New Roleplays of the Past Week August 5th - 12th, 2011

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Right so I was foolish and told Diana that I'd do this. So here it goes, a little extra advertisment for those up and coming Roleplays of the past week. This also includes a list of new Iwakuians that have posted roleplay resumes which were created by Zorilla! Expect a posting like this every Friday. Next Friday should include Jump in Roleplays, as well as a bit more structure. Anywho, without further I do . . .

Athena's wrath

Roleplay Creator: Okami

A species of aliens have come to earth and turned the home of humanity into one giant ocean. Humanity. . . survives . . .war continues to rage. Three nations continue battle for supremacy. While surface navies are the backbone of . . . militaries, submarines are the weapon of choice.

The Coelition is on the brink of defeat, a series of losses has crippled their war effort. In a last ditch effort to regain the power it once held, the Coelition has begun a daring offensive. At the heart of the attack is the CNV Athena.

Wheel of Time: The Land of Madmen

Roleplay Creator: Fel +1

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten. . . Such is the beginning of every tale on the wheel, such is ours. . . This is a new age, an age of discovery. The sea of storms has calmed due to the calamity that was Tarmon Gai'dan, and the madness of Saidin long gone. An adventure south we shall go . . .

Such a trip has never been taken, such a trip is yours to take.
Forbidden Magic

Roleplay Creator: lovedove830‎,
Serluna used to be a thriving kingdom, but now it was reduced to the paranoid and strict nation it was now. If you were a magic-user in this era and in this country, what would you do?

There would only be three options: Fight, Run, or Die.
Sleeper Cell

Roleplay Creator: Orion
"The best assassin, is one who does not know they are an assassin. . ."

Black budget projects that should never be green lighted are rapidly finding support by 'other means' the world over. . .

A new breed of nanomachine technology awaits in the dark on the sidelines of war. . . In the wrong hands an entire army of innocent civilians could be raised up to turn the tide of an entire war without their consent. If its existence was exposed to the public it would be recorded as the largest crime against human and civil rights in the history of the planet. . .
Metal Gear Solid inspired type of Roleplay.
The Shadow over Varsha

Roleplay Creator: Symphony

There is a place where children spend their days playing in the seemingly endless sunshine and sleeping under a star filled sky without fear. But now a darkness has come over the valleys of Thyme, home to the third clan. Children have begun disappearing and the elders have grown restless. What is this new danger? Who, or what, is stealing the children of the clans and how can it be stopped. As clan members it is your responsibility to find and face this evil... before the future of the Clans is lost.
Luricshia: Element's Chaos

Roleplay Creator: Iliana

The shambles of Luricshia may not hold many voices; but they do hold many secrets. . .

These children are known as The Poised: The bravest and most skilled children of their time. . . But, like Luricshia, everything must fall. . . The Poised were scattered, growing up with age, until finally hitting their late teens. Each of them have embraced the control and constant manipulations of the elements . . .The main goal of the fallen is complete and utter control. The dominant women and fallen men all have a past...a love...a history...

...and they are all lodged in the hearts of the children who have grown.
School For Fighters.

Roleplay Creator: Uniiquea
In a dark vision of the future, two sides fall into focus, and those thought not to exist are called into help. . .Two sides, in a dark war long since begun, only one side can win whilst the other falls.

One school, two different type of supernatural beings, learning how to fight and join the war they were born to win.

Some may find it an honour to be in such a school, whilst the others find it suicide.


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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, all with a blend or grounded slightly in Realism

Roleplay Creator: Tenebrae

All that is needed is a barrel, a bullet, a finger, a trigger...and a target.

All five of the necessities are in high abundance in the city of Adon. Chaos reigns and there is nothing anyone could do about it. Except kill or be killed. What is your choice?
Rowlands Road

Roleplay Creator: Scottson

Rowlands Road is your average street in your typical neighborhood in your local, inconsequential, rural town. And it, like all things, has its secrets—such as the group of assassins that holds headquarters in its ‘haunted house’. The assassins have secrets of their own, though, secrets that would have the government on their tail faster than they could say shapeshifters. As if they didn’t have enough trouble from those pesky amateurs to begin with. . .
At the End of the Masquerade

Roleplay Creator: Xindaris‎,

June 7th, 2010. A day that would go down in history.

. . .On that day there was a march of over a hundred people on Washington, D.C. The number wasn't impressive, but rather what they were, what they admitted to being. All kinds of magical beings had been hiding in plain sight for centuries all over the world, and this group had resolved to end that secrecy once and for all.

The entire world was thrown into upheaval. . . What does one do when one's closest friends and neighbors have been lying, hiding perhaps their most important aspects?
A Deadly Beauty

Roleplay Creator: RockAsian

Deadly, beautiful.
In short: Vampire.
They're not savage beasts. They're organized. They're pretty. They walk amongst humans, using charms made for them by a wise witch. No, she's not a creepy, old, stereotypical witch. She's a very beautiful witch. Every time a new vampire is born, they're taken to the witch and she'll make them a personalized charm.
Resurrection: The Veil Beyond Oblivion

Roleplay Creator: Kuroshimodo

You entered the little run down diner with the faint red neon glowing letters in the window that spells out "Open". The cloaked man that approached you when you woke up said that you could find answers here. . . The man looks at your face then laughs. "Too much information at once huh? Well how about you tell me about you and what sect you want to join within our organization." he says, smiling.
In this game your character will explore the Veil as they take on assignments pertaining to their respective sects however there are times where members of other sects join up with one another to tackle a mission.

Zombie Roleplay?

Roleplay Creator: belated valentine‎,

Neurotica Cafe

Roleplay Creator: 4got10angl

So what is this about? Well...nothing in particular really. Inara and Charna along with their pets Anubis and Amun (a cat and rabbit that talk) run this little cafe in the middle of Somewhereville. Expect odd characters to walk into the place and crazy events.


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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, all with a blend or grounded slightly in Realism
New Roleplay Resumes! Written by Zorilla:

Playing Habits: Once or twice weaekly
Preferred Gender: Female
Preferred Genre: steampunk, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Hated Genre: Horor Romance
Random Notes: I tend to ass werid taents, like seeing ghosts, to my characters.

Kidnappable: Yes (he would love it)
Playing habits: OFTEN
Preferred Gender: Males
Preferred Genre: Fantasy
Hated Genre: None
Random Notes: None

Kidnappable: Yes contact away
Playing Habits: OFTEN
Preferred Gender: Female
Preferred Genre: Fantasy and scifi
Hated Genre: Modern
Random Note: My characters step the boundaries

Kidnappable: Yes
Playing habits: OFTEN
Preferred Gender: Male
Preferred Genres: Fantasy, Modern, Romance, scifi
Hated Genres: NONE
random Notes: I cannot promise you I'll give you what you want, just what you need.

Kidnappable: Yes
Playing Habit: three times a week tops.
Preferred Gender: Female
Preferred Genres: Fantasy, Scifi, Magical, Mythological
Hated Genre: anything not listed above
Random Notes: none

Kidnappable: Yes
Play Habits: OFTEN OFTEN
Preferred Gender: Female
Preferred Genre: Fantasy, Magical, Modern, Romance
Hated Genre: Sci-fi and In-city past era's
Random Notes: I tend to enjoy my roleplaying experience more if the people I am writing with are litterate. A million typos or description-less posts tend to be a bit of a turn off for me.


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