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  1. (CLOSED SIGNUPS - New Rules, New Adventures (A Free-plot RP))

    Ace's Bar

    "...You guys gave it enough thought yet?" Said a laid-back Ace as the sound of his billiards balls knocking against each other was heard immediately afterwards. He seemed more focused on the game than the group at one side as well as the still-open portals on the other.

    "Let me give you the choice one more time, to be clear. You pick the portal on the left, you are choosing to find a way to grow stronger and fight against the Tyrant. The door will be left open for the time you are gone, and once his empire grows vast enough, he'll slowly spread across other universes. The more time you spend to become stronger, the more that becomes at risk. You pick the portal on the right, however, the universe locks in place, and his empire crumbles once it can no longer spread out. You'll be safe from it to live wherever you want, and the Tyrant will have to start from scratch all over again, leaving him vulnerable, but this world will be destroyed as a result. ...You can also choose to leave here and pretend I was never here. But I won't be giving this offer out again once you leave." Ace explained. Simon looked down to the ground in contemplation, and looked at the two portals. They both serve to be equally tempting; they could finally get the advantage they want after all this fighting, but they could also just avoid the fight altogether. Both choices seemed good at the moment.

    "...Umm...What happens if some of us choose one, while everyone else chooses the other?" He asked the Poolist, who then took his cigar out of his mouth again.

    "...Well, obviously the way in and out of this world can't be both open and locked at the same time. Since there's seven of you fellas, I'd wager we go by Majority Rules. If four chooses to shut the door and three take the other way, the door's probably gonna be shut whether those three wanted it or not. In the unlikely event of a tie...Ehh, I might flip a coin or something." Ace said nonchalantly. Something about this Ace fellow bothered Simon. He's doing them a favor, and at least seems to have good intentions, but something about the way he talks, that laid-back attitude in the face of what he's actually saying, just feels off. Still, This decision was now more important to the resistance than ever. Now they have to choose with the popular vote in mind as the key role.

    This in mind, Simon simply chose to wait, and see what the others have to say about this.
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  2. All while Ace was giving his final explanation of the decision, Hayden was shifting his weight back and forth, twiddling his thumbs, fidgeting all over the place with barely-contained excitement. The instant Ace looked done, Hayden blurted out, "I want to fight!" He took an eager couple steps towards the left portal and looked back at the others, expecting them to follow him. "I want to grow strong! These powers are amazing," he continued, his hands giving off a soft purple glow as he wrung them together, "and I for one would like to hone them until not even Tyrant Exodus can stop me!"

    To Hayden, the decision was exceedingly obvious. The rebels were clearly given this magic to fight, and to choose to flee like spineless cowards would mean the end of not only the world they'd all chosen to struggle for, but their dignity as well. And if they chose to simply walk away, well, that would be the stupidest thing in the world! Waste this chance Ace has given them? What brain-dead idiot would choose that? Hayden didn't trust Ace, of course. He never trusted anybody until they earned it, and anyone who would dare offer the rebels a means of running away, even alongside a portal to a magical realm where they could train, was questionable at best. And Ace was boring, too. He was a no-nonsense sort of guy, not a single joke or anything. Lame!

    Hayden didn't need trust to believe Ace's story, though. If Ace turned out to be lying, well, Hayden would have his revenge sooner or later. But for now he would take what he was given at face value.
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  3. Riken takes out the dog tags of his fallen comrades and looks at all the names while listening to what Ace had to say. After Ace finshed up one person seemed to take the initiative and say they wanted to fight and gets stronger, Riken stands up. "My decision was made before you gave us this choice I will fight for all my fallen comrades so my decision is set I want to train and then kill the tyrant to bring peace to all my friends that he has killed." Riken walks towards the left portal and then waited for everyone elses answer.
  4. Alexander walked in, He was late, but for good reason, or at least he WOULD have had a good reason if this was the steam powered Giraffe where he normally drunk and took jobs. However, for the second time Ace has pulled him across dimensions and worlds for some reason or other. "Do you remember what I said last time you did this ace? I do believe I promised to shoot you." He paused, midway through drawing his crossbow, the generator used to keep it cocked thrumming with electricity. "Who are the...others?" He asked looking at the others, one who appeared to be standing by a portal and the others looked to be deliberating. "Please don't tell me you're doing that impossible choice thing again where you make a bunch of random people make a decision that may or may-not end up in the obliteration of their entire planet?" He sighed and put his crossbow away, walking over to the bar and starting to look for a drink. "Well this clearly ain't my world so why do you want me here?" He asked as he filled up a small glass with a sharp smelling blue spirit.
  5. A flip of the wrist caused a loud sound that was a small indication of handheld fan that opened. ''Lets see..'' A faint yet noticeable voice echoed throughout the bar, before he spoke again he gave himself a few brushes of the fan to cool himself off. ''Why would i want to leave this place? They're already hot girls in this universe, He immediately after gave a casual ''look away'' expression with the fan covering his mouth and lower chin. ''I barely know these people too so why am i here exactly? Is it because of my good looks?'' He said with a egotistical tone. ''Its too much work anyways.. traveling here and there for what purpose? For a end goal that is highly questionable'' He argued as he walked towards a open seat at a table and sat there waving his fan at his face without a care in the world. ''Lets take a look at this scenario.. We trust you, a stranger we barely know, and we walk into one of those portals. What will happen to us really? Such opportunities don't come with a higher price then you've already discussed. Its not logical, to me anyways, that some kid like you would have such godly abilities and just give us a way out or in with little to no cost. Just like your partner said over here... ''May or may not end with the obliteration of the planet.'' I deduce that there is a catch, a riddle yet spoken of. The real question here is... What are you willing to tell us and hide.'' He said with a very sharp darted eye expression towards Ace to await his answer.
  6. Ace's Bar

