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    The Backstory/Beginning Plot (open)
    August 19th, 2021...

    In the year 2018, the Earth gained a golden age of prosperity. Wars and crime were reduced by about 60% across the globe, technological advances are marching the progress of the people further, and for the most part, the world was having the closest thing to a peaceful time they had in years.

    However, their time of peace is what led them off their guard.

    In 2019, seemingly independent units of people with abilities and powers beyond the mortal capacity appeared from seemingly nowhere and joined up with rebel factions against the 'corrupt' governments of the world. With no knowledge of these people, or what they are capable of, the governments were quick to fall apart through internal and direct means. One by one, the world leaders fell to the hands of the rebels and their new allies.

    But when the smoke was cleared, and the Rebel factions celebrate their 'freedom', the allies who gave them this chance made their true goals clear: The Rebel factions were being used as pawns, and with their usefulness running dry, they were betrayed and killed.

    It was not just the rebels themselves that they betrayed, but their goals and dreams. Soon after, all of these units from all around the world were revealed to be working as a single organization, a single massive army that lurked in the shadows, the "SoA". The leader of this organization, a man known as Exodos, established himself as the hero who ended the reign of chaos all around the world and killed the rebels who committed these crimes. Using the weakened infrastructure of society to his advantage, he united the world in a singular government, of which he would rule over.

    By 2020, The world essentially formatted their society around this single united government of the SoA. There were several attempts to rebel against the SoA and assassinate Exodos himself, but they were silenced quickly enough to go unnoticed by the whole of society. Anyone who survived to tell the tale were essentially brainwashed into believing that the SoA were heralds of Exodos, and that all should worship him as though he was a God.

    During this age of totalitarianism, however, a group of young men and women, need they be students of high school on a field trip, college students on an expedition, or whatever else led them to it, found something not of this world within a massive cavern located underneath the Nevada desert. A ring made from technology far more advanced than any they would have known of on the Earth, generating a blue circle of what could only be described as light energy. From out of it was what appeared to be a gas that glowed, forming a radiant rainbow that lit the otherwise dark cavern with a myriad of colors. The closer they got to this blue portal, however, the more anomalies they'd be able to notice occurring around it. The rocks were meta-morphing into different shapes, even different material altogether. When one of them reached out to touch the portal however, heedless of the effects its causing to the environment around it, as the finger just barely touched the surface of the portal to cause ripples, a rush of colorful gases and light exploded outwards from the portal, causing them all to be consumed in color.

    When the dust faded and the gases and colorful lights gone, this group of people upon awakening began to slowly realize that they now have powers; magic, manipulation of the elements, enhanced physical abilities, each one had different skills that were unnatural to the normal human, and with that, whether they quickly realized it or was focused on what other things they would do with this before hand, a fighting chance to liberate their world from the Tyranny of Exodos.

    Soon, they formed a resistance of sorts against the SoA and Exodos himself. However, while they had a better chance than anyone else in the world, and indeed they had some victories during the beginning if only due to underestimating them as normal humans, they found that those powers they now had were still weak and they themselves were inexperienced in their use, unlike the SoA who has clearly shown to be more experienced and mastered their powers for a long time. As such, they were still outmatched, and while they were not completely defeated yet, theirs were an uphill battle, of which they were beginning to lose ground in.

    Which brings us to today: As if in response to a prayer, while they were walking through one of the small towns of the Midwest towards the capital of the world, they saw a dove come down to them with a paper tied to its leg.

    "Want a way out of your predicament? Or perhaps a better chance at victory? Meet me in the abandoned bar around the corner." It said, stamped with a Black 8 ball image in the place of a name or signature. It's understandable for the group to feel suspicious of someone calling them out, who happens to know about who they are or what they're doing, happens to know their predicament, and just happens to have a Dove on standby to give them this message. For all they know, this may have been a trap to lure them in and snip the rebellion in the bud right then and there. Still, they needed to gain some kind of advantage if they wanted to continue the fight against a more powerful force, and they don't have much to lose at this point either way.

    Following the instructions given, they entered an empty and abandoned bar, looking messy and dark, dust all over the place, cobwebs on the corners of the walls, chairs and tables looking ready to snap into pieces at any moment... It looked like no one used this bar for years. That was when they heard the sound, the sound of two balls of wood slamming hard together and the smaller sound of balls slightly hitting each other as if in reaction. They could smell the smoke of a cigar starting to seep all over the empty building, and in the darkness, they could see the faint fiery light of that same cigar in the distance. With the sound of fingers snapping in the distance, a Light would suddenly turn on, revealing a Pool table in the middle of the bar, perfectly mint and clean, in contrast to the rest of the bar, a bunch of billiards balls scattered all over the table. To the side of the table, was a rather slim but tall man, must have been about 5-6 feet tall but it was hard to tell as he was bent and crouched over on the table, trying to steady the pool Que in his hand while having a cigar in his mouth. He was wearing a tall pair of blue jeans, brown leather shoes, a button-down green t-shirt with a brown leather vest, and a topless cap on his head, revealing his brown messy hair, while keeping the light away from his navy blue eyes.

