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  1. Greetings everyone~
    Please, call me Lizz.

    After a long hiatus, I have decided to get back into RP & eagerly look forward to making new friends & RPs!

    I have been RPing since late 2004 & have pretty much RP'd any & everything one can think of.
    I prefer dark, more graphic themes... But enjoy a nice slice-of-life RP sometimes too.

    I don't mind smut, so long as there's still a plot involved.

    I am adaptable when it comes to content.
    I can write anywhere from 1-10+ paragraphs per reply.

    I am a wife & mother,
    home & land owner.
    My time is limited.

    Depending on the RP,
    my replies will vary from once a day to once a week to possibly once a month.

    I have over twenty in-depth characters (mostly non-human) & various plots to choose from.
    So feel free to PM me so we can get things started!!

    Hope to hear from you~
  2. Hey there Lizz, welcome to Iwaku.

    You've got nothing to be nervous about, we're all friends here!
  3. I'm nervous because of that creepy as heck avatar, but you shouldn't be nervous at all! Though it's only natural...
    However, you are amongst friends. Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Thanks guys c:
    LOL sorry~
  5. Welcome, Lizz! :DD
  6. Ahaha, well you've come at a great time, Lizz. We recently opened our horror forum just in time for October, where dark and graphic themes are most certainly in abundance. I hope you find the community to be very laid back and courteous, if you have any questions at all you can feel free to ask me! I hope to see you around~
  7. Welcome to the site, Lizz! :D
  8. *waves and gives a bow*
    Welcome to Iwaku, I hope you enjoy your time here.^^
  9. Oh geez I am really sorry to hear that. My annoyance goes out to you. Well not at you but for you, oh you get what I mean. But that saddens me to hear, but I wish you the best in your life and just to never stop writing. Don't let assholes ruin everything... Slowly trying to learn that myself.
    Well at least I got to say hello when I could~
    It really was nice meeting you tho
  10. @Krin

    Hi Krin and anyone else who may have read Humble.Heathen's last post here before it was deleted! I'm the Staff member who handled Lizz's case. She reported another member for posting the poem from her signature into his blog without credit.

    Here are the facts of the case:

    1. After investigating, it was very obvious to me- having dealt with many plagiarism cases before- that this person did not do this intending to represent the work as his own. Still wrong, of course.

    2. She asked him to delete it herself and told him why she was upset. He apologized and deleted it before I ever even touched the report.

    3. Even after he deleted it, she continued to harass him via comments and sent in extra reports to Staff.

    4. I messaged both her and the other person and reprimanded him, so that she could see that the problem was being addressed. I explained why we thought this was not a case of malicious theft and asked her to calm down and cease calling him out in public, since that breaks site policy.

    5. She proceeded to harass ME and to post more comments on her profile as well as here, as you can see. She insulted me, the entire Staff, and the member base. I tried to walk away from the conversation and she continued to message me. None of my explanations satisfied her, and she reported me to administration. She also screamed at another Staffer who was only doing her job.

    6. The Admin who messaged her in response to reporting me tried once again to explain that we do take plagiarism seriously but that we didn't believe this to be malicious and that she was being asked to calm down, not yelled at. She then began to harass and verbally abuse the Admin, including wishing that the Admin never has children.

    7. We banned her, as it became clear that she was just going to keep yelling at everyone.

    I am now going to lock this thread. If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me.
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