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  1. i have played a few tabletop games but its hard to find people who like to play evil every one wants to be the good guy
    a old friend told me about the site so hear i am
  2. Welcome to Iwaku Dawn...wait theres already a Dawn... Red!, and if theres a chance to be the bad guy in an Rp, I'm pretty sure like ... 59% of the people here wouldnt mind to be evil... as long as a little bit of psycho is thrown in there...
    (oh and btw yay for the pokemans reference!!)
  3. ^^ Welcome, i just joined today aswell
  4. Welcome, welcome to Iwaku Red! Being the villian is so much fun. I take great pride in being a villain!

    If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask! Enjoy yer time here!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!
    That is all... for now! WUAHAHAHAH
  6. you have no idea
  7. Blow up one sheep and they never let you forget it
  8. XD I'n not sure where that came from but I'm recognizing it as a wise speech.
  9. a small snafu with a firework a verry big fire work

    You have no say in the matter.
  11. well actually, He caaan always decline a friend reque- ... I'll shut up.
  12. Red Dawn.

    Welcome to Iwaku....

    Please accept this... cookie.
    There is nothing... wrong... with it.

    I made it, myself, for you.
    ...Come on.

    : )

    I'm Selenite.
    Pleased to meet you...
  13. Evil? Muahahaha -coughs- anyways >.< I haven't play evil characters because I just do not know how to portray them. >.< I am way too nice...sort of. Anyways, welcome to the Community! You can call me Rain/Rina/Raimy.
  14. Welcome! I'm Angelic_Devil and it's nice to met you! :D Here is a cookie that I made!!!

    *Hands you cookie*

    And there is nothing bad with it..... well not to bad but I promise I only spiked it! I promise just spiked! :D
  15. Hi five to the friend that invited you! 8D Welcome to the community!