    "...So, you're the new guys. the rebels trying to dethrone the world's tyrant. Welcome, make yourself at home, as difficult as that may be right now. I just got here a while ago myself, so I haven't had the time to tidy up this joint." The man said. With the snap of his fingers, an old radio on the counter, VERY old radio by the looks of the design, turned on by itself, and started playing jazz music while the man continued his game.

    "I'll just get straight to the point for you lot. The name's Ace, and I've been watching you ever since you left that chasm in the desert. I'll admit, you guys aren't bad...well, for beginners. But you still have a long way to go, and not a whole lot of time. Your Tyrant's a ruthless individual, and slowly everyone on the planet is starting to convert to his ways or die resisting. Now, you guys are in need of a little help against him, and frankly we have a common enemy. So...I can offer you one of two things: a chance, or an escape." Ace said as he got up from his bent over position on the table, taking the Cigar out of his mouth and holding it in his hand as he blew out a puff of smoke.

    "Believe it or not, there are other worlds, other universes or Dimension if you prefer, than this one. Long story short, I can take you to these other worlds, ...well, I can take you off this world at least, under one of two conditions." With a wave of his hand, he made a ring from his smoke, the center of which slowly faded in the vision of a forest, a village barely seen in the distance, clear to them as a mirror's reflection.

    "The first portal here will take you to a world that's technologically inferior to this one, but has a good grasp on magic and sorcery. A good place to start if you intend on finding a way to take back your world from its Tyrant. There's a portal in that universe and many others, that is similar to the one you touched which started your journey. Find that and go straight through it, and you'll be able to gain access to even more dimensions and worlds. The one you touched in the chasm, is on Lock-down. It's not exactly impregnable, I'm sure Mr Dictator will break out of it eventually, but rookies like you guys, no offense, should probably not bother with it. The catch is, well, like I said, that lock-down's not gonna hold for long, and once he's taken over here, he'll spread his armies across the other dimensions to take them over one by one....It's an Emperor thing. Basically, the more time you take while the door, for the most part, is wide-open, the more of a chance the Tyrant has to take over other worlds like yours. Still, Time's restful, and the spread would be very slow. So you have plenty of time to do or find whatever you have to. ...But there's also the option DON'T have to." Ace explained. He then inhaled more of his cigar and puffed out another ring. Like before, a vision would slowly come into view. This time, however, it seemed to be a beach overlooking an ocean.

    "The Second portal leads you to a beach on the mainland in a world very similar to your own, after which you can attempt to train yourself or you can simply live in peace, need it be there, or somewhere else, since like all others, this world also has a portal like the one you touched. You can go wherever, whenever. ...But not to help out your world here. This is a starting place for you to find yourself a new home, to escape from what's happening here. If you choose this, I will create a more permanent lock on this world, cramping Mr. Dictator's imperial arms as they attempt to expand until his reign collapses in on itself. It won't kill someone like him, but it'll devastate everything he built, so he'd have to start from scratch. Which means he'd be at his most vulnerable. ...However, if this happens, this world, and everyone on it, will die with his reign. You'd leave him defenseless, but doom your world." Ace then Explained as he looked at the group, closely watching their reactions to this.

    "To have a fighting chance, or to escape it all. That's your options. ...Well, there is a Third Option: You can leave this bar and continue on your 'up-mountain' battle against the Tyrant and his Posse. It's not impossible to train yourselves under these circumstances, but it's gonna probably be difficult for you lot. ...Plus, ...I'm kind of violating a rule my brother made by doing this at all. So my Offer will only be on the table as long as you are here. If you leave, I'll have to do the same." He said with a cigar in his mouth, polishing the tip of his que with blue chalk and getting it ready for use again. With his que in one hand, and his cigar in another, he blew another puff of smoke to the side.

    "...So...Choose wisely." A stern Ace said.


    With the backstory now out of the way. Let me first welcome the ones who has shown interest in this RP. Under advice, I have closed the Sign-ups since it seems we have enough players. However should one or more drop out, the Sign-ups WILL be opened again until those slots are again filled up.

    Now then, Allow me to explain what exactly this IS.

    This RP is a Free-Plot format Role Play. Essentially meaning that the players are given creative freedom to guide the plot, or plots, how they want to do so, essentially dragging the main characters on an adventure all over the place. The RP has a starting point plot, which is the backstory up there, but from there, it's up to the players to decide where their characters shall go. There is no End-plot unless we agree to make an End-plot. Even after/if the Tyrant falls and his armies crumbles, the story can continue on however we see fit. ...Kind of like a comic series in that regard: the Adventure being never truly over.

