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  1. Hello!

    My name is Bastila and I'm new to Iwaku, but I have a few years of roleplaying under my belt. Here's a little bit about me and my ideas before I put up my ideas:

    -I'll gladly do MxF,FxF, or FutaxF (sorry, I won't do MxM), and most of the pairings can be any
    -If you want to throw something (say, furry or pregnancy, for example) don't be afraid to ask
    -My favorite genre is fantasy
    -I will typically on do female roles
    -On average I will post a few times a day
    -I have plots and general ideas in mind for most of the pairings, but I'd gladly hear yours first!
    -Pairings will be updated occasionally


    -Orc x non-orc Princess
    -Arranged Marriage
    -Knight x Princess/Noble
    -Elf x Human
    -Noble x Commoner
    -Noble x Servant
    -Slave x ???
    -Enslaved Knight x Owner
    -Enemies (political or on the battlefield)
    -Vampire x Hunter
    -Vampire x Human
    -Werebeast x Hunter
    -Step-mother x Step-daughter
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  2. Firstly Welcome to Iwaku ^_^ I hope you enjoy rping here. Secondly I would love to RP with you. I love all your ideas and I cannot simply choose one.
  3. Thank you! Please PM me and we can get started.
  4. Hi there I'm wondering if your willing to Orc x non Orc princess but more in reverse
  5. What do you mean?
  6. Updated the Pairings!
  7. Maybe like the princess I an Orc and the other character is not
  8. Oh! That might be interesting.
  9. Can you pm me and we can discuss more?
  10. I'd love to roleplay with you, welcome to the site
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.