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  1. I am not new to roleplaying but I have found that the sites I have previously played on are dying off or I can't access them at work. So, I have spent the last hour searching and discovered this site. It looks like exactly what I was looking for.

    Generally I am a fantasy style roleplayer. I don't know exactly why, probably because it's not reality, but I do hope to branch out and attempt to play in other worlds on this site.

    I hope that you enjoy my company.

    Thank you,
  2. There's a big Fantasy RP crowd here, Jovian. You've come to the right place.

    Have looksie through Roleplay Central and see if anything takes your fancy; I'm sure someone's got something that'll interest you. I'm Grumpy, one of the Staffies of this here forum. Any questions or issues, feel free to ask away.
  3. Thank you for welcoming me. I saw that there is quite a large arena here. I'm excited to get started. :)
  4. Get that email confirmed and you should have full access to everything but Asylum. (cause... well... we hate to traumatize people right off the bat.. >>;) Send me a PM if you're having trouble with that. D: Some email addresses block auto-mails.

    But WELCOME! :D Fantasy is my favorite too! Especially when other Genre blend it in. I like your name too. XD Jovian is a very cool and underused word.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Jovian. Hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions about the site, feel free to ask.
  6. Thanks! It is a cool word. :) I love the ties it has with mythology, specifically Zeus. I love thunderstorms, so he's just become my favorite god in mythology. Hence the name! Hehe
  7. Dun forget Thor, as well; dude rode about on a flying chariot that caused thunder-storms, beating the shit out of giants with his magic hammer of smiteage.

  8. I'm glad to see that you found us, welcome to Iwaku!
    I'm Kitti and I'm happy to meet you.
    We have tons of wonderful fantasy roleplays up right now, so hopefully you'll find a fantastic one to join (sign up in the roleplay signup section).
    If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!
  9. Oh right! There is Thor. I haven't studied up on much Norse, but it's hard not to know Thor! :)

    Thank you for all the welcomes! :D