    The Downside to this is that it makes this RP effectively without shape or form, like a ball of chaos. In a way that's a good thing, since that means we can shape and form it how we wish but things getting chaotic as a result is a Risk that is inevitable for this idea to work.

    To provide you all with the necessary freedoms you need, I am allowing dimensional travel and God Creation into the mix, to give you variety in the development on the plot.

    However, there are a few things you must consider when doing plot development.

    First and foremost, while you can create universes and dimensions and worlds at your leisure, The Fabric of Reality, the system/"Frame" that surrounds the Multiverse, is prohibited from use. Basically, you can't edit how the Multiverse functions, and you can't change how the Multiverse was made. (For example, You cannot make a God that is the God of Gods who created everything and everyone, was there from the very beginning, has no equal, etc.) Like with the Creator Gods and the Origins, the Frame of existence is for GM's administration ONLY.

    Secondly, The gods are meant to be used for the sake of Plot devices, and as humanized characters, NOT as a Narrative Voice of God. They are not to be used for manipulating situations to your liking, they are not to be used for Smiting people or create Miracles that happen out of nowhere. Those kind of things are the "Suddenlys" I mentioned in the Interest Check and are not to be allowed.

    With those in mind...

    The GMs (open)
    The three GMs for this RP are myself, @Windstormugly, and @Diva_Elly

    The Rules (open)
    1. No God-modding- This applies to all characters, even the Gods. To keep this as fun as possible, we need to be as fair and balanced as possible. Gods are incredibly powerful, but they are by no means undefeatable, and that goes double for characters who are not Gods. Invulnerability, Overpowered abilities or weapons, unblockables/undodgables, being capable of blocking and dodging everything without fail, All of these fall under this rule, and shall not be allowed.

    2. No Flaming- Play nice, people. Besides God-modding this is a rule I'm personally strict with. An RP isn't fun if we can't all get along while doing it. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with them in a calm civilized manner, and if that fails, report it to us and we'll see what we can do to help both parties out.

    3. No character limit, but make only as many as you can handle.- Self-explanatory.

    4. Keep a steady posting order- Now THIS I can safely say I'm less strict about. I understand that people are forced into positions where they have no choice but to leave, sometimes even AWOL. However, I've also seen the kind of damage an unstable post order can be. A wait time is damaging as is, and if long enough, can prove fatal to the RP itself. I'm sure you've all seen it before, as I have. Therefore, We will be establishing an order of posts. After which if someone is keeping us waiting, there will be a time-limit for them to get back in and make their post. If there is no sign of their post or them coming by the time the limit expires, we skip him/her and move on. We will try to get into contact with them and asking them if they can post within that time limit.

    5. Small post length requirement, but need to have good spelling and Grammar- This RP is meant to be a simple experience of fun for everyone. As such, this is not the kind of RP where one looks at the length of a post and say "You can do better". While a Paragraph per post is certainly recommended, it is by no means mandatory. However, you ARE required to make a post that is at least 3 sentences. Ixnay on the 1 and 2-word sentences, they do not count. That said, I DO need some decent Spelling and Grammar.

    6. DSGS: "Do Shit, Get Shit"- In Windpipe's words: "Your character is affected by their own behavior, and will DIE if they do something stupid enough." Let me point out that the main group of heroes are essentially at their starting point, their weakest point of the RP at the moment, and even after they develop and mastered their skill, there will still be threats in which rushing in and using pure brute force can, and WILL, get you killed. There may even be times where your only option is to run. If you try to pick a fight against a being that is ultimately out of your current league, there is no plot armor in the world that will save you. That also goes for us GMs ourselves, and for character outside the main case, and even for the Gods.

    7. "Free-play exclusive rules"- @EddiEddi provided us with a few good rules to use for this that must be pointed out as well:

    = No Player should EVER be able to directly influence another players plot or adjust its monsters, 2 good examples of this are as follows: Example 1:

    Player 1 creates a big bad who can only be killed once the mcguffin has been obtained, Player 1 puts this Mcguffin in some inhospitable landscape filled with all sorts of nasties. Player 2 makes a earthquake happen that kills all the nasties. or Player 2 happens to have Teleportation and teleports to the Mcguffin, grabs it, and teleports back.

    Example 2: Player 1 introduces a bad guy who can create demons as mooks. Player 2 has a small group of DIFFERENT demons attack, meant to be a challenge. Player 1 proceeds to describe the fact that these demons are weaker than the normal mooks his bad guy can make and having 'made' this canon he goes and curb-stomps them.

    This sort of thing results in backlash, bad feelings and general asshole-ery.

    = All major plot changes (Introducing a Big Bad, Time-travel, New powers, Sealed Evil creation, Making a Mcguffin, ect) Need to be discussed OOC first, That way we don't have people trying to out villain each other all the time. It also stops some super-evil villain calling up some lesser villain and threatening him before blowing his head off with a sniper. just because one player doesn't like another.

    = Any Player found to be using The Villains check list shall be shot on sight.

