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  1. My screen name is Chibi Neko, I don't usually give out more than that. I am a girl but I can play as a boy if that is really necessary. I've been roleplaying on an app called Pocket Writers since the 30th of August, 2013. Only recently have I tried discovering more roleplaying sites, since PW is failing me. I like group role-plays and private role-plays but I have played more in groups than in one-on-one role-plays.
    Yes, I have been answering the questions from the staff forum to help me write this thread... only because I suck at introductions.
    At school I am usually found dozing off or reading a book in a soft patch of grass and when I am at home, I am found in my bedroom doing my homework, reading a book, roleplaying or watching anime. I chose the Otaku Bookworm life instead of an actual life. :P

    Even before I started reading, I was looking for adventure but unlike Percy Jackson, I am not a demigod. Neither am I an initiate like Tris Prior, or a tribute like Katniss Everdeen. I certainly am not dating a sparkly vampire, not that I am dating anyone, or a shadowhunter. I'm not saving the world from its destruction. What I am trying to say is that, I'm human. Yes, I am looking for adventure. Am I going to find it? Probably not. That's why I read, write and do anything else that stirs up the imagination, to make up for the adventure that I am lacking.
  2. Hihi ChibiNeko! ^o^ Welcome to our community!
  3. Welcome, Chibineko. Would ye like ta join a roleplay of mine?
  4. Wow... Your post actually describes me really well, too. We shall be friends! If that's okay with you. ^w^
  5. *Appears beside you and smiles* Hey there. Welcome to Iwaku where Insanity has no limits. *bows and gives golden card with my name and information on it.* let me know if you wanna Rp or just wanna chat.