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  1. Hello, fellow RP'ers extraordinaire! This is my first attempt in finding a partner for a 1-on-1 story. To start, I shall list genres I prefer to participate in. Just to clarify, I suppose the maximum I could do is include a maximum of four players altogether, but that would be unlikely.
    • Horror
    • Romance
    • Sci-Fi
    • Historical Fantasy
    • Mystery
    The following are the basic pairings & plots in which I am experimenting with. I am always open to hearing ideas for new stories, however.

    Plot 1- Survivors: The world has fallen into catastrophe. Civilization was obliterated into memory, a treasure taken for granted. The beings which placed humanity into near-extinction were the Daikaiju, massive behemoths who bring devastation wherever they go. Mankind can only hope to go unnoticed in its few remaining settlements, where resources and supplies are always rare, and danger is constant.

    Character Pairings:
    1. General x Scientist
    2. Survivor x Survivor
    3. Soldier x Civilian
    Plot 2- Blasphemy: The Dark Ages has reached its peak across Europe. The common people remain powerless compared to the desires of kings, queens, and most importantly, The Church. Little is humanity aware that mysterious creatures exist beyond their comprehension. Many of these creatures can blend among average humans, slowly expanding in influence along the way. No one can be completely trusted. The very definition of what it means to be human stands at risk.

    Character Pairings:
    1. Demon x Priest
    2. Vampire x Vampire Hunter
    3. Monarch x Commoner
    4. Werewolf x Human
    5. Knight x Goddess
    Plot 3- Artificial Intelligence: Technology has advanced at an incredible speed in the past few decades. A golden age has dawned, and an influx of reason and world peace has made things better than ever before. Hoping to continue this new era of scientific glory, research has begun into artificial intelligence. Although robots have existed for quite some time, none of them were fully autonomous. Now, science will be pushing the boundary into somewhere once thought impossible.

    Character Pairings:
    1. Programmer x Intelligence Program
    2. Psychologist x Humanoid Robot
    3. Gamer x Online Intelligence
    Plot 4- Isolation: Reaching to the stars, mankind has finally begun colonizing distant planets to ensure its survival. The exploration industry has boomed. A small crew of a massive spaceship was deployed into the darkest corners of the galaxy in the hopes of locating extraterrestrial life, though when they land on a planet once thought myth, their discovery may bring results that defy everything humanity once knew about the universe.

    Character Pairings:
    1. Pilot x Engineer
    2. Astronaut x Humanoid Alien
    3. Archaeologist x Mercenary
    Plot 5- Confinement: Never before have mental institutions fallen into such a state of disarray. Patients are subjected to horrific abuse and scientific experiments, shown nothing but disinterest. Given such little care, it is nearly impossible for the residents of a local asylum to tell what is real, and what isn't.

    Character Pairings:
    1. Therapist x Patient
    2. Imaginary Friend x Patient
    3. Nurse x Patient
  2. I'm interested in the Gamer x Online Intelligence if you're still taking. :)
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  3. I am glad to know that you're interested! Though before I continue, do you think there are any other pairings I could add? I feel as though the listings are somewhat lacking.
  4. I'm interested in plots 1, 2, and 4!
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