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  1. Now I've seen a couple 1x1's, and I've decided to try it, so I'm looking for partners and ideas. I favor Modern, Fantasy, romantic, and most of all, magical. However, I'm so flexible I'd go for just about any genre. So, any takes? :D
  2. What kind do you wanna do right now?
  3. See, well, that's just it.

    I have no idea. XD
  4. hehe thats ok
  5. Hmmm. Try Something something flexible, where all can be blended in?
  6. I'd love to roleplay with you. Do you have a general idea for a roleplay?
  7. Okay... Ideas!

    1. A prince/princess and his guardian. Another kingdom threatens to attack, and the prince/princess must try to stop a war before it begins.

    2. Hell. No one wants to be there, but some end up there. Others, however, are doomed there. A women sold her soul in order to save her village from a terrible curse. Now in hell, a demon falls in love with her. He is willing to do anything to help her get to where she belongs.

    3.Two knights, mortal enemies. The two under the same king and queen, trying to make each other miserable. When will they learn?

    4.Stuck on... A floating island. You've got to be kidding me.

    I need moar ideas!!!
  8. i love number 2
  9. Okay, you want me to start the thread?
  10. Number 1 looks cool. Could they be from different countries and meet in the middle. Kinda like lion king 2??
  11. Ellie: Okay, calling it "Hellish love"

    Tracker: Uh, if you mean the prince and the guardian, okay then.
  12. Sure, which would you like to be?
  13. Uh.... Um.... Er...
    Prince. I think.
  14. Alright, do you want me to make a CS? ^^
  15. Mmmm.... I prefer to figure it out as we play. A picture/description would be great, though.
  16. Alright, I'll put it in my first post. Who's making the thread, and what's the basic plot line?
  17. I'll do it. Basically, a once friendly medieval kingdom is threatening to start a war, and the prince of the defending kingdom is out to find out why, no matter how much his guardian advises against it. So he sneaks into the other kingdom to stop it. (and, depending on the gender, may develop some some 'feelings' for her....)

    Now, what to name it?