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Hey there. I'm Brandy, I like to RP. I'm nice so come chat :)


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Hey! Welcome to Iwaku, Brandy. You've come to the right place. Not only do we have a lot of people who like to rp, we also of a chatbox where you can chat until your little heart is content.


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But your name says Logan. O_____O *GETS CONFUSED AND MIND EXPLODES!*

Also, welcome to the community!


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woHOOo you made Diana's mind explode on your first day here :D
*Gives a cookie*
You are a genius ^^


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Hi there BrandyLogan! Chatting is so much more fun than RPing, IMO. ;D As Celestialis said, we have a chatbox where you will find me most of the time if you're that curious. Welcome to Iwaku where you can chat and RP and... maybe even both at the same time. :D