New Spoiler Bar Things

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Original poster
Upon checking my usual threads this morning with new posts, I noticed in my previous postings where I had used the spoiler tag, there was a bar with a little plus on the side, and the title of the tag all fancy like. I clicked it, and my picture slowly appeared, like magic.~
I just wanted to say how wonderfully fancy this looks, and how I really like the change! :D
That is all.<3
I think it looks very nice, and it made me smile this morning. ~
So there is my feedback. ^^


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I'm glad it works. XD

Now people can do the damned spoiler code without having to add a title if they don't want to. >>;

Tetsuri Tokai

Original poster
I love the new spoiler bars! <3 You guys are awesome for that!

Everything is so amazing about it. T_T Its so beautiful!