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  1. Anthony walked down the road again for maybe the fourth time that day, annoyed that work had taken so long. It seemed each day he went in he only got more work piled on him, and it didn't help him at all. He sighed and pushed his black hair out of his eyes, as his curl in the front had fallen due to his frequent running around. His clear eyes sparkled with anger as he started to hitch up his binders he had been forced to carry home that day. His car was in the shop, and he hated it. He sighed once more; he seemed to be doing that a lot right now. He looked thin and small compared to the rest of the world, and he wasn't even 5' 6".

    When he was walking in his annoyance, he failed to notice the impact of a girl in front of him. He gasped and fell backward, his binders sliding across the ground and the glasses on his face falling off, "My glasses!" He said, softly searching around. He couldn't make out whoever had struck him without them!
  2. Camille had been walking to the sitters to pick up her son, and was running late. Long brown hair was failing to be held back by her braid, fly aways falling out as she moved briskly along, texting on her phone as she went. Balancing a child and a full time job hadn't been part of the plan, but now it was just how things were. Mason's dad had fallen off the face of the earth about the same time she found out she was pregnant, and she would be damned if she wasn't surviving it. Not quite thriving, but they weren't in need of anything. The girl glanced up, but was too late to sidestep the man walking towards her.

    She braced for the collision, and managed to keep her phone in hand. She stumbled back, speaking a steady stream of apologies as he searched for his glasses. She picked them up, pressing them into his hand before extending her own in an offer to help him up from the sidewalk. She took a second to study him, brow raised. He was rather short, not that she was going to tell him that. She didn't have much room to talk, standing at a solid 5'3.
  3. Anthony moaned slightly and stood up, and he was still looking around when the cold glass of his lens were placed into his hand. He smiled and placed them on his face, and discovered a woman about an inch taller than him staring at him. He didn't smile as he kept picking up his things, all the while telling her that it was fine. He looked her over and saw that, she was also very pretty, but he was much too flustered and upset about being ran into to bring that to light. He sighed deeply and he looked into her eyes, "It's alright for the last time, it was my fault as much as yours." He sighed a bit.
  4. She took a second to study his features, and found he was rather nice to look at. She glanced at the watch on her wrist, feeling terrible for the rush she'd been in to cause this. He assured her it was his fault, but she shook her head. "No, I was texting, not looking where I was going." She said, making a face before she helped him pick up his things. She set her purse on the ground and kneeled, handing him things as she moved. People walked around them, probably thinking they were both odd. She once more extended her hand in an offer to help him up once all of his things were back in his care. Her phone began to ring but she ignored it,knowing exactly who it was on the other line.
  5. Anthony looked her over and it was hard not to keep staring at her. She was taller than him, with a cute chest and a very pretty complexion. She looked very smart as well, even if she looked rushed..He noticed she was also helpful and he ignores the people around them, "yeah, I was in a hurry to get home. I had to do an extra three hours at work so I haven't eaten anything other than a few waffles today." His stomach growled and he blushed.
  6. It was odd to be looking at someone who was shorter than her. It was a hard find, unless you counted the 6 month old that was waiting at the babysitters. His stomach growled at the end of his sentence. "I was in a rush, I'm late picking up my son." So she was now definitely late. "Speaking of, I really need to go." She said, and then pulled out a card with her name and number on it. "Call me sometime." Camille smiled at him and picked up her purse.
  7. "My car is just around the corner," he accepted the card with a smile and pocketed it, "maybe twenty steps, I can drive you if you need it. Call it repayment for me smashing into you this morning." He looked at it and indicated a black nissan, "it'll be faster than walking." He looked at her again, almost blushing. He had no idea as to why he was offering her a ride; it just came out of him before he could stop it. His justification was just an excuse fir what he was about to do, "need a ride?"
  8. She looked at him and smiled. "That would be great, but it isn't far. Just another block that way." She told him, being completely honest. It'd been nice so she'd chosen to walk to work, and consequently had dropped him off without a carrier, something Mace seemed to like. He was only six months old, but he was a handful at times. Camille looked at him, then down in the direction she needed to go in. "I really do have to go though..." She drifted off, not wanting to seem in a rush, when in reality she was.
  9. Nodding, he sighed, "I might just give you a call sometime." It was nice of her to give him her number, and he'd call her soon so she knew his. He smiled and started to walk towards his things, "need help with anything?"
