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  1. But I'm not new to RP. Have been in theatre programs from childhood, played countless table tops and have LARPed extensively in my past. However, I have never used RP forums. Pretty sure I've read enough and understand the basic concepts. I'm open to all RP situations.

    Looking forward to some good RP :)
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Here's some things to help you get started:

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    Roleplay Exercises:

    Roleplay Institute:

    But if you want further help, don't be afraid to message me! (sanity not included)
  3. Sup yo.

    Is Psychonaut perhaps inspired by the game Psychonaut?
  4. Sup mang, No it is not, however, I have heard that game is awesome. But I've never played it. A Psychonaut is similar to an Astronaut, but where an Astronaut explores space, a Psychonaut explores the mind/conciousness/soul, etc...
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Forum RP's are a lot similar to LARPing, with only two major differences

    - Roleplays are written in past tense ('He went' , not 'He Goes')

    - Roleplays are written from third person (John lifted his blade' not 'I lift my blade')

    Check out the content forums for lots of fun guides and writing exercises, and don't forget to have fun!
  6. Thanks Minibit, been looking ionto some of that reading material and excersices.
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  7. Welcome to the crazy place, we the plot bunnies inhabit and call IWAKU.

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    We also gave it an A for the admiration and the adventures we, role players get into.
    We add a lil' K for the knowledge and our kind members that sprawl about on this forum.
    And we gave it a U.... for USAGI (Bunnies) and it makes us URESHI (Happy) to see you join as a new member~!

    So I welcome you to I. W. A. K. U~!
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    We also have super houses and opera shows.

    And I hope you enjoy your awesome stay here~!
  8. Welcome to Iwaku Psychonaut! I'm sure with such RP experience, you'd fit right in :) Best wishes to you for finding some nice ones.