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  1. Hey all! I'm trying to get online more again, and continue to work on and improve my skills as a writer. I'm looking to do a roleplay or two, or three, or four, or twenty! I love to write, and love to roleplay, so let's work something out! I'm willing to do short and sweet roleplays, like quick libertine scenes and scenarios, or some sort of a date between two characters, I'm also willing to do longer roleplays with more plot twists, character development, and large events. We can work out anything, really. I'm willing to play both male and female. I can do fandom, original characters, drama, libertine, scifi, fantasy, combat, romance, anything really. I like to believe I'm an "all genre" kind of person.

    Fandoms I'll play:
    007 (James Bond)
    Anything Quientin Torentino
    Fiary Tail
    Sons Of Anarchy
    Game Of Thrones
    The Last Airbender
    Harry Potter
    Lord Of The Rings
    Friday The 13th
    Mortal Kombat
    I'm forgetting a few, but just ask and I'm sure I'll try anything out!

    Genres/Settlings/Plots I'll do:
    Anything western
    Anything scifi
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Vampire Hunter
    The Girl Next Door (Libertine)
    Anything including being in a band
    A horror/slasher setting
    Slice Of LIfe
    High School (Falls under slice of life I know)
    Wizards and witches and demons
    A scene where a guy/girl picks up a guy/girl at a party or a club (libertine)
    Just ask and I'll do!
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  2. O.O Sons Of Anarchy, Marvel/DC/Comics, Naruto Shippuden, Avatar <3 I am interested!
    Also do you like Resident Evil???
  3. I love Resident Evil! Also, love the profile picture. Black Lagoon is life.
  4. Thanks! ^-^ Would you like to rp???
  5. <3 Awesome!! pm me?
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