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  1. Hi there! I've recently started RPing and came to this site.
    Finding people who can stand a fresh RPer. I don't really have any preferences at the moment so any RP is fine with me, just hit me up!
    Don't have an idea for a RP? That's ok too, I'm sure we can figure something out together.
    Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi! I sure am interested to being your roleplay partner, and haha I do sympathize with you on having few to no plot ideas at the moment. XD
  3. Sure let's RP sometime!
  4. Hello, Luna. Would you be interested in joining a roleplay that's already started? I could suggest some jump-in roleplays, which don't need a character sheet.

    My favorite genre is medieval/fantasy, followed by superhero.
  5. Sure! I would delighted to. Either one would be fine with me.
  6. Here are some you could try:
    Dungeons Deep - a classical medieval/fantasy roleplay that needs a larger party if it is to survive
    All for One and One for All - a unique roleplay in a medieval setting where everyone plays the same character; it could be an interesting challenge
    Internal Affairs - a very loose medieval/fantasy roleplay where any fantastical creature is acceptable; I don't know how long it will last since the GM seems to be doing his own thing
    Realm of Garrn - a roleplay I just found that seems very well-put-together
  7. They all sound very interesting. Which do you currently RP the most in and which do you find the most fun?
  8. I GM All for One and One for All, but I don't think the general public understands it. You could just make one post and never return, or make every other post as the same soul.
    I Co-GM Dungeons Deep and the original GM left. The new GM is trying to keep it together but we have a lack of consistent players.
    Realm of Garrn hasn't started yet; I think it will tonight.
  9. Okay! Thanks for the suggestions! I will look through them and let you know later on which I will be joining.
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  10. Must say, if you want another RP partner, I am more than happy to RP with you. I must admit, I too have not plot candies planned, but like you said, we can work together on an idea.

    Good luck and Happy RolePlaying!
  11. Took a look at Realm of Garrn and I've got to say I'm really impressed with it. I think i'd join that :P See you soon and thanks again for the suggestions!
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  12. That sounds great! Hit me up in a conversation sometime and we can work together towards an idea. Hope to RP with you soon!
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  13. any time your ready
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