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  1. Alright, here's the deal. I'm tired of throwing out big posts just to get little ones in return. I need a partner who will reply daily with posts that match my post size!

    Now, I understand writer's block. But it should not last a week. I understand not knowing what to do with a post, but that does not mean ditch the roleplay. Let me know what's up, that way we can work out something.

    Anywho... We all know why you're staring at this particular thread. You want to have a one on one with yours truely. That, or you're just stalking the threads.... But whatever. Here's my current cast of characters ready to be played.

    Each character has a certain world they fit into, and when you select the ones you're most interested in, you're also selecting the genres that could be used.

    Leo Valcrosse (open)
    "Leone Damien Valcrosse, at your service. Part time human, earthbound demon, hell hound hunted extraordinaire. Here to get thrown into whatever crazy fantasy plot you request."

    Aluro Reven (open)

    "Aluro Reven here, ready to kick ass whenever requested. I'm also the owner of a nice casino/hotel if you want to pay a visit. Fair warning, you won't win against me in a fight or a game of poker."

    Jackson Corvin (open)

    "Call me Jack, please. I'm the CEO of Corvin Corporation, and frankly speaking, it's boring. I could use a little fun in the office."

    Rowan (open)

    "You can find my name on the wanted poster outside, kid. 'Lest you wanna talk to my pistol, you'd best be keeping your mouth shut and your filthy snout outta my business."

    Sinestro Cavaldre (open)

    "There is a very fine line between amusing me and pissing me off, and someone has been idiotic enough to cross it."

    Alution (open)

    "I'm a guardian of Ga'Hoole. It's my job to fly off into danger for the sake of owl kind, and it'll be a frinking shame if anyone ever disagrees with that."

    I can also throw together characters upon request, though it may take me some time. Any plot ideas for the characters above, or in general, must be discussed through pm. I prefer one on one roleplays to be done through pm, though it's up to you really.

    Below is a list of pairings that I'm currently interested in. Bold would be the role that I'm playing. It'll be blue if it's a male role, pink if it's a female role, and purple if we could play either gender.

    Blacksmith x Royal Messanger
    - Action / Medieval Fantasy / Romance

    Guardian x Junior
    - Owls of Ga'Hoole / Fandom / Action

    Outlaw x Country Girl
    - Action / Romance / Wild West

    Pirate Captain x New Crewmate
    - Action / Sci-Fi / Romance... Maybe

    Mythical Creature x Hunter
    - Action / Medieval Fantasy / Romance... Maybe

    Assassin x Assassin
    - Action / Modern / Romance

    Vampire x Vampire Hunter
    - Action / Romance / Fantasy

    Bartender x Everyday Customer
    - Romance / Modern / Fantasy

    Below are a few fandoms I'm currently interested in playing out. They would be original characters, and occur in a time after the main characters are dead and gone. They go from my highest craving to my lowest craving.

    - Avengers
    - How To Train Your Dragon
    - Pokemon Ranger
    - Black Butler
    - Guardians of Ga'Hoole
    - Ouran High School Host Club

    And that's all I got at the moment. Below are some plot ideas that I have knocking around in my head.

    Against The Vortex
    - Modern / Action / Fantasy / Romance
    Info (open)
    Since the late 1800's, humans have shown many strange abilities. Some were simple parlor tricks, but others had the capability to extinguish life on the planet. Naturally, organizations were set up to monitor empowered individuals. An evil organization named Vortex rose up with hopes of exterminating the normal humans. So naturally, an organization of do-gooder empowereds, referred to as Project W, rose up and stomped out Vortex. Some of the Vortex members escaped, however, causing Project W to remain ever vigilant.

    Now, in current times, Vortex has been resurfacing. And currently, their focus is on Leone Valcrosse, the empowered man who could either spell success or failure for their plans of human extinction. Your character, a member of Project W, has been sent to New York City to catch Valcrosse before Vortex does.

    Brothers in Blood
    - Action / Fantasy / Romance... Maybe
    Info (open)
    The world was created with a balance of life and death. Light and dark. Good and evil. Magic keeps this balance even, as it flows within every living thing in this world. Unfortunately, the balance has grown unsteady. Dark magic has begun to consume weaker beings. It warps their views and makes them hunger for carnage and chaos. In order to prevent the spread of dark magic, a combat group was formed. Will this group be able to stop the spread, or will they be crushed by it as well?
    I would be playing the male leader of this group, and you'd be playing a member of the group. You could play either gender.

    - Action / Modern Fantasy / Romance
    Info (open)
    Fantasy creatures and humans never typically cross paths. However, when they do, it is either an incredibly entertaining or inherently dangerous encounter.

