New Riders, Old Myths

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  1. Zezios - The tiny red dragon had found itself hatching gently in the middle of a tall grass green meadow around him. He whined slightly as he struggled to get free from the small egg that he was been in for a very long time. It slammed its large tail slowly at the egg shell and started to brake it apart and grinned gently. it loved to see the outside world, what adventure it would have during this time on the world of the living out of its egg. It cawed as it finalky in a small blue flames broke from the shell and squealed gently and whined slightly confused from the large grass that was taller then it by four inches.

    Zezios blinked gently and cawed gently and looked around, lost and a bit afraid slightly MOMMY ?he wailed slightly afraid and whimpered gently eyes closed and laid down in the grass as the grass around it slightly singed and climbed up slowly and sat there looking around and noticed a figure and crooned its neck gently and blinked its blue eyes to the figure Who goes there ?

    Azel - The wise mystery female dragon rider smiles as she woke up from the large cave that she and her dragon lived in at the cliff ridges and smiles as she streached. She went outside smiling as her dragon was asleep on the massive bolder above the cliff in the sun and smiles and streached as she saw the beach below them. it was time to go fishing and smiles at Telmo

    My Dragon do you wish to go fishing today or go hunt above us in the upper rock ledges above us. We also need to get some supplies from the city close by but you know that you will not be allowed to go and I am sorry about that. But I don't think the town takes dragon riders in with kind hearts

    She said softly into the dragon's mind and pets its scales gently as she loved her dragon greatly and shared a great bond that couldn't be broken by death itself but she cared deeply for her dragon regardless of its magical powers that had helped them happily. She smiles and looked around slowly at the large rock ledge they had a cave and smiles gently eyes closed softly.
  2. Dagorlad - He strolled around the outside. Most of his life he lived in the underdark, as all young drow elves, he was instructed in the ways of the godess and learnt well.
    The underdark sent him there, to the Dragons Hatching fields where, ritually, all dragons should hatch from their eggs to find the way to tame one. They wanted him to hand then a full grown dragon, as well as most of the new warriors of the godess.

    Dagorlad got stranded there, lookig for young dragons. It was an empty field, how could they be there? But suddenly, he heard something among the bushes. When he looked down he saw it. A Red Dragon fledling looking at him.
    Well, hi. I'm not your mommy, but she's gone. All dragons are, traditionally, brought here. How would you like to be called? Sayed Dagorlad slowly in Commontongue

    Telmo - My friend... that things shall wait. I'm sensing a newborn, i'm sensing... fire and shadows, dancing as a torch among Void. We must go. Telmo rose tall and put his tail in front of Azel so she could get over him. He looked extremely worried.
Thread Status:
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