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  1. Hey guys after a unexpected hiatus, I'm back and looking for new rp partners as my university program is close to ending.

    My kink list: F-list - Warning (includes my nonos)

    My expectations: No one liners (If you are stuck I can help you! <3), Decent grammar ( basic punctuation and spelling), 2-3 paragraphs (at least 4-12 sentences each.), Write in third person, and When creating characters with me I ask for little but put thought into the names you use.

    I have some plots off rps unfinished but I'm open for original plots.

    Cursed Affair

    Historical Fantasy
    Queen (MC) x YC - NTR (Netorare term for Cheating (No this part WILL NOT be changed!))
    YC Choices:
    Basically any character magic powers

    In order to save her kingdom from significant doom, the queen makes a deal with YC to protect her kingdom in exchange to become his lover and have an affair on her king.
    Run Away
    Historical Fantasy
    Princess (MC) x Werewolf (YC)

    a werewolf and a princess are secretly in love (the family finds out recently) but the Princess' family won't allow her to be with a beast. One night we run away only to face problems from werewolf's pack. The alpha may have his eye on the princess and tries to woe her.

    YES this is multiple character plot. We can share the NPCs.
    Revenge on Flanoir
    Historical Fantasy
    Princess (MC) x VAMPIRE (YC)

    The kingdom of Flanoir was reformed into the empire of the red wolf. A vampire swears revenge against the empire, going as far as confronting the royal family. He sees the eldest daughter and demands for her to quench his revenge with her company.

    Usual pairings I write with:
    Maiden/ wereWolf
    Princess x Invading King /Prince
    Demon x Sacrifice
    Fae x Collector
    Maid/Master (Consenting or not consenting)
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