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  1. Pierre sighed as he shifted the tie around his neck, looking up at the large school he could look forward to spending the next four years of his life at. His blue uniform, though tailored to perfection, bothered him. He much preferred his black uniform from back home, in Paris. It seemed unfair for him to have to transfer after defending someone else-- so cest la vie.

    He pushed his blond bangs out of his way-- his long hair pinned back in a tight and neat pony. "Master Bouvier, I shall pick you up at five pm, when your last class of the day lets out." a woman told him with a charming smile. "Call me should you need me sooner."

    Pierre nodded at his mother's assistant. She had been the one to escort him to Japan, and that evening she would be bringing him home to the new apartment he would be staying in. His father, unlike the school, had been proud of his chivalrous display and offered, as a reward, to send his son wherever in the world he would like, and allow him to live on his own-- to further demonstrate his maturity.

    Right... Maturity. To be fully honest, Pierre would be much more content back home in the Bouvier estate doing ollies over the rose beds.

    As the large clock tower rang over the campus he felt oddly small. He dropped his green eyes to his briefcase and sighed, starting up the steps. It was already 6 weeks into the start of term. It would be interesting to see how the Japanese school compared to his home academy in France.
  2. Rikuto was still asleep that school day morning. Shiro was up cooking. A while ago they asked their parents if they could live on their own, it took 2 whole months for them to get their parents consent. They honestly, hated all of the butlers and maids. Well, most of the butlers and maids, they had one they liked named Jeremy. Jeremy always looked out for them as children playing off their antics to their parents.

    When Shiro got dressed he put his hair down and clean, it didn't pass his shoulders, but it was better than being confused for Rikuto. Shiro buttoned his shirt all the way and tied his tie on. Rikuto woke up and wore his hair up and messy. Rikuto only buttoned his shirt up to his chest bone and loosely tied his tie. Jeremy got the two Freshman in the car. Once Rikuto actually woke up yawning he greeted his brother and Jeremy.

    Arriving at the school the boys seemed to have less attention then normal. "Let's go meet this new guy." Shiro gave a sigh and followed Rikuto. This was always how it was with these two one behind the other depending on the situation. They caught up to the guy. They headed to class running past an unfamiliar looking student who looked lost. Shiro came to a stop, as Rikuto slid straight in front of the student coucil president. Before she began lecturing his brother Shiro stepped up. "We're sorry we were just excited to meet this new kid we've been hearing so much about." He slowly got her to back up against a wall. Lifting her chin he spoke softly to her making her blush. "You wouldn't happen to know anything about the guy would you?" The president shook her head, Shiro moved allowing her to walk off. Rikuto looked over to the student who just witnessed the occurrence. "You must be the new guy."
  3. Pierre frowned slightly, nodding once.

    Immediately he realized a rather embarrassing issue. He knew enough Japanese to pass the entrance exam-- he could understand it almost perfectly... However, speaking it he was still very rough around the edges. He spared the girl pressed against the wall a glance before frowning.

    In one hand he had a class number written down on a small printed out paper. Class 1-C. He stuffed the paper into his pocket, pulling his eyes of the student council president. He was in the halls of the school for maybe ten minutes and already wasn't sure if he liked what he saw.
  4. Shiro walked up behind Rikuto. "Pardon us, we must've startled you." Shiro bowed " I am Shiro Kiyoshi. Class 3-A. And this is my brother Rikuto of class 3-A as well." Rikuto fumbled to a stand and bowed quickly, with a collected look that looked completely wrong for his attitude. Shiro laughed into his hand. Rikuto rubbing his head loosened his stance and turned to Pierre. "Who are you?"
  5. "I'm Pierre Bouvier." He stated, giving himself a rather simple introduction. His voice was heavily accented, though crisp and to the point. "Transferred in by Paris." He paused for a moment, seeming to realize his fumble. "From Paris." he corrected himself, frowning slightly. He rubbed the back of his neck, diverting his emerald eyes, embarrassed at his own mix up. "Sorry," he said, "Japanese is easier to hear than it is to talk."

    While his grammar was audibly off, he was better than most who were not native. He didn't seem like the shy sort-- just quiet. Something about his eyes made it clear, he was no pushover, even if he might have sounded like one.
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  6. Shiro and Rikuto gave a big smile. Rikuto pushed past Shiro and latched his arm around Pierre's shoulders. "Nice to meet ya Pierre! We should hang out during lunch! Then we really--" Rikuto quit talking and began looking around. He turned to Pierre. "Did you see where my brother went?" The late bell rang and Rikuto shivered. "I'll see ya during lunch!" Rikuto screamed as he ran to his classroom. When Rikuto arrived his brother was answering a question. I'm dead. *gulp* Rikuto stepped in, his Shiro eyeballing him to the seat behind him. Rikuto slept through the whole class, and Shiro jotted down his notes for him.
  7. Pierre watched the odd set of twins go then turned back to the map he held, eventually finding his way to his class. He knocked before entering-- then handed his note to the teacher, who happily welcomed him. He was surprised not to be scolded for being late, though he suspected it had something to do with the fact that the school was focused on catering to the rich on a daily basis. It seemed natural then that the teachers took on more of a servant than leadership role.

    Pierre was introduced and even received a round of applause as the teacher explained he had come from France. After a short barrage of questions, which he only answered a couple with simple yes or no answers, he took his seat in the back of the class, waiting for the clock to chime for lunch. They were going over the French Revolutionary war... It wasn't anything he needed to be studying again.
  8. The lunch bell rang and woke Rikuto. Shiro stood up and turned to his brother. "What am I to do with you?" Rikuto had a sluggish look to his face, but his looks made it look like an adoring stare at his brother. The twins began to attract much attention from the ladies in the room. Shiro's face turned red with the drawing attention. Rikuto sighed and stood up, giving a smile he grabbed Shiro's hand. "You've done it again. Come on." The crowd cleared a way as the brothers walked by. They got down the hall to the practice rooms where a giant gold embroidered piano sat.

    Shiro began playing lightly on the piano.
    "When are you gonna get over that?" Shiro just played louder as Rikuto continued to talk. Giving in Rikuto dropped Shiro's lunch on the piano, Shiro gave a two finger salute and began eating. Rikuto nodded in response and did the same.
  9. When the lunch bell rang, Pierre retreated from the sea of students to one of the less crowded hallways. An old art wing, it looked like. Some Music rooms, others painting studios or photo black-rooms. It sounded like someone near by was playing piano. Nice, but not his speed of music.

    Dismissing the melody he peered into one of the windows to the Painting studio. The room was dimmed with white sheet coverings all over the place. with his curiosity peeked, he tried the door. It was locked. Clearly, the room wasn't in use.

    With a slight frown, he rummaged through his bag, pulling out a paperclip. "Ahha!" he said triumphantly, getting the lock to click open. He entered the room and flipped on the light switch, sneezing as a cloud of dust kicked up-- the ceiling fans connected to the lights.
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