  10. "Be sure to do that." She said with a smile, and then began to walk backwards, still listening to him talk. "No, I think I'm okay. Maybe I'll see you around?" She called, turning and heading in the direction of the sitter. Her phone rang again and this time she had to pick up. "So sorry? I'm around he corner. Yup, I'll be there soon."
  11. Simply going home, he smiled once more to her before he retreated back into his car. Even as he started it up, he watched her disAppear and almost was disappointed. She seemed like a nice girl and he wanted to know her a bit more. She had at least bent down to help him, so she wasn't a bad person. With an upset sigh, he began to drive home, waving to her as he did so.
  12. She waved back as he drove past, but then turned the corner. She picked up her baby, settled him into the stroller and began the short walk home. She did have to wonder about the guy she'd ran into. She'd been very blatant in giving him her number, and had to wonder if he'd actually call it. Some guys just didn't like it when girls weren't playing hard to get. Mason was cooing up a storm and she got a few 'aww's from women she passed, which brought her back from her thoughts.
  13. When he got home, he added her number into his contacts and first had to start checking up on his e-mails. After he did this, he actually went ahead and dialed the number, and waited for it to ring. He didn't know why he did, but there was something about the way she was hurrying off to places that made him want to call. He waited for her to pick up, and he wanted to talk to her. He actually realized then he didn't even remember which name she had given him, but she seemed in a rush. He just hoped she was going to pick up, or at least turn her phone off.
  14. Between feeding the baby and cooking something for herself to eat, she was distracted from the stranger she'd given her number to for a while. She didn't mind thinking about him, but other things were more important in her opinion. Her phone began to ring, but she was slightly indisposed. She caught it right before it went to voicemail. "Hello?" She asked, glancing toward the next room. Mason was in there, thrilled with everything. "May I ask whose calling?" She asked, walking in and picking up the baby. Somehow she'd convinced herself that he would have written her off because kids were a pain when it came down to it.
  15. "It's me, the guy you ran into on the side of the road." He giggled at the introduction. For some reason, he was thrilled she actually picked the phone up. It shouldn't have excited him the way it did now, yet it did somehow, "I didn't want to sound rude but I just thought I would give you a's Camille, right?" He read off her card, "Do I have your name right?" HE already sounded foolish, he hoped he wasn't making a bigger one out of himself already.
  16. Her formerly confused face instead broke out into a small smile, propping the phone between her ear and her shoulder while she changed Mason into his pajamas. Whoever had decided that early bedtimes were acceptable for bedtimes were saints. "Yup, it is Camille. I don't believe I caught your name earlier?" She said, not sure of what his name was. Oh, she hoped she hadn't missed his introduction in the midst of her rush. That wasn't exactly the best impression. She glanced at the clock, surprised at how early it still was. She waited for him to tell her his name before she said anything more.
  17. "I'm Anthony, I may have spat that out when I was still apologizing for attacking you!" He joked around a bit, and heard something in the background, "do you have a child in there? Oh I love kids!" He really did, for he adored being able to hug and work with them. He was at one point a babysitter, and he still would do it if someone was to prompt. He wasn't exactly the cold man that she may have seen him come off with.
  18. "I may have missed it." She excused, laughing softly at his comment about attacking her. They were both at fault for that. She tried to shush the baby as he giggled at what was playing on the television. The Wiggles or something of that variety were dancing on it. Truly stimulating entertainment for kids, maybe not so much for the adults. "Yeah, it's my son." She explained, surprised when he said he loved kids. That wasn't something she heard from young men often. It certainly wasn't what she'd heard from her son's father.
  19. "Do you ever need help watching him?" He found it odd for someone that young to have a kid, but he didn't want to bring that up just yet, "I'll watch him anything you need me to! For free too! I just really want to actually work with kids. My niece has a two year old but she left, so I'm stuck here all alone." Looking back, it sounded weird and probably he came off way too strong. But he paid little mind to that.
  20. "Not normally, really..." She drifted off. She had a full time sitter for weekdays, an older woman who took great care of him. Weekends she rarely went out, and when she did the neighbor kid had a handle on it. Twenty bucks and a pizza were apparently pretty good payment for an hour while she was at the store. "That's too bad about your niece though, really." She said, looking at the baby. She couldn't imagine life without him anymore.
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