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  1. Roza had always been more of a quiet student. Even back in America, but now she was living in Japan. She sighed heavily as she got up out of bed. She went to her mirror and brushed her long brown hair. Then made a trip to the bathroom down the hallway. Once she was back in her room she pulled out the new outfit she would be forced to wear everyday. This was going to suck big time. She put on her many bracelets that had band logo's or skulls on them since it was the only self expression she could enjoy while at school. Roza walked out of the house and went off to school having no clue what to expect. On her way a boy ran into her. She spewed a curse word at him as he continued to run off. Soon she arrived at the school and stood there in awe. It was a hell of a lot bigger than her old High school. Now she was going to endure her sophomore year at this place.
    She shook her head and walked in, not used to seeing everyone wear the same thing, it only caught her off guard for a moment. She might as well get used to all of this conformity. She managed to find her classroom on her own. When she walked in everyone was already in their seats considering she was almost late. The teacher put her arm around Roza and introduced her. Roza's face was a cute shade of pink.

    "Everyone this is our new student, Roza Warden, she came here from America, so be sure to be nice. " The teacher turned to her and pointed out where her seat was. Right in the back. Which was a relief. Roza nodded and went to her seat and sat down. The boy that sat next to her was staring, and she was sure he was probably the jerk that ran into her earlier. She just ignored him looking out of the window. He looked like quite the rebellious kid.
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  2. [​IMG] Akito's alarm began to blare an annoying siren in his ear. He roles to his side and pulls his pillow over his head to ignore the alarm for him to get to school. His mother then knocks on the door repeatedly.
    "Akito? Akito! It's time for you to go to school dammit!" she yells as she knocks harder. He tried to manage tuning out the sounds around him he couldn't care less to go to that prison of a building for one more year. Then all of a sudden his door flies off the hinges and in the doorway stood his father, red in the face with anger.
    "You get out of bed now, or i'll pull you out myself." He gave Akito a stare that burned into the back of his head. Akito then sat up in his bed, stretched, and then stood up to face his father.
    "I'm up." he reply in a droned tone of voice. His father and mother exchanged uneasy looks and gradually walked away. Akito flings open his closet and grabs his uniform and then leaves the house.

    The bell rings as he just entered the building. Akito walks in a careless pace to his class and opens the door still in the close he slept in. The teacher looks at him unamused.
    "Akito your late. Where's your uniform?" she asks irritably. Akito lifts his hand that held his uniform and then walks past the teacher to his seat.
    "Aren't you going to get dressed?" the teacher said in an angrier tone of voice.
    "By all means, if you say so." he replies and began to take off his shirt in the middle of class.
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  3. [​IMG]
    An alarm can be heard. It was roughly 6:30 am for Shin, and he rolled over to his side grabbing his charged phone under his pillow and opening one eye to check the time."Ah, school can wait." The male groaned putting it on snooze as he tossed his iphone off to the side of his bed quietly.

    But when five minutes passed, he grabbed his phone and abruptly tossed it across his room. The screen could've break but didnt and the blonde quietly went back to sleep, the faint alarm sounds being ignored whenever it came off.

    Soon about an hour passed. Shin, slowly gestured up from his bed stretching his arms up in the air and yawning loudly. His Doberman came into his room and he let out a chuckle petting his pet dog then walked to the bathroom getting himself cleaned up. After a few minutes the male came out and got dressed. Instead of wearing uniform he wore whatever he wished, knowing full well he'll get in trouble but didnt care and soon walked out his house locking the door behind him and making his way to the academy.

    Soon the blonde came in late. He had a taro pearl drink in his hand and his many piercings still on his face. He noticed the new girl and let out a chuckle before looking at his teacher then the others, and another male who seemed out of uniform."Tch. What a fail. Seems like they care more about you Akira. Mister fake." He retorted taking his seat at the back of the class and sighing."Ah~ just kidding." He said smoothly leaning back on his chair and placing his feet over his desk."Or half kidding I must say.." He muttered taking a sip from his sweet purple colored pearl drink.

