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  1. Hey I'm HarmfulPleasures as you can tell ;)
    Psycho Pass is my favourite anime in the world!
    I'm new to roleplaying but my friend has been trying to introduce me into it.
    Shin-Jones showed me this site so I thought I might aswell sign up and get to meet
    new people. I hope I can learn to roleplay better so when I come to cosplay I will be able to
    play the character rather well.
    Thanks for taking your time to read this :)​
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, HarmfulPleasures! I hope you enjoy your time rp-ing here ^^ Roleplaying will be good to help you get your character right, so enjoy :)

    Psycho Pass was recommended to me as a good anime, definitely trying it out this Christmas.
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  3. Hi HarmfulPleasure ( what's the pleasure of being harm =<= lol jk!) ! my name is GreenSea nice to meet you! you can call me Green or Sea~

    Ahh if you need anything (such as posting or so forth) you can count on me ^-^ and rp-ers~

    Psycho Pass *w*~!
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  4. Hihi Harmful, welcome to the site! ^o^