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  1. I play males
    I usually play sub, but will do Dom
    I enjoy hearing your plots
    If you want to leave PLEASE let me know. Just dropping without telling me is rude!

    plot (open)
    She was the spoiled daughter of a wealthy widow mother. Her mother had always picked the rich ones to either watch the old ones die or to divorce the young and take all or half of everything. The two live a lavished life and her mother is often off seeking her next victim. When she returns from a Hawaii trip, she brings back her latest, a man she married on the island after only a few days of knowing him.

    He's rich, handsome, a bit younger than her mother, and he is very unhappy by the time he comes back to the states. Quickly, as she stayed with him at his place, he found that the sultry plastic babe from the island is actually a vengeful and angry alcoholic. She is even abusive toward him when he tries to talk to her about her issues.

    Even so, he stays around, worried about the aftermath of a divorce. So, he goes back to her home in California where he meets her daughter... Her very-very attractive and sweeter daughter. Though sweet, she is not without her demons, and throws parties from time to time when she's off work. She is kind to her step-father, often calling him her mother's snack when she introduces him to her friends.

    One party at the house, he is approached by a man who runs an escort service and offers him a card to call if he ever needs something better than his wife. At first, he's opposed, but takes the card to be polite. However, after finding his wife in bed with another man at that party, he realizes just how miserable he will be in this marriage. The next day, he makes the call and plans for a visit in the 'red room'.

    There, he has a romp with a woman who he can't see details of due to the lights. However, he knows she's curvy, she's fun, and he wants more. However, after a few meetings, he realizes that she forgot her keys and follows her out to the garage, only to find that the woman he's been calling on is his own step-daughter, but she isn't surprised at all. She knew. To her, it's work, and since her mother took plenty of men from her, she really had no discomfort sleeping with him.

    plot 2 (open)
    They were always friends. Ever sense they were young, she always protected him from bullies. He was timid, and she protected him. Even when they are teens she still protects him, even though she is a little short. Her friends say that she should stop protecting him because he is a wimp. She does so because she loves him.
    He also her band'smanager. He

    plot 3 (open)
    A guy is dating a cheerleader, but the new girl in school has her eye on him. She is bad and sometimes gets into trouble with her parents and sometimes the law. She steals, drinks and smokes. She likes this boy and does what ever she can to see him, even sneaking into his room at nights to lay with him in his bed. The girlfriend get jealous of her boyfriend hanging out with the bad girl she suspects their sleeping together, which they are. So she thinks of a plan to get the bad girl in Juviee or worse prison. Need you to double as the girlfriend and bad girl

    plot 4 (open)
    A student enters a relationship with his teacher. At first its fine but she slowly abuses him verbally, physically and sexually. He then finds himself beginning to like her abusing him. His friends and a girl who has a crush notices his different behavior, and are worried for him(*)

    plot5 (open)
    He finds out that on his 17th birthday he is arranged to marry a dark elf. He learned years ago a human and dark elf tribe made a deal that two descendent would be married. Only the guy feels as if he met her before but can't remember where

    plot 6 (open)
    They were best friends until he caused her accident. She lost her eyesight in her left eye, and her friend feels guilty for causing her accident. He protects and defends her from bullies. She bosses him around, and teases him but loves him for protecting her and being the only real friend she ever had.

    Fandom and Fandom Pairings (open)
    Fandom DC Comics * Marvel Comics * Doctor Who Pokemon * MarvelxDC* Zombieland Evil Dead Elfen Lied* Battle Royale* Huntress x Question(DC) Wolverine X She-hulk(Marvel) Batman Beyond X Spider Girl(Marvel X DC) Manchester Black X Jean Grey (Marvel X DC) Supergirl x Gohan(DBZ X DC) Marvel Oc X DC Oc Marvel OC X Marvel OC DC oc X DC ox Anime OC X MArvel OC DC oc x Anime oc

    pairings (open)
    dark elf X Human * Dark Elf x light elf SuccubusX human * Vampire X Succusbus Werewolf X human * shy guyX tough girl * student x student humanoid creation X creator goth guy x cheerleader Explorer X amazoness * teacher x student* vampire X human shewolf x human * InuXneko NekoXhuman * InuXhuman BossXEmployee Dragon HybridXHuman* FurryXHuman MaidXMaster's son* Shy boyfriendX Eager girlfriend* Bad girl X Shy guy* Werewolf Queen(King)XVampire King(queen)
  2. Plot 1 seems interesting...even though we're doing something sorta like that)
  3. We can do another rp if you want
  4. I'm interested in 1 if it doesn't work out between you both. :)
  5. we can do this too
  6. We can both do plot 1 if you guys want
  7. Awesome!
  8. PM me when you can :D
  9. Sorry for the late reply! Yea, plot 1 seems good with me!
  10. Awesome pm me
  11. Alright
  12. Plot 7 (open)
    A serial killer falls for this guy. She loves him to death and will do anything to be with him. She kills any girl that gets close to him and wont let anyone hurt him. One day she asks to move into his house, because she found out he is looking for a roommate. She watches him sleep and even lays next to him in bed

    plot 8 (open)
    A guy's best friend is bitten by a mysterous wolf Only it was too big to be one. Now she is slowly becoming a shewolf. She begins to be more aggressive, and more protective of her friend. Her canines are sharper, and her eyes turn yellow. Her eears become more pointed and she grows a tail. Soon she is a shewolf.(Kinda like a neko only instead of a human-cat its a human wolf) Her friend devides to take care of her like a pet(*)

