New RP Beginnings

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  1. Hi guys,

    I would tell you my name but then I would have to kill guys can call me whatever you like, within reason at least, call me something I don't like and I may have to kill you anyway :)

    I'm 21 and I've been living in Montreal for about 3 months now, it's a great place and I love it here but I just haven't been feeling quite myself ever since I arrived, probably a mixture of culture shock and homesickness etc. I thought the other day about how much I used to love writing, especially on websites like this. Why not come back to it? It's been a good 3 or 4 years since I last role played so I might be a bit rusty but I'll pick it back up. I feel like I need to get my imagination going again, I've missed it!

    My favourite RP genres are up in my profile but I'm pretty open minded. So long as there is an interesting plot with interesting characters I'll be happy!

    Oh and I nearly forgot; I'm a guy who loves crunchy leaves. This Canadian autumn- sorry, fall has been heaven!

    Looking forward to meeting everyone, see y'all soon!
  2. Woohoo another Canada-dweller! I'm from the other side (British Columbia) though

    Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you soon feel at home both here and in Montreal; where's home originally?
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  3. Thanks Minibit :) I come from England, tiny, oh so tiny England. The size of this country blows my mind!
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  4. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I live in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Big school, gets confusing. Especially when Peeves tricks me.

    Glad to have ya here!
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  5. Thanks Logic! Looking forward to getting into it here. Say hi to Peeves from me, haven't seen him in years!
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  6. Yeahhhhh! Our Canadian ranks are growing! >:D

    *cough* I mean.... >_> <_< >_>

    Welcome to Iwaku! :D
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  7. Thank you! But why the shifty eyes?? 0_0
  8. So much open space though! You can drive for 7 hours and see almost nothing but trees and mountains and waterfalls in BC :3
  9. The north of England is so narrow you can drive coast to coast in about an hour and a half and driving from Scotland to the south would take about 8 hours. Do you see why my jaw drops every time I look at a map here? :P
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  10. Psssht. You can keep yer BC. Ontario/Quebec boarder is where it's at.
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