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  1. Kieran's smile in that image is a bit unnerving to say the least.
  2. Let's see... GMs GMs...

    @Atomyk @Verite @Josh M @Jeremi @Chewy Rabbits

    Your efforts made this baby a fun ride. I found difficulty not enjoying this gig. I had other plans with friends, but looks like the plans provided by you all were pretty great. There were tough twists, but...

    Hoo boy where do I begin.

    @Yun Lee I love how you're really active in each case, and you really, really helped in the latter cases. The latter cases were a bit much for my brain, but not for yours.

    @BarrenThin I really liked Genji's fatherly attitude towards Nono.

    @york Well, what can I say, he's a chill dude.

    @Kaykay Wish we interacted more, but whatever interaction we had from the start was pretty contrasting and enjoyable.

    @Hospes Tarlotte's interactions had lots of potential. Kind of wish you could unleash said potential. Maybe in a future RP.

    @ShiroKiyoshi At first, I wasn't too fond of how your character was executed. But as the RP progressed, you seemed to have a firmer grasp on Rant. This firmer grasp is how he grew on me at the cafe.

    @Verite Ah, nothing like the finest friendships. It's nice to build a bond between characters, have a little sacrificial moment, faith in each other, all that. I don't know how this pars to my prior interaction in Rapture, but it's definitely up there with it. I really love it when stoic characters show a more mellow side to them under the right conditions, showing that they're not... stoic. It's always important to show that character interactions differ from person to person.

    I personally had to take a while to imagine how Nono would react to all this. My character is evolving every day, and I'm sure yours are too. New canonical depictions that contrast your Roleplay depictions appear. The only thing that truly matters is that it's time for Nono to dig in to some donuts.

    So, what are your opinions on Nono? It's my nature to play certain characters that prevent you from saying how out-of-character they may be at times, not intentionally but I still do.

    So what did you think of Nono as seen in Monokuma's Awakening? Did I miss anyone I was attempting to critique?
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  3. I made a baby post again. I am free to interact with.. got a whole clan. * waits patiently back*
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