    Shin tsukuyomi. The criminal most would say, they often wondered how the academy came to still keep him despite his troublesome past and records. Though despite his past records they still had hopes for him thats why and some girls looked at shin."Shes the new girl." One said in japanese."No kidding." He said in english. The teacher furiously walked towards shin and he looked up at her smugly. He was famous for his rebellious nature as well, or mostly his many piercings."Sorry I'm late. I will take detention, as I have lots of free time in my hands~" the male mused sticking out his tongue, revealing the piercing at the center before flicking it back in.

    Despite what others may think, shin was surprisingly a hard worker. Literally making up all his work correctly after school. It turns out when teachers think hes not listening, he actually is -even when he sleeps during class-. Shin then raised his hand moving it around and the teacher nodded at him. His raised hand then formed a pointing gesture at the new girl."Name. What's your name?" He asked before chuckling a few seconds later."I mean--Excuse my bad manners. Its common curtiousy to introduce ones self first before asking. I'm Shin. Shin tsukuyomi. You are?" He asked giving a sneer.

    A new playmate. How wonderful.
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  4. @AkitoHashiriyu I noticed you also did the whole out of uniform thing ; which is honestly coincidental. as i didnt read the post -infact i noticed it while typing cause i saw,"take off his shirt in the middlemof class".therefore I had to edit my post so it won't seem so similar :3. Just thought you needed an explanation about my post.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Class president Hasegawa Karin sat in the middle of the classroom, observing everyone. She was quiet and normally kept to herself when she didn't have the attention focused on her when it came to student decisions. Right now she was just being a normal student, looking at everyone and seeing the surprise of everyone because of the new student. Ah, the new student was going to get a lot of attention, especially when she came from America. It was like having a brand new toy. Karin wasn't really pleased about it, but she did not voice her opinion otherwise.

    Then her eyes darted to see Shin walk into the classroom, late as always. Then he started to be obnoxious, grabbing the attention of the students. If he wasn't late, then he would have known her name. She let out a little sigh, closing her textbook to look at him. "Her name is Roza Warden, if you were on time you would have known that already," she mentioned, not really caring if she received a negative response to him. The class president was just tired of him trying to be cool all of the time.

    Some of the students looked at each other when she spoke up, since she wasn't really the one to talk during classes unless she was answering a question. Karin was just tired of all of the talking, she was there to actually learn something. That might have made her seem like a bookworm, but it was true, she was. She did get high marks on her grades since she had to in order to be the class president.

    Right now she was waiting for Shin, or someone, to say something to her. He was going to say something, she was sure of it. The teacher even looked at her like she grew a second head or something. Karin stared down Shin, just waiting.
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  6. ( Shin + Karin = Fun >8D. A criminal and a elite )
    Soon another voice answered him rather then the student. And he knew all to well whose voice that was before slowly averting his eyes to the direction he has known all to well. Karin Hasegawa. A black haired fair or pale skinned girl whom was 'class president' (which didnt bother shin not one bit). The exact polar opposite of him and he slowly raised his hand down looking at her with lips slowly curving into a smirk.

    "Her name is Roza Warden, if you were on time you would have known that already,"

    She answered. Of course having or moreover being an elite with a criminal in class can surely lead to small quarrels here and there and often grabbed the whole classes attention. They were each others rivals, maybe secret frenemies actually and he chuckled looking across the room at her. The girl whom he always was at odds with -and rarely on the same page-, he has known Karin since childhood until they both just stopped seeing each other or she moved out which only caused him to be more troublesome then before, seeing as when they met she slightly had an affect on him to be good and not fall completely into the streets full of beasts. And look where they were now.., and look what they had became over and after years apart. (Hope thats fine, I can edit if you want @princessyuna )

    "Shut the hell up." Shin commented calmly as he looked at her. There was a silence and not even the teacher had bothered to interfere, depending how bad this would esculate."You are not the new girl, and you surely ain't her voice." He added when she introduced Roza to him. Shin took a drink from his pearl drink and continued after she made a comment about being on time."Dont be smart. I do not need advice from anyone, you in particular. I pointed at the new girl, why do you think I asked? I didnt want any one else's voice besides her." He shrugged before letting out a sigh of exasperation."I get your class president and helpful, but sometimes there are things I wish to do on my own without the need of others." Shin stated."So just shut up." The blonde bitterly said even with a flat monotone.

