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    Jepitha was up before the sun rose for dawn. He was looking out of the window of his room and out to the capital city getting ready to start another day of life. He remembered being a young child living down there, but unfortunately he lived in the slums at the time. He could never forget the day that the king recruited him into his personal Knights. Some of the best fighters were members of these Knights. The order currently has fifty. You never want to have too many people in the order, they can possibly talk to other people about their techniques, and they all knew that can't happen. He wouldn't allow it.

    He got all of his whole suit of armor on. His comrades call him the white knight because of his armor. There was story behind how he got the armor. A story that's still being told to this day, and that day happened about six or seven years ago now. He doesn't think of it much now, thinking about the last would distract him. He grabbed his personal sword, it was a katana specifically forged for him. Each knight would get a free weapon when they join, and it can be a weapon that the new knight would like. He picked the katana of course. He loved the blade, it served him useful over the years. He hasn't planned on retiring it.

    Jepitha looked at the far right corner of the room and he saw a mass was laying in the shadows. Jepitha knew what it was so he clicked his tongue. "Come Tyrone." The mass slowly stood up and walked over to him. The mass was a wolf. Tyrone was a rare breed of wolf, it was known for its impressive size. They equal the size of a small lion, and they are unbelievable intelligent, and Tyrone could fight a lion. He's actually done it before, Jepitha remembered that day. Jepitha smiled softly as he felt the wolfs head press against his hand.

    "Come on boy. We got a queen to meet." He told him as he left the room. Tyrone followed obediently behind his friend, heading to the queens bedroom. Jepitha remained silent as he passed by some fellow Knights and the castles servants. He wasn't much of a talker, but he would have a conversation to anyone that started talking to him. Mainly common curtecy.

    They were soon at the queens bedroom door. He lightly knocked three times. "You awake my lady? Today is the day we start traveling, we'll be leaving at breakfast. I know how you can be if you didn't have time to wake up." He seemingly said to the door.
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  2. Ricia's Character (open)

    Irvette Longoria


    Day in and day out it is always about the people. The kingdom does not run itself and Irvette has large shoes to fill as her father, King Garin, ran one of the most successful kingdoms in the world. Now Irvette is left to do so in his stead after his passing. She had only been queen for a little less than a year.



    A purple cat with a red jewel. Rare and almost extinct species of cat called Gehim. They are known for high intelligence. Mia is Irvette's pet, though more importantly her purpose is to react to poison materials. Mia doesn't make sounds like normal cats, but small chirping and whistling sounds. Mia also has a golden insignia collar.

    Irvette had gotten up fairly early. Enough time for her to get ready and direct a few of the maids for some of the things she wished to bring with her. A dress for every capital, lord and other kingdom they will be seeing. Each had a particular taste. She was one of the most powerful. Only taking on the kingdom just recently on her father's passing. Now... now every man in the kingdom will be trying for her hand. Only they an marry into the kingdom. She had all the power to take or not take a man into her life.

    "Come in, I'm decent." She said out loud. The door was opened for Jepitha on the inside. One of the maids smiled at him, "Good morning sir." She said with a soft bow and let him into the room.

    Irvette was having her hair done. Several of the maids were putting it up in a bun and fell down her back in the excesses. Her dress, small around the waist and flowing down her legs. She looked up at Jepitha when he came in. "Good morning Jepitha. You are the one my old guardian choose?" She asked.

    "Thank you ladies, you are dismissed." Irvette said softly. The maids all bowed, a few of them wished Irvette luck and safe travels before they started to get out of the room.
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  3. Jepitha walked into the room slowly. He looked around and he saw the queen getting her hair done. He knew the stresses of every kingdom having different taste in looks, he's been at every kingdom that the queen will be visiting. And he knows every kingdoms current opinion on the Kings daughter. If only her father didn't raise any tension before his death.

    Jepitha stood by the door as the maids left the room. Once they were all gone, he closed the door behind him and Tyrone. He finally nodded at her question. "Yes, I am your new personal guard my lady." He said with a formal bow. "I was just coming up to see if you were ready." He was froze for a moment when he heard Tyrone growling behind him.

    He slowly looked back at his old friend. He saw the wolf growling at the queens pet. Jepitha rolled his eyes at the wolf before he snapped his fingers. "Tyrone." He said sternly. Tyrone looked at his master before he seemed to nod before he sat down. "Sorry about that my lady." Jepitha said looking back the
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  4. The small growled as well, puffing up from the queen's bed. Irvette raised a brow at Jeptiha when his wolf seemed to show aggression towards her cat."I hope this won't be a problem." She commented, though the comment was made in a way that it was rhetorical. No answer was needed, though the warning was there.

    She stood and brushed her hands over her dress. "Yes well. I am up. You are my guard... not my maid. Thank you for the kind thoughts though, Jepitha. I will be taking my main maid with me on our adventure along with many of the other guards. I will also be taking one of the butlers, though he is just starting his job." She started to walk out of her room, she assumed Jepitha would follow her. Mia jumped from the bed and began to tail her master.

    "Then I guess we should eat before heading out." Irvette said, "Then the first city we are visiting will be our trade city. We will meet with the Lords there..."
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  5. Jepitha nodded at the queens statement about the animals. "Of course it won't my lady." He said with a nod. "And that sounds about the same amount of people as we discussed." He said as he started to follow the queen. They've been preparing for the trip for the past two weeks, and they should have everything planned out perfectly. He could hear Tyrone walking behind him, so he knew he wasn't doing anything wrong.

    He started to follow her to the dinning room. "We should be leaving within the next hour or so. And your previous guard Ragnar wants to see you before you depart." He knew Ragnar, it was hard to not know of Ragnar Wherthold. He was a legend within the kingdom, between everything he's done within the twenties years he's been in the knighthood.

    "He still wishes to come with us." Jepitha told her. Ragnar had to retire from the knighthood because of his older age, at forty-two it's time for him to retire.
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  6. "Yes I wish he could come too. But he really to needs the retirement. His body his old, though I am sure he still feels young in his mind." Irvette said with a chuckle and laugh. She even shook her head lightly, reflecting back on pleasant memories. However, Ragnar was only her personal guard for so long. Her father's for much longer. Ragnar had chosen Jepitha as his replacement, and Irvette really hopped that they would get along as well as her and Ragnar did.

    When they got to the main hall for food, she knew she would already have a meal laid out for her. Fruits and grains of many kinds. Even a bit of meat and eggs. She could never eat everything her cooks made for her. It always felt a bit too excessive at times. When she sat down, Mia jumped into the queens lap and then on the table. She seemed to parade around the food, though most knew the cat was checking for posions.

    Mia soon chirped happily, come back to Irvette and sitting on her lap.

    "Good girl." Irvette praised.
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  7. Jepitha followed her and he listened to her intently. He was taught personally from Ragnar how to behave with the princess. He couldn't help but to try to remember all of the lessons Ragnar gave him for the past two weeks. "He's not that old from what he told me. He's only turning forty-three in a few months." Which is really old for most Knights to be honest. Jepitha couldn't imagine living that long.

    He looked over the table before he sat across from her. He didn't reach over for the food. He was waiting for the princess to give him permission. He seen Ragnar eating without asking during his guard duty, in fact that was the only time he's ever seen his face. Tyrone sat down next to Jepitha wagging his tongue beggingly. Jepitha slowly reached over and gave his wolf a piece of sausage.

    A few moments later a line knight walked in. The knight walked over to the princess and he bowed for a moment. "My lady, I came to say farewell. I know this knight will fulfill his duty." Jepitha nodded slowly. "Thank you Sir Ragnar." He said softly as he bowed his head.