    Plot 9 (open)
    A guy saves a Kitsune and in return gives her his life. Basically he is her master now. But she likes to boss him around and she liked to tease him. Even though he doesnt like her bossing him around he still is her master. Even if they can be crabby toward each other, they both care for each other

    Plot 10 (open)
    A guy is making a movie but his budget is cut in half do to bad investment by the producer. His girlfriends turns to stripping and slowly into prostitution to help fund the movie but she doesnt tell her boyfriend, and begins to like her new job

    Plot 11 (open)
    Halloween night. After ending up at the wrong party at the wrong place, a guy meets a clan of vampires. Instead of killing him, they turn him. They let him train with a girl who doesnt like hi, but soon learns to love him. They soon learn he has a deeper connection to vampires then they thought
  13. I am also open to your guy's plots too.
  14. Plot 12 (open)
    His brother was the pokemon league champion. He had a budew, which was his brother's main pokemon offspring. He watched his brother batle some strange new trainer. She looked strong and she was.She was the first person to beat his brother in a long time. That day he vowed to find her and beat her. when he leaves on his journey he meets a girl, who turns out to be the sister of the woman who beat his brother
  15. Plot14 (open)
    Alright, so a young girl goes off to summer camp for the entire summer. When she arrives, she finds that she is to room with two people, twins as a matter of fact, one boy and one girl. They're both very friendly at first, if a little too friendly and very eager to be next to her. After a day or two of them trying to be as close to her as possible and trying to keep her away from the other twin, an interesting night occurs. The girl acts first, crawling into my characters bed in the middle of the night (with or without toys) and forces her to have sex. The next day, the girl acts as almost as if nothing happened, although she still acts friendly. The next night, the boy acts, forcing her to have sex while the other twin sleeps.
  16. plot 15 (open)

    Fandom Plot(Batman BeyondX Spider girl)
    After Mayday's father is kidnapped, and the only clue is Gotham City she heads to the famed city. Theyre she meets the Batman. After a fight, they learn they are on the same side, and goto find who kidnapped their father. Having the help of a old foe they try and find out who kidnapped May's father

    Plot 16 (open)
    A guy enters the world martial art tournament. He doesnt remeber his past but has amazing skill and power. he meets a powerful woman who sayss he is a sayain. They end up being the fnalist and have a draw. He decided to ask her if she wants to train with him. She agrees because for some reason this guy doesnt have a energy reading unlike other fighters she met. Also a power galactic Tyrant is heading to earth in search of the dragon balls. And a old sayain comes back from the past
  17. Hi I'm intersted!
    In th first plot and the plot with teacher student
    And plot 2
    Pm me :)
  18. Ok will do :)
  19. Plot 17 (open)
    The Devil's daughter realizes in order to rule hell she needs a mate. She goes to earth posing as a new student(or new teacher) at a local high school. The high school is said to have her heir. She meets this heir and slowly seduces him to be her mate.

    Plot 18 (open)
    A guy meets a strange girl and one day while hanging out with he is attacked by a demon./ The girl saves him and says she is a demon hunter and now that he became friends with her he is in danger.

    Plot 19 (open)
    A vampiress meets a boy. They get on perfectly and she falls for him. She likes him because if his scent and because of how kind he is. They enter a relationship and She tells him and he is fine with her. He even offers to be her 'bloodbank' but there are rumors of a hunter coming

    Plot 20 (open)
    He babysitted her sense she was 8. Now he is 18, and she is 16. They still see each other, and he secretly fallen in love with her, and vice versa. When her parents leave for a month, and she asks him to stay with her for the month, she makes her move on him

    plot 21 (open)

    Two step siblings are left alone for two weeks. They are happy and begin having fun. One loves the other ever sense they met the other. He plans on telling his step sister how he feels during the two weeks,

    Plot 22 (open)
    Two teens who are obsessed with death find a notebook. The notebook belongs to a local serial killer. Instead of turning it to the police as evidence, they decided to read the notebook and solve the murder themselves. The only problem is that the teens become paranoid and began to think one of them is the killer, or someone they know, and that one of them is going to be the next victim because a few of their daily habits and how they dress are in the notebook.

    Plot 23 (open)
    A guy one day sees a woman in a lake. They talk and become friends and soon fall in love. But he learns something about her. She is a forgotten god. Gods who devour humans, and suck their life force. FOr one to fall for a human will disrupt the gods.

    Still Looking folks.
  20. 2 or 4?
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