in the title I am new to this site so please bare with me as I learn my way around. I am currently looking for anyone who wants to do either a private chat rp or a forum rp. I recently just got back into doing group rps as well on another site that I use. If you are interested give me a pm or hit me up on this forum. Which ever works for you guys

    Thank you

  2. Hey! You should totally join my jump in rp and if it works out we can do a private one. Mine is called Teenage Blood, it's gonna be good so you should totally join :) welcome to Iwaku
  3. What's the rp about? If you don't mind me asking
  4. Underground teenage society run by a "fearless" leader who causes mayhem in the city in order to avenge their "lost" childhoods due to over sheltering parents. They are willing to do whatever necessary to get what they wantand the almost always get away with it. Good teens by day, The Glory Givers by night.
  5. Sounds interesting. I tend to rp as 'broken' characters. Like they have a bad past. Would that be okay?
  6. Yes of course! You can play the right hand man (or woman if you'd like) to the leader, August. Broken always equals interesting characters I have come to find.
  7. I prefer to rp as a guy. So do I make a profile for him or is that already done? If it is thats okay
  8. Just hop into the plot but just add a little about your character in there, read my first post and you'll see that I kind of described a little of August's personality along with moving the plot.
  9. Cool I would be interested in doing a Rp with you! What are you interested in? You may want to update your Roleplay Resume as well - as it will allow other members to see what types of rp's you are into an what you are looking to play at the moment. All sorts of stuff. Check mine out if you need an example. I'm still a lil new here too though so don't expect anything fancy in my Resume lol it's pretty much just cut in dry.

    But if you are interested in a Sci-Fi / fantasy Group (SMALL GROUP no more than 10 members) go here
  10. I don't really do sci/fi
  11. That's cool, I do all sorts of Genre's, i just can't do plain jane reality style rp's I have to have some form of fantasy and magic to it.
  12. Alright then hmm
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