New Partners needed! (FF, RE, KH, OCs, Suikoden, HP)

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  1. So, here I am. I am a roleplayer that is looking for other roleplayers. My partner list had dwindled dramatically since I have stopped RPing on LJ and IJ, so I cannot seem to find any new and reliable partners.

    I play from a world I created and many fandoms. I have wayyyyy too many characters of both types to realistically play them all. So, without further adieu here are my fandoms and who I play in said Fandoms.

    • Suikoden
      • Borus Redrum
      • Jillia Blight
      • Leader of the Sindar
      • Sarah (SIII)
      • Snowe Vingerhut
      • Sierra Mikain
      • Ted
      • Windy
    • Harry Potter
      • Merope Gaunt
      • Eileen Prince
    • Final Fantasy VII
      • Tifa Lockhart
      • Kiphame Ezvault(OC)
      • Aerith Gainsborough
      • Lucrecia
      • Angeal Hewley
    • Final Fantasy XIII
      • Paddra-Nsu Yeul
      • Lightning
      • Serah
      • Lumina
      • Vanille
      • Jihl Nabaat
    • Final Fantasy VIII
      • Rinoa Heartilly
    • Final Fantasy IX
      • Garnet
    • Final Fantasy X
      • Yuna
    • Skies of Arcadia
      • Galcian
      • Fina
      • Belleza
      • Clara
    • Resident Evil
    • Legend of Zelda
      • SS Zelda
      • OOT Malon
    • Wild Arms
      • Anastasia Valeria
      • Virginia Maxwell
    • Attack on Titan
      • Annie Leonhardt
      • Eren Jaeger
      • Mikasa Akerman
      • Petra Ral
    • Ace Attorney
      • Apollo Justice
      • Vera Misham
    • Shadow of Colossus
      • Yorda
      • Mono
    • Eternal Sonata
      • Claves
      • Polka
      • Fredrick Chopin
    • Silent Hill
      • Angela Orosco
    I also have an original universe, so I am looking for people to roleplay in that. I have some ideas, if someone wants to start one with me.

    Plot Ideas:

    These will be a plot summaries of ones that I would like to do.

    • Attack on Titan
      • Annie x Armin. I ship these two very hard. I would like this to be sometime way after canon, we can discuss the specifics later. I would like her to eventually break out and find Armin, taking him over the wall with her. The two would have to deal with a lot of issues along the way and we could delve deep into their characters and why they Annie had such complicated feelings for Armin leading to her capture.
      • Petral x Levi. This is based on the idea that Petra did not die, but was merely stunned and badly wounded from the fight with Annie-Titan. She was thrown away, but she regained herself sometime later and eventually made it back to town as she was not that far away. We can go from there.
    • Final Fantasy XIII
      • Caius x Yeul. I would like to find an active Caius. I want to roleplay from the moment Caius became the Guardian. We can play through his initiation, how he came to love his first Yeul, her death and the various others.
      • Lightning x Hope. This is from the future after LR in the new world. Lightning is looking for those closest to her, and she has been unknowingly speaking to Hope through email.
      • Serah X Snow. I would like them to do something AU, where they end up replacing Caius and Yeul. This is AU to FFXIII-2.
      • Snow X Yeul. This is the idea that Snow was able to actually defeat Caius and take the heart from him. A new Guardian would be crazy as hell to try to do after all these years.
    • FFVII
      • Tifa x Cloud. I'm a sucker for these two, let's make it happen somehow.
      • Aerith x Zack. I'd like to AU these two alive with Zack replacing Cloud due to Cloud's death and Aerith remaining alive.
      • Vincent x Lucrecia. idk how, but I want this to happen.
    • Skies of Arcadia
      • Fina x Ramirez. I'd like to explore what would have happened if the two got the chance to talk instead of being interrupted by Vyse's rescue.
    • Suikoden
      • Borus x Chris. I ship it.
      • Leader of the Sindar x ????. Someone who lives in Harmonia or possibly Tir McDohl. I would be open to other rune bearers too.
      • Luc x Sarah
    That's a list of things I'd really like to roleplay. I have so much more, but I really want to do mostly an adventure/romance with these guys. I have my own forum, so we'd post there possibly or Dreamwidth, if you are okay with that.
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  2. Do you role play canon x oc? And are you open to rping here?
  3. Depending on the OC and the Canon that I would be playing, sure thing. Would we be RPing in Private?
  4. Yes, we would be! We could do it through PM.
  5. Sounds good to me. What were you thinking?
  6. Well, are there any other anime you're into? If not, I like Attack on Titan. I'm looking for someone to play Levi for my oc, and I can double.
  7. I wouldn't mind doing double, but I think Levi would be a little out of my league as far as muses go. I do RP Eren, tho. I like a lot of animes, but I don't have any other ones that I would realistically RP from that I felt comfortable with their canon that I know. I mostly posted things that I know I can do back and forth without issues.
  8. Okay, no problem! Eren is fine too. I'll PM you.
  9. I am highly interested in a Aerith x Zack rp.
  10. I'm still looking for stuff, if anyone is up for it.
  11. Darn it, where are the peeps!
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