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  1. This was originally going to be a series of short stories but I think it would adapt nicely. The main characters of course will be replaced by our own (s?) .

    These are just some ideas so if you're interested reply and we'll keep brainstorming.

    Crown of Stars/Immortality - the Zodiac, Christianity and mythology based. 12 signs of the Zodiac will supposedly complete the Crown of Stars thus granting immortality.

    The Zealots - a fanatical religious order believing that the Crown of Stars will grant immortality. They worship technology and thus have integrated machines into their bodies. They program their followers, indoctrinating them upon joining. Hayden discovered this and erased his indoctrination, thus revealing his past life in which the Zealots murdered his wife and enslaved his only son much like him. Indoctrination is performed on those unwilling to join and includes a memory wipe as well as machine implementation into the body.

    All-Father - Leader of the Zealots. Actually just a collection of past consciouses stored on their mainframe.

    The Speaker - gives information to the All-Father program and directs the Zealots as he is the only one allowed access.

    The Hand - general of the Zealots.

    Curate - Captains

    Legate - Lieutenants

    Vicar - Clerics

    The Confessor - High Priest of the Zealots.

    Many alien / human races.
    Technology is futuristic. Space travel possible. Biomechanics possible.
    Diverse religion and peoples as well as many locales.
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  2. Can I be allowed to play as a former zealot?
  3. Sure.

    Email me your ideas and I'll help you with character history.
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