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  1. So I've been throwing some new plots together. And I would really like it if someone would do at least one of these with me. Please feel free to ask any questions or pm me if you want to actually take on one of them. They are all left rather vague so that each of us could customize the character. I am up for yuri/yaoi/straight pairings for all of these except for 6 which for some reason I can only see as a straight pairing to be able to work. :3 Thanks~ Rosey/Sleepy

    1. He’s locked himself away for so long. There was a reason he had long hair. There was a reason he was a sadistic bastard as his siblings called him. He’s my master and I need to break him. If I don’t I might as well sleep when the master is awake and await my own unending death.
    2. The seconds tick by. There’s the car waiting in the school parking lot. 5 seconds. I just want to get out there. 4 seconds. I need that man’s product. 3seconds. It is taking too long! 2 seconds. I have to have it. 1 second. I’m out of my seat, running through the halls. I’m free. Eighteen, last day of class. I run out to the car and slam into the car and slouch so no one else could see who had gotten in the car. The squeal of the tires. The smell of rubber burning on concrete. And we are off. Adrenaline pumped through me as we soared through the highway. When we get into the countryside I sit up in the seat and look around. My eyes land there on the driver and my heart skips a beat. We were free of it all. Now may the adrenaline never end? (Adrenaline junkie story.)
    3. A teacher-to-be is placed with a teacher to watch and observe what ‘good teaching behavior’ is. Only the teacher she’s placed with is a person that doesn’t pay attention at all to them and leaves them sitting in the back of the room. That is until one late afternoon that they stay late to finish grading some products and a rose blooms.
    4. Why does everyone decide that looks make a person? It never made sense to the writer of the newest drama in the United States. But here they were writing a new drama that was all about the rich and beautiful. They even meet the lead and that person is known for their looks. How are they supposed to keep writing a story like this without getting to know that person that they despise? Or do they despise them?
    5. When a penny flips, there is a fifty-fifty chance on which side it ends up as. It is the same when gender is decided among pregnancy. But what if by some miracle, one was to land on the side? Neither female or male—but both; a hermaphrodite. Would one live a normal life, hiding what they were from all their peers, or would someone find out and use it against them? Would that person find a love or would their appearance destroy that likelihood?
      [*]She grew up in the woods with her tribe. He grew up in a civilized city. By chance they run into one another one day and he almost kills her. He convinces her to go to his city and become ‘civilized’. She accepts because of a strange desire to be accepted by this strange man only to find it is almost impossible for her to fit in because of so many differences. (I’m thinking this would be best with either a supernatural/mystical element or as a Native American meets Pilgrims/White folk.)
    6. He’s been stalking her for a while. He follows her at night to make sure that she is all right. He protects her when there is trouble. He never let her know he was there.

      She always knew he was there. She never said anything though because she was afraid she’d loose his dark presence. She likes having a dark knight following her.

      They have no idea that they’ve been set up to meet by a friend that they both have. They have no idea that they will both be pushed to their limits by a test that will either destroy one of them, or push them closer than they’ve ever been before.
  2. Oooh I like the idea of 7, sounds like a book I'd read xD
  3. :o Really? I just came up with it 10 minutes before posing this requestie of mine. Was the book good?
  4. I like #6 the best.
  5. Doyou wanna pm me and discuss the stuff there? :)
  6. I'd want to RP #7 with you c: Unless the first person that mentioned it wants to. If that's so, I'd want to RP #1 then!
  7. The first person hasn't gotten back to me about it so if you want it's all yours :3 Pm me and we can discuss more.
  8. #5 sounds interesting. Who would play the hermaphrodite? me or you?
  9. I'm up for either. :3 Pm me and we can discuss more?
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