    = The Mr. Welch List is in effect. (Only some of it.)

    8. NO SUDDENLYS!- I cannot stress this one enough. Don't make or produce anything in an instant, not even for the plot's sake, and ESPECIALLY not to save your own ass, which is usually the main reason this happens. No Ass-pulls, no McGuffins, ESPECIALLY no Deus Ex Machinas, not even a Chekov's Gun. If you want to bring in a plot or something within a plot, than do it slowly, and subtly, ...and possibly with our consent.

    9. Three Strikes, You're Out!- Should the unlikely event occur that you do break any of these rules. You shall be punished with two warnings. The third act of rule breaking shall disqualify you from this RP and characters removed. To be clear: This is not 3 strikes per rule, but 3 strikes per player overall.


    The Divine Hierarchy (open)
    Low-Class God: The lowest, weakest class of Gods in the hierarchy. Some don't even consider them as Gods, as they are more akin to divine servants like Angels and the like. However, they possess a domain of which they oversee and administrate, however insignificant it is in the grand scheme of things. Therefore they are technically considered Gods. (The Muses of Greek Mythology, for Example, can be classified as Low-class Gods.)

    Middle-Class God: From insignificant to somewhat important, Middle-Class Gods are those who oversee the elements and concepts of society and life formed by mankind. Fire, Marriage, War, Peace, Love, Wrath, Thunder, Ice, Water, Wind, and the list goes on. A majority of gods in any Pantheon can be classified as the middle-class. They are not quite as powerful as people believe them to be, but they are still those who are worthy of godhood in their right and power, and unlike the Low-class, no one can deny that.

    High-Class God: As suggested by their name, the High-class Gods are the most powerful of the "Class" Gods. They are often the chief gods of their pantheons, overseeing the other gods and the world as a whole. Their domain, as a result, is usually either something of great importance, like the Sky, the Sun, or the Sea, or their domains are the pocket-celestial realms such as the Underworld/Hell or Heaven. A Grim Reaper, an Agent of Death, is also categorized as High-Class Deity. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, the Norse' Odin, and Egypt's Ra are prominent examples of High-Class Gods.

    True God: An arrogant name, you say? Well good, these gods very well deserve the arrogant pride of such a title. The "True God" is the highest level of Godhood that one can ascend to. Unlike the others, their domain are the entirety of a Universe, a dimension, for they are the ones that legends state create their universe and all things within it. Unless the universe they make is monotheistic, they are more often than not the ones that gives birth to Pantheons, and the gods below them are their children. However, this is a Multiverse. As such, while they at their prime within their own universe, they are exponentially weakened when they are outside their own domain. A prominent example that come to mind is Greek's Gaia.

    Creator God: If a True God is the God of a Universe, than a Creator God is the God of the Multiverse. They are the first beings in their reality, and are the creators of the first universes united in a single reality. They are the first to create land, life, the foundations of the world, and relay the core principles of reality to all universes within, need they be the first ones created by them, or others created by True Gods. The Multiverse itself is their domain, and only by entering "another" Reality/Multiverse, or the darkness of Oblivion outside of existence itself, would they be weakened as a result of going outside said Domain. They are also the rarest of the Gods, as its a status no one, not even a True God, can ever ascend to, as one is simply "born" a Creator God. Possibly as a result of their rarity, the Creator Gods are hardly, if ever, worshiped by humanity; very few people are aware of a Creator God's existence, and by the god's will, it stays that way. (This tier is off-limits to all but the GMs, unless someone gives us a REALLY good idea of one to use. Bear in mind: We WILL be strict, and there is a good chance we will not accept it.)

    Origin: -CLASSIFIED- (This tier is COMPLETELY off-limit to all but GM use.)

    Roster List (open)
    (Before you ask: No, I do NOT expect all these slots to be filled. They are simply there in case someone wants to make more characters. Call it a habit if you must.)

    The Resistance/Heroes:

    1. Simon Tenebrae (The Jest)
    2. Hayabusa (Diva Elly)
    3. Cemlics Afernast (Windstormugly)
    4. Riken Amon (LoveandHate91)
    5. Sir Alexander Gladstone (Eddieddi)
    6. Hayden Kester (Moogle-Girl)
    7. Katsuo Fumio (Edward)

    Good (Non-Protagonist heroes):



    1. Yume Caelum, God of Dreams (Edward)


    1. Tyrant Exodos El-Sabaoth (The Jest)
    2. The SoA (The Jest)
    3. Teras Grimoire (Diva Elly)
    4. Horseman Death (Eddieddi)
    5. Horseman War (Eddieddi)
    6. Horseman Famine (Eddieddi)
    7. Horseman Pestilence (Eddieddi)

    ????: (The Admin Hammers, WARNING: DO NOT ENGAGE!)