    Ace was about to push the cue ball towards the other balls when he stopped the pool que, the tip of which was about an inch away from it. He then took a look at the fan-waving man sitting down, taking out his cigar and blowing a small puff of smoke from his mouth.

    "...First off, I'll call it a compliment that you call me a kid, but you are just barely 30 yourself, you hardly have any room to be assuming age right now. Plus, here's a little tip for future reference: If you see someone who has godly power but looks young, assume they're older than they appear. Secondly, You are right, there IS a catch to these choices. ...I'm fairly certain I've made it clear what they are exactly. Contrary to popular belief, not all gods, nor beings with divine power like one, have some underlying motive to what he does. I suppose I could add the catch that the choices are all dangerous in their own ways. Thing is, you guys have been fighting against this regime for...what, months now? I didn't think I'd need to express something that I'm certain you're used to by now other than that, I don't think I can explain the downsides of these choices any simpler than how I already have, not without sounding condescending anyways. Finally, to combine your 'too much work' remark together with your reason for coming here: ...Look, I'm someone who prefers to take it nice and easy as much as the next guy, and if you want to choose the lazy approach with less hassle, more power to you. Thing is, ...I know about you already, Captain Katsuo Fumio, Founder and leader of the "Raiju", a small band of folk that has assisted the resistance so many times that they may as well be an insurgency in and of themselves. I know why you, in particular, went to that chasm that fateful day, and even if you didn't have that power you do now, you were willing to help in a fight where the house has all the cards in its favor. For you, of all people, to now be calling that end goal as 'questionable', ...It's actually quite funny. Not to mention, you HAVE been fighting with these guys ever since you got that power from the Chasm, yet you 'barely know them'? ...Ehh, It happens I guess. Still odd though." Ace explained to Katsuo. He then walked over to Alexander as he filled his glass.

    "And I believe I said it'd be a waste of a good bolt. ...Careful with that drink, it's my brother's favorite. Gets mighty pissed if he can't get his booze. ...Also it's really strong stuff, just a little warning there. ...Anyways, yes, I am. It's a real annoying little thing called, 'Doing my job.' Certainly better than the alternative way of doing it. As for why you're here...Think of it as a...Handicap-advantage for them. Obviously they need to train up on how to use their powers, and that means learning from someone who has that experience. ...Figured you were a good place to start...That, and my usual go-to guy is...on Strike." Ace said to him, leaning on the bar as he did, before pushing himself up and looking at the others again, specifically Katsuo, since everyone except him and Alex obviously made up their minds at this point.

    "So let me be clear with this one last time: I'm offering a chance for you to gain an advantage, a chance to even a frankly unfair playing field, or hell, shift it to your favor entirely, against the Tyrant that subjugated your friends, your families, and your very lives under his control. There is no more in store for you then what I've already said. There's no secret catch, no deal with the devil, ...nothing more than the dangers I've explained. If you can't accept that, 'Katsuo-san', if you really think there's some hidden string that you don't wanna bite into, if you REALLY wanna look a gift horse in the mouth, ...then there's the door. You're welcome to leave, anytime, but know that my offer ONLY stands as long as you're here. When everyone leaves this bar, need it be by the door or the portals, I'll be leaving as well, and I have no intention of coming back here. So trust me when I say that if you walk out that door, we won't meet again, you'll be on your own, ...In more ways than one, by the looks of everyone else here." Ace Explained.
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  7. Ace's Bar

    Standing in the back of the group as their host rambled away was the most unassuming of the company. The young man wasn't particularly tall, nor handsome or strong-looking, and any attempt to intimidate anyone would be thwarted by his excessive amount of freckles. Listening to the offer a second time Cemlics couldn't think of anything else than the fact that as a transporter he had to learn the way to open portals... Wonder if he would share that particular teaching with him if he asked?

    Sadly his fellow rebels more quick-minded responses made him feel like he missed his chance. The brat Hayden obviously wanted to fight, after he got stronger of course, as did Riken, quite obvious considering that he had lost his former comrades to the SoA. Both of them thus stood with the left portal, and as Simon had gotten a response regarding their choices splitting, the board was starting to tip in that direction faster and faster. Which was not exactly what he himself had been thinking of, in Cemlics opinion their world was already doomed, and he would rather ferry everyone far away.
    Just when he was about to stand his point at the right portal a new fellow entered the building. From his words and composure he seemed to be formerly acquainted with Ace, and the as mentioned impossible choice. Cemlics would have to ask the man what had happened that time when they got any spare time.

