NEW Roleplayer's Resume in your PROFILE!

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We've now added the Roleplayer's Resume directly in your Profiles! Fill it out in the Settings area and it will appear on your profile under the "Roleplayer's Resume" tab!

Now, when a member wants to see what sort of RP interests another member has, all they have to do is view your profile. :D This should be a lot easier than scrolling through that thread trying to search for specific people.

We'll be retiring the Resume Thread and replacing it with an "Open to RP Invitations" thread. Where members can quickly browse the thread for members who are seeking RP invites.

We hope that this helps members find the sort of information they are seeking much faster! :D
Just want to say I tottally agree with this decision, awesome idea!!!
Totally filled mine out last night :D
Just filled mine out like an hour ago. :D And then I saw the thread and wanted to say this is an awesome thing and I love it.
I have yet filles mine out however I wished to say that this is quite the innovation :)
Very nice Miss Coder Lady :monkey:
Where can we find the old ones to copy/paste? I don't mind re-doing the thing, just think it would be better to just copy and paste your Resume. XD

EDIT: But yes, Great idea moving them to the Profiles! :D
.... I feel like a retard now... e_e;
No! You're learning, and how many people wondered but didn't ask?
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