    Only then did another male place a hand over the troubled student's shoulder. A sign of restraint and controlling himself an his blunt behavior. A sign meaning stop. It was Shinji."Thats enough Shin.." He said."Save the quarrel for later. You have plenty of time to argue with her, just not now." The other blonde said. He bared a striking resemblance to Shin, looking very identical just without the piercings and in fact it was shins identical twin brother, Shinji. Contrary to what people believed between the two, Shinji was older and shin looked beside him at his brother.

    "But even the great Buddha becomes impatient, and I will guarantee you Shinji if you werent around I would've brought her to tears."

    Shinji pressured his shoulder more."Thats enough." He said releasing his brother then perking his head up and standing. The male bowed."Please excuse my brothers behavior." He said and shin followed suite."Thank my brother for intercepting." He muttered in disappointment before the two sat back down. Shinji sitting down calmly, Shin slumping back in his seat.

    Despite what others thought of Shinji being 'kinder', in truth Shinji was also just as bad as Shin. He too being a 'beast' of the streets and his acts of kindness nothing more then a bitter facade that covered his menacing and bad behavior.
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  7. [Perfect relation for the two of them. I can see them bickering a lot and go further along. 8D]

    "Shut the hell up."

    Shin had replied back to her, and that made the class president look at him in disbelief. To use foul language in the classroom was against the rules, but the teacher did not say anything to stop it. That meant teacher was smart, not wanting anymore trouble. Karin just looked at Shin, listening to him speak about him talking to the new girl and acknowledging her. Then telling her to shut up again. She rolled her eyes, wanting to say something back to him, but she figured that she wouldn't make him say anything more.

    The two of them were so different in the past, they actually got along. He wasn't this bad boy in their childhood because of her positive affect on him and the other way around as well. Her parents moved her away even if she pleaded not wanting to go, she didn't want to leave Shin behind. He was her only friend at the time. Then things changed after that. They finally reunited in high school, and she noticed how much he had changed.

    She changed as well. Instead of being the fun loving girl that she used to be growing up, she was more of an introvert now. The move had changed her, and the only thing that broke her out of her shell just a little bit was when she was having her council meetings. Even then, she was still an introvert. It was surprising how she even got her position as the class president.

    Karin looked at Shinji, Shin's older twin brother, as he calmed down the boy. When they said their apologies, she shook her head and turned away from them. She opened her textbook, going back to where they were in the lesson before the interruption. She would have to talk to Shinji during their lunch period, and perhaps properly introduce herself to the new girl.
  8. For Nia, being popular was a struggle worth fighting for. She wanted so desperately to be noticed. It didn't seem like anyone was paying any attention to her, sitting in the back of homeroom. She was new here too. But she knew that whenever someone new comes, whoever was considered the newbie before them, is then considered a regular. So her she was, regular Nia. She stared at the back of Shin's blonde head. He was so cute, even from behind. She had been slowly gathering the courage to ask him out for the past month. As soon as she had come to this school, she had a crush on him. He was a bad boy. Who doesn't like a bad boy? She began to twirl her dull brown hair, which, conveniently was in knots already. She tried to brush it, but nothing ever worked. Her hair was a rats nest in itself. Her blue eyes watered as the sun began to stream through the window. "Stupid window seat." she muttered, hoping that the teacher would hear her and discipline her for talking out of turn. At least that would get people's attention focused on her instead of whatever her face was. Nia already knew that the new girl was going to be the focus of Shin's eye. She was beautiful. Although her hair color was the same as Nia's, hers shimmered, and was smooth. Not a single snarl. It made Nia jealous. She didn't even know she COULD be jealous. Until it happened.
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  9. Roza looked back into the classroom to see that there was a guy who didn't even have his uniform on yet. She couldn't help but feel that maybe this school wouldn't be so different from home. That was when a serious rebel came in. Covered in piercings just as plenty of her classmates at her old school did. Which just made her want to go home all the more. When he spoke to her she was just about to tell him her name, but it was said by another girl before she could even make a peep. Then she watched the two go back and forth in their argument. She felt her anxiety climbing due to all of the yelling. She just couldn't take it, but just before she reached her limit the problem was defused by a boy who looked quite similar to the boy who had called himself Shin. She figured they were twins, but didn't care enough to assume.

