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  1. The Thanks button has now returned with a Thanks AND Like button option. :D You'll see these button under posts in threads. Now you can choose to thank people for a post, or just mark a post with "like" if you enjoyed it. Super spiffy for roleplay posts!

    At this moment it doesn't affect your karma/reputation, but it sure is nice. :D
  2. Iwaku is slowly becoming the bastard brother of Facebook. >:[
  3. Lemme just add some flash games and status updates then... >:D
  4. Blair

    "Rogue?" She asked, blinking "Well that's risky don't you think? Considering he isn't exactly the most reasonable of vigilantes." She mumbled but shook her head "I'd be happy to help. I was honestly considering giving the gig up but if you really need that much help. The only thing I ask of you is that my identity is secret."
  5. what is it called?
  6. Blair

    "Actually you look more like a Jackson to me." She teased with a joking wink
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