    Getting thrown off his current momentum another one of the rebels spoke up, this time it proved to be Katsuo, who obviously managed to insult their host. While Ace answered the fool Cemlics once again entered the trail of thought that it still felt kind off odd to think of them as comrades with a unified purpose. While it might be true to some extent as they had all been to the chasm and gotten their strange powers all those months ago, he himself as the busdriver of a tourist-ride. Since then they had somehow met time and time again to fight against the lower soldiers of Exodus armies, the transporter didn't fool himslef with thinking that they posed a real threat, as to why he had wanted to take the right portal. But the situation seemed to move faster than to allow that outcome.

    "I believe you guys will need some help with the transport once we leave this world, so I guess I'll fill that role wherever we end up. Wouldn't be good to split up at this time." Cemlics said, walking up beside the other two by the left portal. There shouldn't be any place his new powers couldn't make the journey safer. And come worst to worst, he did have the confidence to escape farther than any could follow him.
  8. "And what if I necked this drink, Told you to go stuff yourself and walked back out that door?" He then glanced at Katsuo who called him Ace's partner and laughed. "And by the way kiddo, if I was this maniac's partner, I'd have enough power to go tell him to jump off a cliff and go back to my day job of piloting airships." He said as he sipped the drink lazily. "Whatever this bunch of ragamuffin's chose I'll go with the most of them, I guess they could use someone who's delt with your bullshit before." He then pulled out his rifle and started to polish the scope on it carefully with a small rag. "Also if you use such a...impudent tone again, I will shoot you in the kneecaps without a second thought. The only reason ace hasn't gotten shot yet is if I do so I might end up falling through the floor of my airship while I'm above the malestrum." He added as a warning though he seemed very laid back for the situation. He then looked at those still yet to chose, and those who had chosen and decided to comment.
    "Oh, and by the way, There is no garantee that by leaving to train you will win. and for that matter there is no promise that some of you will even want to return after what you expirance out there. Choosing the path that leads away is not the same as running away, it is simply choosing to abandon a world that has abandoned you. a world that will be ground to dust. The only real 'running away' option is going back out that door. Or thats at least what it was like when I got the same choice." he explained as he continued to polish the rifle before aiming 'at' ace. "Oi!" he said before pulling the trigger. The rifle didn't sound like a normal one, it made a hissing noise and then a scream of tortured metal as it fired a round at the pool table, hitting the white ball and sending it spinning across the table to crack in to one of the balls and send it rolling in to a hole "Your turn."
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  9. (I humbly apologize to you all for the long wait.)






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    Ace's Bar

    Ace noticed as Alexander talked, giving no answer to his question, assuming it was a rhetorical one. He then noticed as Alexander hit the cue ball to one of the others with one of the bolts from his crossbow, and hit it into one of the holes. Ace's eyebrows raised for a few second, impressed by what Alex did before once again taking the cigar out of his mouth and looking towards him.

    "...You know what? The bottle's on me, go ahead and take it for that little stunt, I'll replace it for my bro later. But...I'm not responsible for what your little action just caused in the grand scheme. ...You'll find out what I mean sooner or later; don't wrap your head around it now. It's not worth the effort really." Ace told him.

    Simon looked at everyone else as they made their decisions, and heard what this new guy said to them as a bit of advice. ...He can't speak for everyone here, but it IS true for him that he has little to really come back to. His family was killed sometime during this rebellion, and most of his friends were killed throughout Exodos' entire reign one after the other. Those who didn't die chose instead to be in league with the Tyrant in desperation, doing several malicious inhuman atrocities in his name. This was his chance to escape from this nightmare and lead a normal peaceful life somewhere else.

    "...This place is still my home. If I can save it, and save others from the same fate, I'll take my chances." Simon said to him, walking towards the left portal with everyone else. What he said aside, Ace said it's a vote by majority, so it would have been open for Exodos to take over anyways.

    "...Well then, seems like almost everyone's decided, save for one or two of you. Well either way, I'll leave the front door open for you guys when you feel you're ready to come back then...Or in the case of anyone who STILL wants to stay, when you feel you change your mind, though good luck trying to find your comrades that way. Anyways, that portal in the chasm, the one that gave you...most of you your powers, is the main gate that leads outside the universe. When you feel you're ready to come back, or explore other worlds besides this one and the one you're entering right now, find the right doorway. The way out is obvious, it's a giant blue portal like the one you touched in the chasm, very easy to sense, can't miss it. Knowing where you go from there, that might be a little harder. In the endless gold, the plates mark the destinations. ...Yes, a riddle, being vague about stuff like this is also part of my job. ...Sorry. Just take my word for it, you'll know what I mean when you're there. ...Now then, That's about all the questions I can answer right now. I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere down the road, or maybe not. Who knows?" Ace said, Waving at them to leave. Simon turned around and looked at the portal, touching it as he did with the other one. No blast of power this time, figures. His hand went through the portal and eventually, so did the body. The people at the bar could see him through the other side as if looking through a window as he looked around at this new environment he was now in.
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