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Isabella Hime

Winter is coming...
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Yay first topic after the crash!

I have like 70 something potted plants and over 50 of them have to come indoors when Winter arrives. Most of them are tropical and will not survive an Arkansas Winter.

Here is some of my Chinese windmill palm seedlings! they can survive hard freezes as cold as -15F (-26.11C)


My large leafed scheffera plant. All so know as an umbrella tree.


Here is my Norfolk Pine. These are tropical and come from the Norfolk Islands near Australia. They can reach 200 feet high and can't handle frost at all.


I have no idea what this is... I'd like to know. I got this as a small seedling at Home Depot one Summer and have not seen another one since..


This is one of my California fan palms. I have two of these this size. In the back ground there is a stupid cat and my ficus trees. Ficus trees come from Southern Asia I think.. they are in the same family as the banyan tree.


My Hawaiian hibiscus flower.


My other type of hibiscus. Unlike the Hawaiian one these can survive harsh cold. these can grow as far North as Canada.


Most of my larger plants.. most of these have to come indoors when Winter comes! My room will be very crowded this year...


My baby pumpkin! It is a miracle there is a pumpkin growing out of a bucket..Can't believe it is doing so well!


Some of my caster bean plants. I have three kinds. Solid green, dark purplish, and a one that somehow mixed. the two species mixed together and now I have a hybrid! Kinda cool! These are native to Africa I think..


Here is another one of my sheffleras. It is a very large plant growing in a very small pot.. These are native to South Eastern Asia and parts of Australia.

Christ, Pan, Quiet a green thumb ya have there, son. *Nod Nod*

Now can you muster up some them there corn before the harvest be a'comin'? If I don't get them there kernels back to the village, our local Shamanist Corn God, Senior Crazy Cornelious, will get pissed. Here is a picture of him supporting the cause back last time we staged a protest for the government to give us better magic markers to draw stick figures with.

Awesome corn!

Now where is all those other gardeners that where talking in her before the forum went boom!?
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