    She sighed heavily and just looked forward to the board and focused on the lessons. She would have to get used to this whole taking notes thing. Schooling in America was really easy especially if you lived in a more poor town. Which she sort of did. I mean, she never considered herself poor. Especially now that her mom had a new, better paying job here. Eventually the lessons were done, and it was time for lunch. She managed to pull through half of the day, and she was already tired. The lunch times here were much better though. A whole hour, and you could eat outside! She did what she saw in anime all of the time, and snuck up to the roof. When she got up there no one was there, which was a relief. She sat up against the fence opposite of the door. Not even feeling a little hungry. She pulled out her old MP3 player, and stuck her ear buds into her ears. Putting on some Five Finger Death Punch as loud as her player would allow the volume to go.
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  10. Nia was sitting at a picnic table outside eating her tuna sandwich, when she heard someone humming. She was sitting alone, and there were no other tables nearby. She stood up and looked around. Nothing. She climbed up onto the bench of the table to see if it would get any louder. And sure enough, it did. She looked up. There was Roza, sitting on the roof, humming along to a song that
    made Nia want to puke. She left her lunch on the table, and ran inside. She needed to report Roza. Students weren't allowed on the roof during school hours.
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  11. Roza sat there in peace, listening to her music. Just as the song ended there was a moment of silence. That's when she heard footsteps coming up the steps, so she paused her music. Panic arose in her, and she wasn't even sure why. She took a deep breath and ran over to the wall that was adjacent to the door. Just as the teacher opened the door Roza was looking at her from where she was hiding. This was one of the things she got good at when she'd sneak out with friends in America. The teacher took a few steps closer to where Roza was, so as quietly as she could she slipped her shoes off, making sure to grab them and backed away, along the wall. When she got to the end of that wall she hid behind the next one, and so on as the teacher continued to look for her. Roza remained undiscovered. Her heart was beating in her ears, and as the teacher left she realized she was hardly breathing. Taking a deep breath she calmed herself down.
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  12. As lunch hit, the twins remained in class quietly. They always did this and shin stand up, leaning on his desk careful not to fall. The male looked over his 'doppelgänger' raising an eyebrow."Staying or going?" He asked referring to if they were going to eat outside or in, or if Shinji had plans like a meeting. Shinji glanced out the window then stretched leaning back in his seat."Staying." He responded before Shin scoffed and sat back down.

    "I think I have a meeting as well." Shinji muttered taking his bag and handing shin his bento box before taking out his own."Thanks." Grinned shin. The two began to eat together and talk and whatnot before shin perked his head up away from his food."Basketball later? After this for a few minutes?" He asked."Depends. Don't know yet, but most likely after school." Answered Shinji chuckling."Or maybe we can play one quick round then continue after school." He suggests shrugging as they ate in class.