    1. Adam Eramanet (The Jest)
    2. Nursery Rhyme (Diva Elly)
    3. (Name not yet given) (Windstormugly)

    The Character Sheet (open)



    Appearance: (Pic of any kind except real, or a description.)

    Species: (If you're a God, select your Tier here.)

    Position/Occupation: (If you are a God, select your Domain here. (Adhere to the Hierarchy; No "Low-Class" God of Heaven))

    Alignment: (Good, Evil, Neutral)


    Skill/Abilities/Powers: (The protagonists/resistance/heroes start off small. Even for Gods, try to keep it as balanced as possible, and NO TIME/SPACE!)



    Theme Song: (Optional)

    For the sake of both time, and suspense, the GMs are not required to fill out these CSes, unless they wish to do so. They will, however, have to explain them to us, and I to them.


    Simon Tenebrae (WIP) (open)
    Name: Simon Tenebrae

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler

    Species: Human

    Position/Occupation: Formally High School Student/Resistance Member.

    Weapon: He uses swords, in particular, he stole a sword from one of the soldiers they managed to defeat.

    Show Spoiler




    Theme Song:


    With all that said, Enjoy. ^_^
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  2. Name: Riken Amon


    Gender: male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Species: Human

    Position/Occupation: Mercenary Resistance member.

    Weapon: Sword named God Slayer.

    Skill/Abilities/Powers: Exceptional sword fighter.
    Iron body can turn his skin as hard as iron the type of metal can go up as he masters his powers.
    Chainsaw he can change one or two arms into a chainsaw.
    Drills he can change his hands and feet into drills and spin them like power drills.
    Steel needles he can fire a stream of metal needles from his hands the needles can very in size from needles to spears.

    Personality: Cocky, hot headed, blunt, has a deep sense of comradeship, happy, energetic, prideful, overconfident, regretful, leader like.

    Backstory: Riken came from a mercenary group that was almost entirely wiped out, Riken was the captain so he takes full responsibility for the fact that all his men and friends are dead he regrets the actions he took on that last mission and carry's all his men's dog tags, he also regrets that he wasn't able to give them a proper burial. He is convinced that his men were killed by the tyrant and has made it his job to kill him no matter the cost. He even made a blade said to slay a God and plans to use it to kill the self proclaimed God. Riken was picked to go on a mission to investigate a cavern by a member very high up in the resistance and when Riken got there he was transfixed on the portal in front of him Riken felt like it was calling to him and could resist reaching out to it and the next thing he knew was he was intense pain like everything about his body was changing and it did he got some kind of metal based power and Riken knows exactly what he will use this power to do take revenge for his fallen comrades and slay the tyrant.

    Theme Song:
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  3. Quick Q while I try to decide on a character: what does SoA stand for?
  4. Sanctuary
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  5. That is awesome.

    Now that I think I've picked a character, before I write an actual bio, how do you feel about gore? This guy I have in mind is very violent and I'd love a top limit for how explicit I can get with the blood and guts and such. Just so I don't get in trouble or make people unnecessarily uncomfortable. o3o
  6. Well, knowing Windpipe and Omni (Elly), I don't think they would mind it, and I certainly don't mind. I have at least three or four characters who are sadistic serial killers, so I can handle it. XD

    Still, I recommend you make a gore warning in your IC post whenever you make it happen, just in case somebody here IS queasy to the thought of blood and guts, to give them the signal to look away.
  7. WIP.

    Sir William Gladstone
    Position/Occupation: Alchemist, Sniper, but first and foremost, A Gentleman Scholar.
    A Cross bow that fires steam driven bolts, Upon impact The bolts spring open and discharge the steam in a presurised jet, driving the bolts forwards and deeper in to the foe. As well as a long range sniper rifle for much further distances. He also can make alchemical concoctions that serve multiple roles
    Cross bow and bolts:


    Open, and then closed.


    Sniper Rifle


    Alchemy, Sniping, lots of esoteric and arcane knowledge and lore. Ammo Generation and Pocket Dimension.
    Alchemy: A master of mixing chemicals and cocktails from the alcoholic to the explosive, Capable of making bombs, anaesthetic, or even perfumes with the simplist of chemicals.
    Sniping: Years of expirance and a calm temprement lend themselves to sniping very well.
    Esoteric and Arcane Lore: Years and Years of memorizing information have lead Alexander to know far more about magic and other things like it than most people.
    Ammo Generation: Ammo, always more ammo. He never seems to run out of the stuff, for any weapon he happens to be carrying.
    Pocket Dimension: His coat seems to have some arcane method of storing almost a infinite amount of stuff.

    Alexander is a first and foremost a gentleman of high class, but he lacks the snobbish attitude that many of his peers share, Rather he has a kind and almost fatherly outlook upon others. a kind heart and willingness to teach others lends itself well to being a guide or tutor. He is however strict if one wishes to learn from him and dislikes and punishes transgressions.

