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  1. hello! I don't really know what to say since I'm pretty much new to the whole RP stuff although I have a little experience RPing when I was playing FF14 ARR but I don't RP regularly. I've taken an interest in Rping since I thought it was a unique experience while playing the game and I was really glad that I RP since it made my whole experience while playing the game more fun. I stop playing FF14 ARR since I don't have time for it anymore but I still want to RP not just for fun but I think it will also help me improve my writing skills in English because this is not my mother tongue so I hope I will recieve a lot of kind criticism when I make a mistake; grammar or spelling (I can't handle harshness of reality.... so please be gentle! >_< ).

    The genre that I like to RP the most is fantasy adventure. Ever since I was a kid I really like the fantasy adventure settings of some video games especially Ivalice! I tried to look for some but I'm still confuse in navigating the site and I don't have any idea how to RP in this form yet since like I said I was Rping in a game so the flow of RP is real-time.

    Well I guess that's all I want to say for this introduction and thank you for reading my post! (if somebody read this one >_>) I look forward in RPing with Iwaku's community!
  2. *bows* Greetings to a stranger, I was brand new to Rping when I came here so don't feel alone *smiles* I hope you enjoy countless adventures.
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  3. Hello Horizon, welcome to Iwaku.

    Everyone has to start somewhere, so don't worry about being new. Everyone was new to roleplaying at one point, and most people can sympathise, especially if you're as keen as you sound! I hope you'll be very happy here.
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  4. Hallo Horizon! :D I think you will have a lot of fun here. Welcome to the community!
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  5. Welcome to the site!
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  6. HEY! Don't mutter like that! someone it going to read a post, whether you like it or not!
    *clears throat" Horizoooooooooooon! Welcome to Iwaku!
    Please, take this cookie. :donut:
    .... I mean doughnut. *facepalm*
    Partake upon the playing of the roles! Yes my child. Roleplay lots.
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