New to iwaku, not to rp

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  1. Hey all,

    My name's Darxaia, but I also go by Darx, Solei, or Chibi. I've been roleplaying for over 13 years but I've been unable to do so for the past year or so unfortunately. (I know, blasphemy, right?) anyways, so I'm here on Iwaku in hopes of freshening up my skills again. I'm really out of practice so anyone willing to give it a shot with me thanks!

    Feel free to respond with questions. I'm actually in class right now so I might not respond right away but I usually respond within a few hours.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! You can call me Jean, Bean, or make up a quirky little name from the two.
    I'm sure this is everywhere since you're new, but here's a helpful link with rules, things to post as a new member, etc.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask~!
  3. Thanks Jean! I do have a question. I read (somewhere) there were occasionally some "newbie" threads out there to participate in. I did some browsing but I'm on my phone at the moment. Do newbie roleplays actually exist here? Haha. I'm looking to start out slow.
  4. Newbie-specific threads? Well, if it's gotta "Newbie Friendly" tag on it, then I guess that would be one. I got to know people by hanging out in Chatbox, and formed friendships and roleplays that way. I waited a couple weeks before jumping into roleplays.

    Hanging out in the "General Chatting" section would be another way, I think. Just to get a feel for the site before you go jumping into stuff, y'know?
  5. Yup. Good advice as always. It's been a while since I've been on such an active forum. The last one I was on I actually ran Haha.
  6. Same here! Lol :D
    Well, at any rate. If you're ever up for an rp, you can PM me. I'm usually doing fantasy romance ones in the One-On-One section. No rush, though~ I'm just getting back into the swing of things with college. Speaking of which, almost time for class *sneaks into the classroom*
  7. Haha yeah senior year is kicking my rear already. Thankfully being a computer science major allows me to be on my computer in most of my classes. On my phone right now but meh. I'd totally be open to rping with you, just forgive my inane small posts for a while.
  8. That's what my brother is studying for! He's in his sophmore year of high school and all of his electives are either science classes or computer science. I wish they had more of graphic design in the high school I went to way back when. But oh well :P

    And short posts don't bother me one bit, so don't you worry~ :)
  9. Awesome! This weekend has some plans for me but if you'd like to start us ff somewhere, just PM me the link to the thread! I will probably have down time to respond, although it might be from my phone. (FYI: I stink at being the first to post).