    Alexander is from a different world, He was a airship captain, and master of the skys in his own way. However most in his world lacked any form of magic, rather it was something that was wispered about and stored in arcane tomes that were lost and hidden. Alexander made it his job to find and collect these tomes. That was untill he walked in to the wrong bar and bumped in to Ace.
    (Left the back-story vauge so that I can adjust it as needed since this character is 'out of time' as it were)

    List of stuff in Pocket Dimension upon Starting (to avoid Suddenly-s)

    Ammunition for Sniper and Crossbow
    Explosive vial x5
    Smoke Vial x10
    Inferno vial x5
    Flash/bang vial x10
    2 bottles of expensive whisky (1 warewhisky "no smell, Tastes like a Peppered boot-heel to the mouth" 1 Scumble "Small glasses 2 months apart, do not let in to contact with water or metal, can be used to clean silver")
    1 Silver Hipflask filled with "Life Wine" (Used on the rarest of occasions to heal wounds, tastes like rosted acorns)
    Anaesthetic vial x5
    Acid vial x5
    His entire magic and lore book collection.

    Theme Song: The Copper War
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  8. Alright, I'll probably put it in a spoiler or something if I get serious.

    ...Actually, one more question (thank you for your patience <w<;), it sounds like in this world magic is sort of, like, a forbidden/hidden/secret art? Do I have that right, and is there a creative limit on species or are we talking either human or god? I'm on the fence about how much fantasy to inject into this guy before he stops fitting in the world. :?
  9. In a manner of speaking, yes, you are right. Magic is one of the vital factors that keeps the Multiverse alive and well, but not all universe are influenced by it. This universe that the resistance characters call home, atheistic and modern as it is, is one of them. Until the Tyrant Exodos entered into the picture with his SoA, the art of magic has been cult-secretive at best, and at worse, utterly non-existent. That's why they managed to take over so easily, no normal human on the planet is able to use such power. When the 7 resistance members touched the portal, they essentially opened up the proverbial lid keeping magic out, and got irradiated by it directly, along with other vital energies. Though what THOSE are, I'd like to keep secret for now.

    In other words, in this starting universe, only the SoA and the 7 resistance members are capable of using magic.

    As for the creative limit on Species: Yes, there IS a creative limit. ...But NOT for this starting universe, and by extension the 7 protagonists.

    You probably already realized this, but the starting universe is essentially a parallel version of our own universe. As such, It IS just humans and gods for that.

    However, once we get outside that universe, which since we're starting off with everyone making their choice, won't take long at all, the creative limit of species broadens in myriad.

    Hell, the first option's basically a fantasy universe. So you can bet fantasy species would be there. XD
  10. Ooh, so what if I have my character be from this fantasy universe, and then he joins the protagonists when they run into him? Then I could go whole ham with his design. o3o

    (of course in that case I might want to talk to you in PM about what this fantasy universe is like)
  11. As good an option as that sounds, I suggest you make the actual Protagonist be someone from this world...or at the very least within this very room, and reserve the character you mention as a non-protagonist good guy. Can still have the same purpose, same direction, and same Hamming of his design, just not be the one you start with.

    Simply because, for one, obviously, you wouldn't be able to post until they actually reach said fantasy world. More importantly, however, While it may very well be an obvious decision for everyone in that room to make, there's still two more options, and in the event that they choose the Other option, unlikely as that may be, it'll wind up with said character being left hanging. Don't get me wrong, it's not like we wouldn't be able to go to that world either way, but if another choice is made, it certainly won't be the first world they go to.

    So, yeah, still go ahead and make him, have him wait for them, do what you planned to, I'm all for it. ...But I'd like to suggest making one from this world for just in case.
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  12. Alright, makes sense! In that case I think I'll just humanize him and make him from the starting universe, just because I dislike having multiple characters. Especially if I might not get to use one of them at all! Thanks a ton for your help; time to actually write a bio. c:
  13. Not a problem. ^^
  14. The Four Horsemen

    Name: Pestilence

    Age: N/A

    Gender: N/A


    Species:True God - Traveler
    He lacks a 'Domain' To call his own but is without a doubt a True God on the scale of Power.

    Position/Occupation: 1st Rider Of The Apocalypse.

    Bow Of Pestilence (Vile Fang): From this bow Every disease and illness has sprung forth. To be hit with a arrow from it is to contract every disease known and some unknown as well. To hold it is to decay in to a pile of rotten flesh.
    Blade Of Pestilence: A blade that decays all that it strikes allowing the wielder to slice through anything.

    Skill/Abilities/Powers: Command and control over every illness and disease. Along with the whole 'harbinger of the end' Deal.

    Pestilence has become Human over the years and has learnt the human emotions of kindness and curiosity. but retains the same emotional disconnection with mortals that most gods do.

    He is The First Rider. He was there at the start. He will bring The End

    Theme Song: (Optional)

    Name: War

    Age: N/A

    Gender: N/A


    Species: True God - Traveler
    He lacks a 'Domain' To call his own but is without a doubt a True God on the scale of Power.