    Shin was finished eating and waited for his brother. He proceeded to take out his phone quietly and scroll around.
  13. Roza eventually emerged from behind the wall she was hiding behind, and then quickly left the roof. Not wanting something like that to happen again. Stress was the last thing she needed more of right now. She was now in the main lobby and calmly walked to the outside. It was still fall, so dead, colorful leaves covered the ground. she sighed and found a table where no one was sitting. She plopped down on it and stuck her music back in her ears. Though this time she kept the volume down a bit more. As she sat there she played with the many rubber bracelets around her wrists. Not looking at anyone else.
  14. Nia reached the top of the stairwell and was about to open the door to the roof. The principal and the superintendent were standing one step below her, waiting to bust Roza. Nia opened the door, and the adults charged upwards. They froze. Hey! Nia! There's no one up here! You lied to us! They called down to her. She didn't know what to say.
  15. Roza rested her head on the table. Her long brown hair falling over her shoulders. Feeling completely and utterly exhausted. She seriously would have to get used to how things worked around here. Lifting her head back up she rested her forehead on her hand. Closing her jade green eyes to simply think over how she could make things easier. Surely finding a friend was a good start, but she wasn't sure how to go about that or who she should go about that with.
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  16. Shinji caught up to his brother and the two went outside to play some basketball in the meantime. Shinji took off his sweater and shirt as he knew he would be sweating a lot during and after the game, and his older brother had done the same too before they began to play one on one until class would start. In attempt to out smart his brother during the game, shin brother was quite fast and therefore took the basketball and dunked it swiftly, to others surprise yet not Shinji. Shin grinned."Let's see which moves you copy." He commented, referring to Shinji as 'The copy cat" of basketball. Shinji always managed to outsmart and mimic the moves exact by others during basketball and the younger brother smirked continuing their play.
  17. Show Spoiler
    Aria was the school's popular mean girl, although she really wasn't as mean as her rep made her sound. By American schooling this was her Junior year of high school and Aria was nothing but excited to be starting it! This was the year she would begin her reign of the upper class men. They already had heard of her. The American who easily made friends with the right people, wooing them with her Western Charm and wide eyed beauty. She had moved here from America as a freshmen and all to easily molded to the customs in the two years she lived in Japan. She was almost above the rules, but, Aria never really pushed those boundaries. She knew that her impeccable record with the school officials gave her to much leverage to risk.

    The girl was on her way to her first class when she had heard rumors of a new American student. There were plenty of Americans that came and went so Aria wasn't to concerned with this one. Surely her guardians would find a new better job and she would leave, but Aria couldn't help but find this new girl and make her feel welcome. She knew that having someone with a common background might help this new person a little more comfortable.

    Aria hadn't been looking long before she found a girl with her head in her hands. Aria had no problem strolling up and tapping the girl on the shoulder gently to get her attention. "Hi there! You must be the new girl?" Aria smiled brightly as she sat across from the girl without her permission. "My name's Aria. Yours?" Aria crossed her hands in from of her and looked the girl up and down. She was very pretty with her brown hair. Of course, Aria was partial to her own red hair, but the new girl was not lacking in the looks department. "You're super pretty!!" Aria was being sincere. If the new girl did happen to stay, Aria would love to have a real friend from her own home country.
  18. Looking up Roza saw a very pretty red haired girl. She sounded American which made Roza's sinking heart perk up. She smiled more then cheerfully "Thank you. I'm Roza. You're from America aren't you? " her sparkling green eyes filled with hope. It seemed her whole state of being had lifted.
  19. Aria gave a nod of her head, her natural curls bouncing. "I am! Born in St. Louis, raised in L.A." Rosa had such a bright smile! "My father's in the military and we moved here 2 years ago." The girl began playing with one of her curls and sizing Roza up, but not with malicious intent. "What part of America are you from? Do you mind if I ask why you moved here? Exactly what grade are you in? I haven't seen you in any of my classes so you must not be a junior."

    Aria paused and let Roza answer her kajillion questions while she looked around. There seemed to be a lot of underclassmen around. The quiet girl with frizzy brown hair, the twins that Aria had heard about..nothing good, naturally, their class president. Why didn't Aria know any of their names? Probably because she was to busy hanging with the upper class men when she was a freshmen and sophomore. She turned her attention back to Roza, it would have been rude to ignore the person she had engaged a conversation with.
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  20. Roza had a friend just like this girl back at her old school. This girl could probably talk for days. Not that it was a bad quality. In fact it could be great for social occasions. "I was born in Pennsylvania, but by the time I was in seventh grade we moved to Delaware, New Jersey. My mom is a business woman. We moved so she could get a better paying job here. " Roza made sure to leave out a bunch of the details of what happened in between and what kind of situation her and her mom had been in. "I'm only a fresh man" As she mentioned her grade she said it a bit shyly considering fresh men in America were targets for upper class men and she wasn't sure if it was the same around here.
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