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  1. Okay I just thought of this idea but basically I'd like to do a best friend rp.

    So basic plot.

    Girl 1 was always popular with boys and was currently in a relationship her best friend girl 2 was still thinking about love she had experiences with boys but never really further cared much about declaring that it was because her parents liveda loveless marriage and divorced.

    One night at a party girl 1 gets into a fight with her boyfriend drunk and upset she turns to girl 2 who had also been drunk things happen and they kiss. Girl 2 automatically falls for her but girl 1 doesn't remember the nights end and makes up with her boyfriend.

    So basic plot but badly want to do it. There can twists and anything else doesn't have to be a 1x1 please post if interested
  2. Colour me intrigued!
  3. Lol thanks for being intrigued does that mean you'd like to join? :)
  4. Indeed it does, indeed it does.
  5. Yay sorry for the delay so which part would you like?
  6. I was assuming you'd be taking the role of character one so I was going to say two.

    Also no worries, I'll be sleeping soon.
  7. Oh I don't mind which character I play if you'd rather play character 1 I don't mind :)
  8. Character two is fine with me, I can play a better "unrequited love at first sight..." Did it a few too may times
  9. OK

    Cs only basic name age apperience real pics also
  10. Alright, more than likely it'll be done in the morning as my computer's already packed for classes tomorrow.
  11. Still accepting if interested. Either role you can choose from :)
  12. Hmmm anyone? :/
  13. Name: Lyndsee McCory
    Age: 21
    Show Spoiler
  14. Name: Emily Jones
    Age: 21

    I cant get my picture up :( my thingy isnt working
  15. Give it time until they figure out the new layout.
  16. How do u do the spoiler thing?
  17. [-spoiler-] [-/spoiler-]

    just remove the -
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