    Position/Occupation: 2nd Rider Of The Apocalypse.

    War's Blade (Anguish): A immense two handed blade which war weilds in only one hand, capable of carving foes in half with the lightest of passes. it is engulfed in a rage red inferno.
    War's Sheild (Torment): A huge tower sheild that projects a raging heat from it, capable of melting flesh and bone alike.

    Unbeatable: War is impossible to beat in any martial contest of any kind.
    He also has myriad other skills and abilites as attested to him throughout time

    War is one of the strangest Horsemen, having been created with rage and fury to stride upon the feild of battle and slay all before him. yet he also has compassion and love in his heart.

    Backstory: He is the Second Horseman, He was there at the start, and will bring the end.

    Theme Song: Theme Song!


    Age: N/A

    Gender: N/A


    Species: True God - Traveller
    He lacks a 'Domain' To call his own but is without a doubt a True God on the scale of Power.

    Position/Occupation: Third Rider Of The Apolypse

    Scales Of Famine: These Scales can create or eliminate food and resources with nothing but a pass of their power.
    Famine's Blade (The Desiccator): A immense blade that drains the vitality and essence of those struck withering them away.

    Skill/Abilities/Powers: All the normal Horseman stuff (Read " I am to tired to repeat a re-write of above and below")

    Famine has become more human over the years and has learnt to expirance fear, but also forgiveness.

    He is the Third Rider, He was there at the start And will bring the End.

    Theme Song: (Optional)

    Name: Death

    Age: N/A

    Gender: N/A


    Species: True God - Traveller
    He lacks a 'Domain' To call his own but is without a doubt a True God on the scale of Power.

    Position/Occupation: The 4th Rider of The Apocalypse

    Death Scythe (The Void Reaper): In appearance the weapon is a simple Scythe, however any who try and wield it wither and die, souls and life force torn from their body. The Reapers Scythe, and all will fall before it.
    Death's Blade: This Blade passes through all things as if they didn't exist, slicing all without effort.

    Skill/Abilities/Powers: Death. The Final rider, He who is the final end. Deaths powers are many and varied, but the key ones are:
    Knowing how long everyone, and everything has left to live.
    The Ability to harvest souls of those who are to die.
    Trans-Universal Existance: Death Exists Everywhere.
    Mind Voice: Death Does not speak as mortals do, His voice just happens it skips peoples ears and just imprints on their brain.
    Blinky: Death's Horse, Capable of carring a infinite number of people and riding on any surface, even air. pale hide, eyes of pure shadow.

    Death is Strangely Human, he understands compassion and the idea of friends. but he fails to grasp baisic concepts such as uncertainty. He also has a love of cats, woe betide any who are cruel to cats and fall in to his care.

    He is the Last Rider. He was there at the start. He will bring the End.

    Theme Song: O Death

    Semi WIP, as in I will edit them but all the basics and essentials are there.
  15. Name: Hayden Kester

    Age: 10

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Hayden is of average height for a boy his age, maybe a little skinny. His skin is smooth ebony and his hair is dark black and very unkempt. That's where the normality stops. Something about him just looks fundamentally wrong. Maybe it's the dark circles under his eyes. Maybe it's the wide-eyed stare he always seems to give. Maybe it's the dirt under his fingernails and- is that blood? At any rate, anyone can tell that Hayden is far from a normal child with just a glance. His clothes are strangely nice, but it's the only outfit he has -- a red polo, some dark slacks, and a black bowtie. All of it is torn and dirty. Around his neck is a pendant made from a small bone, taken from a rabbit.

    Species: Human

    Position/Occupation: One of the rebels. No formal job, due to his age.

    Alignment: Evil

    Weapon: Hayden carries two knives, one for hunting and one stolen from someone's kitchen.

    - Advanced literacy: Hayden started school younger than most boys and seemed to absorb knowledge far faster than any of his peers. He can read and write just as well as any adult, maybe better in some cases.
    - Nimble: Though Hayden's mind is ahead of the game, he still has the body of a child. He can run circles around bulkier grown-ups and his endurance never dies until the last possible second.
    - Hunting: He spends a lot of time killing animals for fun, so he has some basic knowledge about sneaking around, skinning small animals, stuff like that.
    - Dark magic: The first magical skill Hayden received from the portal is the ability to generate and weaponize dark energy. This glowing purple stuff can knock opponents back and cause magical burns when fired as a beam, or do mundane things like darken a room when used in thinner distributions. It is also rather potent against holy creatures.
    - Flight: With practice, Hayden will be able to transform his arms into full feathered wings and take to the skies, but for now all he can manage is sprouting a few black feathers here and there.

