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    After years of training and education, you five have been selected from you class to come aboard the ship "Constantine" to help on an expedition to a new solar system not yet visited by humans. For years humans have traveled the universe, finding new life and making alliances, and enemies. We do not know what lies in this new system, but with your help we will find out. You will be briefed and set up in one of the many rooms set up for members of the Constantine. Hopefully what you learned in the academy will aid you in your first mission, and possibly your biggest mission ever.

    Recruit 1: [Taken by Kaiser - Weapons and Survival]
    Recruit 2: [Taken by Rufiya - Foreign Relations & Negotiations]
    Recruit 3: [Taken by samanthinator - Engineer & Repair]
    Recruit 4: [Taken by SilverJae - Medical Expert]
    Recruit 5: [Taken by zenophilia - Navigator & Cartographer]

    Character sheets:
    [Character Picture is optional]
    Age: [Older than 18 please]
    Bio: [Just a summary of who your character is. What is their personality? Do they get along with others? Are they the first in their family to become a member of space exploration? Anything else you would like to add as well]
    Appearance: [Only if you do not provide a picture]

    Post your Skeleton below and it's first come first serve. After the slots are filled I will create the thread to begin. Enjoy!
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  2. I'd like to reserve a spot, I would work on the C.Sheet right now but I gotta do some work. ^^"
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    Name: Aaron Young​
    Age: 23​
    Bio: Aaron is the youngest of 4 and two loving parents. When Aaron declared he was to join the academy of space exploration, his family was reluctant and hesitant alike. If the danger of the occupation wasn't bad enough, money would always be a struggle. However, through many jobs and enough convincing, Aaron joined the academy and now has the full support of his family as he prepares to board the Constantine. Aaron is friendly enough to all people. One trait that sticks out in him is his dedication to what he sets his mind to. It was what got him recognized above his class along with the 4 other recruits. He likes to socialize when he can and would rather be friends with the 4 strangers he now shares rooms by. None of his friends from the academy made it, so it's a new start completely. Aaron specializes in weaponry and survival. He was accepted to help train on use of select weaponry and also to help on any planet surfacing teams. His job on board is to help manage the ship's arsenal.​
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  4. Done!
  5. I would like to both note and apologize for this was throw together hastily. If anyone has any questions or suggestions please let me hear them!
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    Name: Alex Weaver
    Age: 26
    Bio: Alex is trained as an engineer, and he's a damn good one. He's smart, although he's pessimistic and a bit of a loner. The man is fond of flirting with the opposite sex, but he rarely means it as anything serious. It's more of his way of breaking the ice and coping with other people. As for history, he was an only child and grew up in a decent family. When he expressed desires to leave home and pursue his interest in technology as a career, his parents fought it and told him that he should stay at home and inherit the family shop. After his eighteenth birthday, he left home and cut off contact with his family, then applied for and was accepted into the Academy. What got him onto this mission was his remarkable speed of learning and how hard he worked at mastering his courses.

    Tell me if I need to add anything. c:
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    Name: Areiz Fortez
    Age: 20
    Bio: As a little girl Areiz has always wanted to go to space. She didn't know why, but she felt a strange connection between the stars and herself. She would spend hours studying the breakthroughs of the past about space. She wanted to be one of the people who found something new. Her parents tried to tell her she shouldn't enter, it was too dangerous, but she bypassed their worries, entering the program and excelling when it came to the medical scope. She studied from her father's doctorate books at night, listening to her mother's stories as a nurse on the field. She decided then she would be a space medic. She studied hard to make it to the top, and she reached her goal, being chosen to board the Constantine because of her excellent skills in the medical areas.

    Is this okay?
  11. Yes it is! You're all set.
  12. Sorry for the late submission but here~

    Name: Kim Ai-Lee (Ailee being her first name, if your not familiar with Korean names. :3)
    Age: 23

    Bio: Ailee's half-american/half-korean family-line was rich with space explorers, so of course she was prompt to become one herself. She however was the first girl in her family to join the business, instead of being taught how to use weaponry or medicine she was trained in relations. Versed in multiple languages of the universe she is meant to be the negotiator of the group towards unknown and known races alike.

    But putting her profession aside, Ailee is something of a realist. She's not known to be optimistic or loud, not that she does not socializing but rather she likes a more reserved approach towards meeting new people.

    Her favorite pass-time is playing guitar and singing though she keeps it on the down low. She may seem up-tight at first but she is known to loosen up around her friends.
  13. I'm glad all but one space has filled up! I'll wait a little longer for a final person but if that can not be fulfilled we can always just start without them.
  14. Name: Nejiss Wing
    Age: 25
    Bio: Nejiss grew up in a middle-class family with parents who were constantly working, two younger brothers and one younger sister. She never got much attention, as everything was always about her siblings. She took up martial arts to learn self defense as a young age, and now holds several trophies. She loved school and learning, taking up several different classes. She found a future in space travel, and has graduated from college with an astronomy major. She makes a living mapping the stars, and she's quite the expert on inter-stellar navigation. This isn't the first time she will have been in space, but her third: She won a trip to space through a giveaway once, and paid for a trip during college to further her studies.
    In the voyage, she'll be the navigator as well as cartographer once they reach the destination. She is mostly going for the experience as well as for the pay. She's not very sociable, and doesn't make friends easily. She's often come across as cold and uncaring, as well as unapproachable.
    Appearence: Description: Nejiss is a tall, thin girl with bleach blonde hair that falls to her elbows. It's naturally wavy, and becomes increasingly so in humid weather. She has long bangs that reach to her chin, and she keeps them swept to the right side of her face. Her forehead is long, which accommodates her bangs well, and her eyes are smaller, well spaced, and colored a light baby blue with gray flecks around the pupil. Her eyelashes are thin, but dark, and her eyebrows are thin, long, curved, and the same color as her hair. Her nose is long, but small and unnoticeable. Her mouth falls at an equal distance from her nose and chin, and her lips are a faint pink. Even when smiling, her mouth is a small, thin, unnoticeable line. Her skin is surprisingly pale, but appears to be a bit pink when she's in the sunlight. Her face is shaped narrowly, but her chin is gently curved and doesn't end in a point.
    She moves in a way reminiscent of fabric when wind blows on it. She has unusually long fingers and big feet. She isn't toothpick thin, and works to keep her reputation of being strong. Her shoulders are flat, and her collarbone tilts gently inwards. Her back is very straight, and she maintains good posture. Her shoulders are slightly pushed back, making her appear as if she is puffing out her chest. Her waist isn't very curvy, nor is the rest of her body. Her hips are small, and her legs bent slightly backwards when she stands up straight. She has a slightly long neck, and good torso to legs proportions, although her arms are a bit short proportionally. Her skin is somewhat clean, but dries very easily at places like elbows and knuckles. Her frame is bony, especially when she hasn't been very physically active.
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