New Roleplays of the Past Week August 5th - 12th, 2011

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  1. Right so I was foolish and told Diana that I'd do this. So here it goes, a little extra advertisment for those up and coming Roleplays of the past week. This also includes a list of new Iwakuians that have posted roleplay resumes which were created by Zorilla! Expect a posting like this every Friday. Next Friday should include Jump in Roleplays, as well as a bit more structure. Anywho, without further I do . . .

    Athena's wrath

    Roleplay Creator: Okami

    Wheel of Time: The Land of Madmen

    Roleplay Creator: Fel +1

    Forbidden Magic

    Roleplay Creator: lovedove830‎,
    Sleeper Cell

    Roleplay Creator: Orion
    The Shadow over Varsha

    Roleplay Creator: Symphony

    Luricshia: Element's Chaos

    Roleplay Creator: Iliana

    School For Fighters.

    Roleplay Creator: Uniiquea
  2. Trigger

    Roleplay Creator: Tenebrae

    Rowlands Road

    Roleplay Creator: Scottson

    At the End of the Masquerade

    Roleplay Creator: Xindaris‎,

    A Deadly Beauty

    Roleplay Creator: RockAsian

    Resurrection: The Veil Beyond Oblivion

    Roleplay Creator: Kuroshimodo

    Zombie Roleplay?

    Roleplay Creator: belated valentine‎,

    Neurotica Cafe

    Roleplay Creator: 4got10angl

  3. New Roleplay Resumes! Written by Zorilla:

  4. What the hell are you doing, Woodrat?
  5. He's being AWESOME! :D
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