    Personality: Hayden is dangerously unstable. He thrives on chaos and delights in violence wherever he has the strength to exercise it risk-free, usually over squirrels and birds and other small animals he can capture. His confidence gets him into trouble frequently, but his cowardice is usually what gets him out -- despite all his big talk, he values self-preservation over almost all else. He might be swayed to protect someone if he gets sufficiently attached to them; he's easily amused and can quickly become friends with anyone who shares in his morbid, sometimes smart sense of humor. He can be fickle, however, and if you annoy him he won't hesitate to throw away whatever bond he had with you. The only other thing that will motivate him to go against his survival instincts is his hatred of rules and restrictions, and his desire to tear them down until he finds a world where he can do as he pleases with no consequences.

    Backstory: Born to a single, aging mother with a mountain of inheritance and a college-age daughter living at home, Hayden had to fight for attention and care for much of his young life. His mother kept him in his room most of the time, surrounded with toys that he didn't care for and books that bored him compared to the things he could find at school, where he was far ahead of other students his age. Things changed when he received something living, a fluffy white rabbit to keep little Hayden company. He loved that bunny with all his heart and took it everywhere, whether it was on walks outside or adventures in the house. His favorite expedition was Mount Kitchen Counter, where the goal was to take his pet rabbit up the front cabinet and into Sink Lake. One fateful day, however, he got his destinations mixed up. This time Sir Fluffy Bunny was taken to Garbage Disposal Valley.

    (Disturbing/violent content to follow.)

    Ten seconds and an awful whirring noise later, Hayden was down one beloved pet and covered in splattered blood and guts. His mother ran in to find not a child who was as terrified as she was and bawling his eyes out, but a delighted Hayden studying the smelly red slop with curiosity and excitement. Who knew rabbits could turn into something so fun? Operating in a state of shock, Hayden's mother lifted her son away, and from that day, the boy never left her sight.

    Prior to the incident, Hayden had been quiet and unsure of himself, but that shell had been split wide open; he was never quite the same. He laughed with glee at the smallest of things and begged his mother every day to buy him more pets so he could relive the excitement all over again. Things came to a head when his mother was tucking him in one night. Hayden had been mulling over one specific question for days: does Mother bleed like the animals I find outside? There was only one way to find out, and tonight was the night -- his sister was at a friend's house, so it was just the two of them. He brought out a knife he'd taken from the kitchen and hidden in his shirt and stabbed his mother in the arm. Then he stabbed her again. And again. Over and over while she screamed. It was fascinating. He couldn't stop. He had to know what would happen.

    (Disturbing content ends here.)

    He wasn't expecting his mother to stay asleep forever. Soon poor Hayden was left all alone. Naturally one of the neighbors had called 911 when they heard the screaming, and police were already swarming to the scene. Hayden didn't know what was happening, but he knew he was scared and confused and didn't want anyone to know what had happened. So he ran. He jumped out one of the windows, ducked through the yard, and slipped away into the night. He's lived alone since then, either soliciting help from friendly people looking to aid a poor starving child, or simply stealing what he needs to survive.

    It was by chance that he found himself in the cavern alongside the other rebels when the portal was activated. He'd simply been stalking a bat in one of his favorite caves when he ran into the others. He doesn't fully understand the complexities of the political situation the rebels fight for, but he gets the gist of it -- and he knows that if there's a bunch of bad guys trying to control the whole world, he wants to help put a stop to it however he can.

    Theme Song:
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  16. Oh, so is everyone accepted so far? :o
  17. Well all the protagonists are so far, Hayden included. I PMed Eddi about his...other characters
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  18. [​IMG]

    Name: Yume Caelum

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Noctis is a young man with spiky black hair and blue eyes that can glow red. He wears a black jacket with skull-motif buttons and sequenced details on pockets. He keeps it unzipped and the tag on the zipper also has a small skull. Underneath he wears a steel gray shirt with skull prints. Noctis wears black cropped trousers and black buckled boots with red soles. He wears a black motorcycle glovelet on his left hand.

    Alignment: Neutral

    Species: God
    Position/Occupation: The High Class God of Dreams
    Weapon: Swords, Greatswords, and Guns


    Skill/Abilities/Powers: Because he is god of dreams he oversees what everyone dream thus he gains immense knowledge of everyone who do which can range from fears to secrets. Amongst the dream realms although he is god he let the host (the person who is dreaming) to control the outcome but not the journey for Noctis controls what happens but you control when it ends and what happens in the end. Outside of the dream world he has magical abilities, able to summon forth multiple weapons at his disposal. Noctis has a secondary ability which he can throw one of his weapons and instantly teleport to it which is his only real way to dodge a attack. (2 post cooldown)

    Personality: Noctis is shy, but tries to hide it by "acting cool". Noctis is said to have a rebellious attitude and sometimes acts on his own accord. A lazy god who regularly dozes off and normally doesn't care for many situations.

    Backstory: WIP

    Theme Song: WIP​
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  19. Are we allowed to play fandom characters? o_0
  20. Loveandhate has a character from code geass, that's a fandom character and that was accepted yes?
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