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  1. I am in Quebec right now O.O

    I live in BC, so this is the farthest East I've ever been! It's a little strange because in Quebec, everything is either just in French, or in French first and English after that. I'm also three hours ahead!

    Tell me about your travelling experiences!
  2. I've gone to Australia,Japan anddd Canada.Well,Canada and Australia kinda good thought except Japan.They got some really weird ass stuff going on...I've saw Maids...not just one..but.. MAIDSS around the streets.I dont actually know that maids can walk freely with their knee height skirts and here a thing.They are god damn cute :3 I dont actually know about them until one of my friend told me about them.In Japan,they got Maid cafe or something like that.
  3. Been around most of Europe, spent a year in New Zealand and am currently in China. If I start talking about travelling it'll be morning by the time I shut up.
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  4. Whelp....Lesseeee....I live somewhere in the Mitten (Michigan) and I've been to Florida a few times (Disney trips and brother's graduation), South Carolina, And Tennessee....I don't count Ohio as traveling as I lived like....half an hour from the state line.
  5. Been to the Phillippines for visiting family as well as medical missions.

    Been to India for my wedding reception and to visit extended in-laws.

    Been to Canada to visit friends and family.

    Been through most of the East Coast, Midwest, and some South and West Coast United States for conferences, sightseeing, and visiting friends/family.

    Been to Japan while on route to the Phillippines because reasons. Mainly because there's no direct international flights to the Phillippines. Plus, Japan has cool toilets and vending machines.

    Next trip: Wife and I are going to Holland and do a tour of neighboring countries early next year. REAL SALARY FTW, OTP, OP, OT3 and many other internet acronyms.
  6. I don't really travel much, but when I do, I have a bit of a weird obsession with going to crappy places.

    People in the UK generally understand that there are towns/cities that are just inherently shit. No-one likes them. People that live there only do so because they can't afford to move out, and people that have to travel there do so under sufferance.

    I like those places. I revel in their crapulence.

    Truth be told? I've only ever been disappointed by the "good" places. London? Filthy, smelly, expensive and full of idiots. Rome? Too hot and too many people. Manchester? Filthy and full of teenagers. Florida? Full of irritating children, slow-walking old people, land-whales and white trash. Lisbon? Poorly lit, overpriced and no-one knows how to cook properly.

    Swindon? Not bad, actually, but kind of expensive for what it is. Stoke-on-Trent? A big sprawling mass of city space, with really friendly people. Rhyl? Slightly faded, but still good fun. Hull? Absolutely fantastic city, although it does have an odd smell when it rains.
  7. I've been to Cozumel and Progresso Mexico because MAYAN PYRAMIDS HNNNNNNNNGH

    I've been to New Orleans, stayed in the French Quarter for a bit. Lots of nude cyclists and drug dealers.

    Oh, and booze.

    Alabama, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Mississippi, Lousinana (obviously), Texas, South Carolina, and California, and Tennessee. At one point I do believe I drove through a bit of New Mexico.
  8. Not enough places. Need to get my passport!

    Been to Victoria BC a few times as a kid.
    Live an hour from Seattle
    Two from Portland, but don't go there often.
    Went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday
    Utah twice to see HS bestie
    Flordia once to see her too
    California three times, Disneyland once. Need to go back, only been in San Fran two afternoons.
    Atlanta once to see @Diana
    Arkansas/Oklahoma to see her too!
    Nashville twice, did you know they have a full size replica of the Parthenon there?
    Honolulu a bunch of times. I will live there someday. Just don't wanna be poor living there.

    My goal is to make enough money so I can travel the world. I want to go to Ireland and Italy and Thailand and Japan and Balize andNew Zeland and India and if the politics ever get less nasty Iran and Egypt and.... Well a lot of places.
  9. Does moving around since you were little count? XD

    I've "traveled" to California, Nebraska, Florida. I've traveled to Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio, and Alabama is still ongoing.
  10. Places I've been to;
    • Australia (Once. When I was two, don't really remember much though but my parents didn't have a good time. They said something about racism. Not sure.)
    • Indonesia (A few times.)
    • Japan (Have been there a few times and will be going there in a month)
    • South Korea (Once. To visit my best friend :3)
    • Malaysia (A couple of times. My grandparents stays there)
    • Vietnam. I had to transit there for an hour while waiting for my plane to Japan.
    Singapore is a tiny island country so, traveling takes around half an hour to an hour. And, I usually take a car to Malaysia whenever I visit my grandparents since Malaysia is like nearby. I want to travel out of Asia, maybe to Romania, Spain, Russia, Germany, the Nordic countries or America. Also, places with old medieval castles and sites where it was affected by the World War.
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