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  1. Hello, all!

    If it's not completely obvious, I'm new here. New to RP, far from it. So, how about a tiny intro?

    My name is Sil, and I am 18 years old. I just recently graduated high school, and I though I have plans for the Air Force, I don't get to follow through with those plans until October of this year. So, needless to say, I need something to do. I have been writing and role playing since I was 12, and my mom has been role playing most of my life. I play a strange and extremely fun version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with everyone in my family as well as a few friends, and so far, everyone has loved it.
    I love fantasy and some science fiction. My obsessions include dragons and elements...mainly dragons. I also have what I call Changelings. Those might be explained in an RP interest check I'll call. I have my own world, called Kabola, and a site dedicated to it...said world is of course the setting in a book I've been working on.

    I can only do literate role plays. I hate whiners, and I can be rather nitpicky...but at least you get good characters and a decent story from me. However, if I'm not interested and end up being talked into joining, I often end up forgetting about the role play and automatically drop out. I am also an, as I call it, "Awesomely Mediocre Graphic Artist." Want samples? I'll probably post a gallery...but for now, my signature, and the set that goes with it are the newest creations besides one set created for my little brother on a different site.
    I know basic HTML coding, and I know a little more than basic BBCoding...not CCS...and not the strange box I seem to be typing in right now. It's all rather interesting.
    Anyhoo, it'll take me a while to navigate the new site and get things set up, but I'll figure it out. And once I do, you'll most certainly find me poking around. Like I always say, the silence is always loudest.

  2. Welcome, Sil!
    Good luck in your future plans in the Air Force!

    You might want to change the word 'literate' to something else or risk having rocks thrown at you. Just a warning.

    If you need anything, let anyone of us know!
  3. Hi Sil! Welcome to Iwaku! Love your signature by the way :D don't hesitate to drop by the chatbox if you just want to chat or ask questions!
  4. You mean literate isn't an accepted word around here? I tend to be picky....and I don't mean to sound rude. Literate is what I mean *cowers in anticipation of rocks*

    Thank you, Nyx! If you'd like, I'll be posting a gallery soon, and I can make you something. I mean, the Photoshop I have is on my mom's computer, but I can find the time on it.

    And thank you both for welcoming me. This setup is kind of new to me...​
  5. Run Sil! Run from Diana and her rock collections! D:

    -Ahem- My name is Mitten, pleased to meet you Sil! ^^ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or anyone else. Staff Members are in Dark Blue and the Admins are in Red, they are here to help as well and aren't all that scary either! ^^

    I am also usually located in the Cbox, so feel free to stop on by and say hello, and maybe offer me some shrimps to become my best friend

    (And I just realized it is Monday which means I don't get shrimp today because the restaurant is closed. ohmygodsadface.)

    I hope to see you around and I'm very interested to see what you have in mind for your world Kabola! :D
  6. Thank you, Mitten! And thanks for letting me know what to look for before having to run. *giggles* I tend to sound rude when I don't mean it, and I don't want to upset anyone on my first couple of days. And I'll make sure to throw you some shrimp sometime when I find the cbox *sheepish smile* Guess I have to post more for that, too.

    Anyhoo, thank you all for the warm welcome. Hopefully I'll find out quickly the pros and cons of the site and what I should and should not do. As for Kabola, I thank you, Mitten. Always is it a work in progress.

    EDIT: Hehe....Found Diana the admin, and now I get why you guys said I might get rocks thrown at me. So, if I might clarify myself. I say literate not for the skill of a role player, but for the way a role play, itself, is done. I look for something that is new and original. One with grammar, great attitude, and wonderful storylines. Now, for all I know, you guys might classify this as bad attitude on my part...but what do I know? This place is different from what I'm used to. Needs to adjust *begins doing so*​
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Sil.

    Always nice to see new faces here. If you are worried about your role playing skills, check out the
    academy and do various challenges to help build your skills. You will find role players there even just to have fun. Besides that it's pretty nice here. People are pretty friendly and most will help when asked. So just have fun and enjoy your stay.