NEW: Terminator Genisys Movie Trailer

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  1. Thoughts? :D
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  2. No.

    *waits for Spammy to praise it*
  3. i like terminator!
  4. I'm super excited about it! Terminator 2 was one of my favorite movies. Plus, I love, love, love Emilia Clarke.
  5. It's... good that they're at least acknowledging the whole "LOL WE'RE FUCKING WITH THE CONTINUITY LOL" thing, but I dunno.

    I mean, check this shit:


    I really am not too sure about the casting of this one. It does partly feel like they're going more for the "OH HEY, IT'S THAT PERSON FROM THAT THING" factor rather than "we cast this person because they fit the role well and are good actors".

    But hey. I shall reserve judgement.

  6. I was getting that vibe hard the more I heard casting decisions months back.
  7. Is this really even necessary? The third one was gratuitous, the Sarah Connor Chronicles were completely unnecessary, the fourth film is so devoid of creative talent that it may as well be called "cash grab: the movie"...

    ... Do we really need to see a sixty seven year old man trying to do action sequences in eye-rape inducing amounts of CGI with a bunch of mediocre young actors? Do we really need a retelling of this story with even more fake violence made in a computer? Do people really want to watch this?... Really?...

    This franchise is tired. It just needs to be left to sleep for a long time. I mean maybe you could make a really neat game out of it... Oh wait...

  8. He told us he'd be back.

    We didn't listen.

    There is no fate but what Aahnuld Schwarzmajigger makes for us.

    He cannot be reasoned with....

    And he will not stop....


    ...until we give him the clothes, boots and motorcylces of our very souls.
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  9. That is the first thing that I've read on neu Iwaku that has moved my very soul, Asmo.




    We're also getting another Conan movie, btw.
  10. You know, I gotta say though...


    This was taken just prior to Thanksgiving, I believe.

    Lookit those fuckin' GUNS.

  11. ok @Brovo. THIS deserves a why.
  12. They're milking a story for "Old King" Conan. Basically, a "BEFORE HE DIES..." or "ONE LAST ADVENTURE..." kind of romp.

    ._. What?
  14. [​IMG]
  15. @Brovo Hey, at least he's not Govinating anymore am I rite?

    He's doing what he was born to do... Being 'back' and killing predators! 8D
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  16. Looks very interesting, can't wait to watch it!
  17. I've actually only seen the second one, though I know enough about the first to get the impression that this plot is a mash-up of the two.

    Other than that, looks like any general watch-because-why-not action movie.
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