    An average human, for whatever reason, decides to go for a walk in the nearby woods. In those woods, he comes across a wolf stuck in a peculiar trap. He gets the wolf out of the trap, though it's quite obvious that the wolf is injured. And it's also obvious that the wolf is no ordinary wolf, either. This wolf is a fierce lone werewolf, being hunted by a local werewolf hunter. Will the human aide her in evading death?

    The Contract
    - Fantasy / Action / Romance
    Info (open)
    Daemons were incredibly powerful creatures. The magic they could hold was second to none. However, this came at a heavy cost. Many daemons had too much magic, so much that their bodies would give out from it. They'd simply enter a sleep like death, and rest until a human chooses to enter into a contract with them.

    This contract, formed within a dream, binds the daemon's magic within the human. In return, the daemon must serve this human until the human dies.

    Your character will be a human, who strikes up a contract with my character, a male daemon.

    Fish Tank
    - Modern Fantasy / Romance / MxM
    Info (open)
    A young man a bit strapped for cash won the metaphorical lottery when his ultra wealthy great uncle passed away and left him the entire estate. The old man's only wish was that he take care of a super rare fish in the basement of the estate, and tell no one about it. No problem, right? When the young man reaches the posh estate, he checks the place out and finally goes down to see what the super secret rare fish looks like. When he gets to the basement, he finds an utterly massive, yet barren saltwater aquarium. In it lived only one creature- a highly aggressive and foul tempered merman. Will the young man keep this fantasy creature a secret, and will he actually be able to survive taking care of this mostly wild creature?

    Your character will be the human, my character will be the merman.

    - Fandom / Gijinka / Action / Romance
    Info (open)
    The world will always keep turning. The sun will always rise once again. It just varies upon your way of thinking.

    Troubling times have sparked up once again in the pokemon world. The skies around the world have gone dark with storm clouds so thick that they choke out the sun's light. Many pokemon have come to believe that the legendaries have turned on them. But, that isn't the case. My character, a shiny celebi, is attempting to investigate, despite all the trouble given to her by the local pokemon. Your character, preferably dialga but any other legendary will work, sees her getting ganged up on by a group of other pokemon, and steps in.

    Together, perhaps they could figure out what's going on in the world that could have triggered the storms to form.
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  2. Greetings fellow story writer, you were quite correct to believe someone was stalking these threads. I find myself with less story writing to do then normal, and while it's helpful with the job I have, the evenings get rather dull without a sorcerer of stimulation.

    I cannot promise more then 5 posts a day on a weekday, tho I can promise much more on a weekend. I however can also promise you a great deal of enjoyment and a strong story should I suit your fancy as much as you have already suited mine.

    I have taken a particular interest in Mr. Jackson Corvin as well as Mr. Rowan, however should you wish to do something different I am open to suggestions as well.

    It would honor me greatly if you would consider my aplication to start a story with you.

    Thank you for your time,

  3. New character is up.
  4. Still open!
  5. Why hello there fellow roleplayer! I'm very tired of people posting threads and having amazing ideas and plots, the when I PM them and we roleplay it's a completely different person... But i've been seeing you around alot so I high hopes.

    I'm intrested in Leo Valcrosse (who I actually kinda have a plot for) and Jackson Corvin (because he seems like a smartass bad boy, and I like smartass bad boys)

    I have a plot for both and would be incredibly honored if I could take part in a RP with you involving Jackson, if you're intrested please get in contact via PM.

    I'm going to go listening to music now, bye!
  6. Still looking!
  7. Still looking!
  8. Hello :) I'd be interested in doing an rp with your Jackson Corvin character and an OC I will make up to go along with him. Or if you already have someone to do that one with, I'd also be interested in Outlaw x Country Girl and Pirate Captain x New Crewmate. Message me if you are still looking.
  9. Anyone else care to try out any of my charries?
  10. I like Leo Valcrosse. I have a character named Mia, who was an angel in charge of preventing suicides. She's really bad at it because she's not sympathetic. After some mishaps, she's sent to earth. Sort of have a few ideas on how it can play out.
  11. Still searching.
  12. New fandoms listed!
  13. Hello, I found both your 'Outlaw x Country Girl' plot and your character Jackson Corvin character interesting. I would love to do either, and I was hoping that you could message me! :)
  14. Still searching!
  15. Black Butler? Is it Ciel x Sebastian? if so , i want to roleplay =) i watched the anime for a few episode and i saw it was a sort of the anime that uses mind and has many different plot that can be twisted. If youre still searching , please shoot me a pm , but i want to know our writing level gap , for the reason i dont want to dissapoint you.
  16. I'm not good at playing canon characters, as I said above the fandom list, they were OC only.
  17. Ohh right, sorry . How about Assasin x Assasin? You still have the slot there?
  18. New plot added!
  19. Assassin x Assassin is a personal favorite of mine, although I'm more than willing to RP anything that you're craving at the moment. As for your characters... I think my Caligo would love each and every one of them. PM me please!
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